Dubai Visa For France Passport Holder Living In France

Document Requirement for Dubai Visa

While Applying for the Dubai Visa Application Keep following document ready.

  • Copy Of France Passport Bio Page. A clear copy with at least 6 months remaining validity
  • 1 Photograph each applicant needs to submit a clear color photograph of themselves. Black and white photographs will not be accepted.
  • Hotel booking Details (If you are staying with your family member or with relatives, friends you can share his/her Emirates ID)
  • Flight booking both sided. (We always recommend to book your flight once your visa gets approved.)

Dubai Visa Check list

  • Passport must have 6 month validity
  • Passport must have atleast 4 blank pages
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
30 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 140.0USD
14 Days Single Entry Required 58 Days 14 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 130.0USD
30 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
60 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 400.0USD
60 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 700.0USD
30 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 58 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
60 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 550.0USD
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
48 Hours Single Entry Required 30 Days 48 Hours 5 - 7 Days 26.0USD 110.0USD
96 Hours Single Entry Required 30 Days 96 Hours 4 - 5 Days 26.0USD 125.0USD
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee

Dubai Visa for French Citizens

Regarding tourist spots, Dubai is a city that stands out primarily because of its futuristic artificial structural wonders. Dubai Visa constantly works towards making itself known as a famous city for tourists. Innovative buildings and structures are always in the making, adding variety to the ''Dubai tourist scene for French nationals''.

Hence, it is not surprising why French tourists visit Dubai. The ''France to Dubai distance'' is 6700km, and one can easily book their flight which will eventually land in 7 hours in Dubai. French citizens have also settled in Dubai, UAE, for decades. Besides trade, business is also one of the reasons ''French nationals visit Dubai''.


Dubai Visa Online for French citizens is a reliable option

Get your Dubai Visa online, which is an e-visa service through which you can apply for your ''Dubai Visa from France''. The application and acquisition process is simplified and made user and customer friendly. The intention of the simplification, however, reduce the visa approval rate from our website. There are a few reasons why our service is reliable and trustworthy.

Here is why you should opt to apply for a ''Dubai Visa from France''.

  1. You can always receive updates regarding your Dubai E-Visa Status application process. Every means to track your visa status is provided at your fingertips.
  2. We listen to you 24x7 - the customer support on the website is intended to support customers no matter the time of the day. For instant help, you can also use the WhatsApp chat support information provided on the website.
  3. At the bottom end of the page are clearly stated terms and conditions of the website. Further, there are reviews from previous customers who have used our visa for their Dubai Visa.
  4. Every information you require for visa application is provided on the website. Anyone new to applying for a visa can refer to the How to Apply guide that can be found in the top right corner of the website.

Dubai e-visa for French Passport Holders will make your life easier

Dubai visas for French citizens’’ can be effortlessly acquired through Dubai e-Visa. Applying for an E-visa ensures you will not be required to leave the comfort of your couch to apply for and receive your visa. Considering it is an electronic visa, the application and acquisition process takes place online, making it convenient for applicants applying from different parts of the world.

In addition, ''Dubai visas for French citizens’’ is made more accessible by our Dubai visa services and assistance provided throughout the ''Dubai visa application for France citizens’’. Always keep in mind that Dubai Visa requires less documentation for ''Dubai visa processing from France’’. ''Apply for a Dubai visa from France online’’ since it is a process that infinitely provides an advantage to the applicant by simplifying the entire process.

Tourist Dubai Visa from France

Everyone can get a ''Dubai visa from France’’ irrespective of age. Even kids and infants must have their Dubai visa when travelling to ''Dubai from France''. A ''Visa for Dubai from France’’ is a prerequisite, so it is of the utmost importance you apply for it and receive it on time so you do not face any delays or issues. A ''Dubai Tourist Visa'' enables French citizens to explore Dubai city from up to 14 to 60 days maximum. To avail of this visa type, it takes 3-4 business days.

Passport eligibility should not have a validity of fewer than six months and blank pages of less than four. If you do not fill those requirements, you must apply for a ''New Dubai passport for French citizens''. However, if not, you will be eligible to apply for a ''Dubai tourist visa''.

Transit Visa for Dubai from France

French passport holders applying for a ''Dubai Transit Visa'' for a stay longer than 6-8 hours will have to own a ''Transit Visa Dubai from France''. Dubai airport has several amenities to make the space comfortable and convenient for travellers. However, staying in the airport is not plausible.

Hence, it is recommended that travellers with a stopover in Dubai apply for a transit visa to travel comfortably from France. ''Transit Visa for Dubai for French passport holders'' is of two types, 48 hours stay and 96 hours stay; processing time for this type of visa is 5-7 processing days.

Checklist For French Citizens While Travelling to Dubai

The visiting protocols of each country differ in some way. And different religions and customs are followed based on their beliefs. Before considering a ''trip to Dubai from France'', French nationals' should consider the following:

  1. Always book your Dubai visa at least 14 days before your intended travel date.
  2. You must have a valid French passport.
  3. Four passport pages must be kept blank.
  4. Travellers must present compelling reasons for visiting Dubai. Please include a clear passport-size photograph.
  5. Bring your paperwork with you to ensure your Dubai visa is accepted.
  6. Wearing clothing that should cover your shoulders and knees


Dubai e-Visa Processing Time for French Citizens

Once you submit your visa application, processing your Dubai visa will take 3-4 working days for ''Tourist Visa for French citizens'' and 5-7 days for ''Transit Visa for French citizens’’. It's important to note that the processing time will be calculated only when the application is submitted to the embassy. The information regarding the processing time will be provided next to the visa type you are applying for.

Urgent Dubai e-Visa from France

Sometimes you might face emergencies wherein your ''Dubai visa from France’’ might be required urgently. In that case, an ''online Dubai visa for France citizens’’ can be acquired by opting for express processing. When you are at the checkout for your visa application, there will be an option for the service type, from which you can choose the processing time most suitable for your needs. Dubai is a concoction of tradition and modernity. There are innovative structures, constructions, and buildings in Dubai that every visitor looks forward to seeing in person. Dubai is welcoming towards French citizens, and consecutively, Dubai is a favourite tourist spot for French nationals.

Frequently Asked Question for - Dubai Visa

A visa application may be denied if the consular officer does not have all the information needed to assess eligibility, if the applicant does not qualify for the visa category filed for, or if the information evaluated suggests the applicant falls outside the visa category.

The stay validity of the visa depends on the type you apply for. There are 14 days, 30 days and 60 days of stay validity available.

Yes, France can citizen extend their Dubai visa.

A host or sponsor in the UAE, or an authorized agency, is required in order to submit an application for a UAE visa on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. If you apply for your visa through Dubai E Visa Online, we will be your sponsors.

No, your visa fee will not be refunded if your visa is rejected.

The cost of a Dubai tourist visa from France starts at approximately 130 USD for 14 days of single entry of French citizens, and for 60 days of single entry of French citizens, the cost is approximately 400 USD.

The cost of a Dubai Transit Visa for France citizens for 48 hours stay is 110 USD approximately, and for 60 hour stay, the charge is approximately 125 USD only for a single entry of French citizens.


French citizens can get their Dubai Visa within 5-7 days of the day when applying for a visa for Dubai city.


  • We have a 100% Visa Approval Ratio which is the highest rate across all the travel agencies, making us more reliable.
  • We process all the visa applications within just 24-48 working hours and hence providing a speedy visa service.
  • We also work on holidays, that is, on Fridays and Saturdays whereas most of the travel agencies do not provide support on the weekend.
  • An email notification regarding each and every step of the process that your visa is going through will be sent over to you via email.
  • If you apply with us then you need not have any other sponsor. We stand as your sponsor and you will get your visa without having to go through any hassle.
  • We don't need your hotel booking reservation for visa processing. Once your visa gets approved then you can book and share the information with us.
  • No need for both sided confirm flight ticket in order to book your visa. You can book your flight once your visa gets approved and the same can be shared with us.
  • An overall easy and comfortable process.