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dubai visa for indian passport holder living in germany

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Living in Germany and you are an Indian willing to go to Dubai? Guess what you need? That’s right you need a Dubai visa for Indians living in Germany. This document that you have will be solely responsible for your entry into Dubai. This visa document being such an important document will need some help from our side. For this Dubai E Visa Online is all set to help you apply for a Dubai visa. This can only be possible if you have knowledge about what points you need to know before traveling to Dubai. If you know about this then your travel will be another smooth experience with one of the best services by us.


Frequently Asked Questions

If the immigration officers ask for biometric details then it will be best to give all of the information that the officers need. You can also just show your valid Dubai visa while giving biometric details.

If you have a valid Germany visa that has been stamped on to your passport then you can enter Germany. However, to enter Dubai, you will have to apply for a Dubai visa that will be stamped during your entry. This visa that you take can have various Dubai visa type options.

If you are an Indian who is currently staying in Germany and has married to a Dubai citizen then you can take a family residency visa by showing the marriage certificate along with the Dubai visa application form.

First of all make sure that the same mistakes do not repeat again this means you will have to note down all the common reasons for rejection of a visa, next it is important that you find out what to do next after your visa has been rejected with most of the cases having to reapply for a new visa.

Yes, you can also enjoy some of the free things to do in Dubai as well, without having to spend much. You can also check the Sharjah museum of civilization which holds the history of Sharjah and you can also have a road trip to Ras Al Khaimah. The theme parks in Dubai is also a place to be explored by tourists.

No, it will not be possible to enjoy both Dubai shopping festival and Dubai food festival both at the same time with just 30 days Dubai visa. Hence you will have to either renew the visa or have a Dubai visa extension or take a long term visa for about 2 years or 5-year visas.

Yes, you can take a look at the world art Dubai or you can even step into Dubai miracle garden to awaken your artist in you!

Hence now that you know how to apply for a Dubai visa for Indian residing in Germany you can apply one for yourself.

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