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all about dubai visa for indian citizen living in oman

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Well, there is confusion as to can I get a visa if I am an Indian who is currently residing in Oman? Now, this can be your next doubt as well. Being a foreigner living in a foreign country can definitely raise such doubts. The truth is that you can definitely get a Dubai visa for Indians living in Oman, wondering how? Don’t worry as Dubai E Visa Online makes it a point that one can ever face this doubt again. This, however, will need some information to be passed on. This information that Dubai E Visa Online will provide you will not only help you apply for a visa to Dubai but will also make sure that you have a smooth travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes while an Omani citizen might not need a visa to travel to Dubai, an Indian who is currently residing in Oman will definitely have to take a visa. This can be of any type. You can take 30 days’ worth of tourist visa or even any other types of visas like those associated with the business or even employment.

Yes being an Indian who is residing in Oman you can get access to various options of Dubai visas and the following can be obtained:

These are among the whole list of options you can get to apply for a Dubai visa.

The following Dubai visa documents must be included along with your application form in order for your application form to be acceptable:

  • An Indian passport: this must have 6 months or more validity and must belong to the applicant who will be applying for the visa
  • A completed Dubai visa application form
  • Hotel booking in case your visit is not sponsored, if yes, then you can give the sponsor’s address
  • Flight booking from Oman to Dubai
  • A passport-sized image of the Indian application from Oman who will be applying for the visa.

With these documents, you will be able to follow the simple steps of the visa application and get the Dubai visa applied for.

Yes, you will be eligible to pay a fixed amount of Dubai visa fees once you apply for one through Dubai E Visa Online from Oman.

No there will be no rules to be followed if your visa to Dubai has been rejected. It is natural to not get the visa accepted sometimes and this is why Dubai E Visa Online is here to help you. This rejection must however be avoided the next time you apply for a new visa. For this, you might need some points to be kept in mind.

Now not only can you travel to Dubai to watch the high Burj Khalifa but you can also now Dhow cruise trip easily because now you will be able to get a Dubai visa for Indian residing in Oman.

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