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know about the procedure to dubai resident leaving the dubai

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Dubai is the most lavish city on the planet. It is a cool city that pulls in numerous individuals as vacationers and occupants. It is very developed and many people speak English.

There are numerous explanations behind individuals needing to be an occupant of Dubai. They are:

  • Dubai is a tax-free city. People do not have to pay tax from their salaries, and it is very attractive for many people.
  • The Dubai city is vibrant and hosts several festivals all year round.
  • People have a very luxurious lifestyle amidst the architectural marvels.
  • Dubai encourages talent and fosters creativity.


  • Dubai is safe for people to live in. The crime rate is very low.
  • Many people across the globe work in Dubai, as many people native to Dubai work in the armed forces and the government service. 
  • Dubai has a lot of demand for skilled workers in many of the jobs.

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Expats leaving Dubai, temporarily after being a resident

If an ex-pat is an occupant of Dubai, the person in question can leave the city and return whenever. They should make sure that they don't leave Dubai, UAE for over a half year straight.

As per the consulate of the United Arab Emirates, the administration doesn't make any move if the ex-pats leave Dubai and return within a half year. The consular officer of the embassy of UAE stated that if the expatriate 'residents leaving Dubai' do not return within six months, the government will take action. After the foreign resident of Dubai comes back to the city, his or her visa is not valid.

The system at the airport does not identify the residency visa after the person enters after six months. To get into the country again, the expatriate will need an entry permit or a new residency permit.


However, a couple of Immigration officials permit the exile with a residency visa and the person who remained outside the nation for over a half year in a row. This is conceivable just if the individual remains only half a month outside the nation. The immigration officer can bestow this gesture because the residency visa does not get canceled automatically.

If a person leaves Dubai for more than six months, he or she has to apply for a new residency permit. The person must file the new residency permit after officially canceling the old one. For the new residency permit, the sponsor also has to pay a fine.


If you are leaving Dubai as a foreign person, and need to drop your residency visa, you need to settle on an agreement with your support. You might want to cancel your residency, or might have overstayed in another country for more than six months. The sponsor can cancel out his or her name from the records.

This will help that person to sponsor other people in the future if needed. The other way to cancel the previous residency status is to ask the power of attorney to cancel the name of the sponsor, and the residency permit.

Exemption for leaving Dubai as a resident

Leaving Dubai as a resident and expatriate for six consecutive months can be exempted in a few cases. The person has to mail an attested copy of the reason why he or she is unable to return to Dubai. Few cases where the government and the immigration officer can exempt the person are medical treatments or emergencies.

You have to send the gazetted copy of the reason to your sponsor or the power of attorney.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the host nation have to legalize the attested document.


The sponsor then gets the document with attested copies and he or she applies for the extension of a residency permit or Dubai residence visa. After the government of Dubai completes the process of extension, the authorization document that legalizes the extension of a residency visa is mailed to the expatriate.


The person who left Dubai for six months and wants an extension can bring the authorization letter. He or she shows the letter to the immigration officers in Dubai and can enter with an extended residency visa or permit.

Procedure for leaving Dubai, permanently as a resident

The procedure for leaving Dubai as a resident has a few steps:

These steps are formulated in Article 59 on Entry and exit of foreigners.” 

  1. The resident needs to cancel the residency permit or residency visa completely.
  2. He or she needs to cancel it completely before moving out of Dubai. The cancellation of the residency is stamped on the passport of the resident.
  3. The sponsor cancels the residency permit officially. The sponsor has to go to the Ministry of Interior” in Dubai, to cancel it.
  4. The sponsor of the foreigner sends the application and the passport of the person. Sponsors also have to carry the resident’s Bills, employment letters, and other proofs.
  5. If your residency visa expires before you leave Dubai, you will have to clear the fines and the dues. Only then, you can leave the country.
  6. If the sponsor files the accurate documents for cancellation, the process of canceling residency permit will take two days. 
  7. After the residency permit expires, or the cancellation process is over, you have to leave Dubai within thirty days or one month.
  8. If you cannot leave Dubai city in one month, you will be eligible to pay a fine every day.
  9. While leaving Dubai, you will just need to show the residency cancellation stamp on the passport.


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