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Considering how hard it is to behave in Dubai, it is essential you know about the whole of Dubai before you travel to Dubai. While just taking a Dubai visa for Bermuda passport holder is just enough for travelling to Dubai, there are other things when you travel to Dubai that you need to consider as well. Some of them include the ethics that you show and the way you behave in public in Dubai. This does affect a lot of travels made to Dubai and hence Dubai E Visa Online aims at explaining them to you so that you do not make any mistake while travelling to Dubai as well as while staying in Dubai.


  • Dubai visa application for Bermuda passport holders
  • Dos and donts to be kept in mind
  • FAQs

Dubai visa application for Bermuda passport holders

There are a lot of people who claim they can apply for a Dubai visa by themselves but in reality, the case is quite different from what you think the application is about. Due to even small mistakes being made by people the visa application can get rejected and you will not be able to do much about it. It s hence best to take a look at how to apply before you make any mistakes while applying for one. The following steps will definitely help you apply for a Dubai visa:


  • Determine your place of travel, which is Bermuda in your case and enter the place you are living it can either be Bermuda or it can even be any other country
  • Next, you will be given a whole list of options to choose from, select one
  • Fill in an online application form for Dubai visa intended for Bermuda passport holders, also don’t forget to attach documents required
  • Pay fees and wait for your visa to be issued.

Dos and donts to be kept in mind

While talking about mistakes, there are not only visa application mistakes that are found but there are also other mistakes that are made while staying in Dubai, having them known will be definitely handy while having a good stay here in Dubai. The following essential dos and don ts for Dubai will be your guide to stay in Dubai:


  • Instead of walking around make sure you take a taxi. While Dubai is a place to be explored by foot, it will not be as pleasant as you think due to the hot weather.
  • Make sure the wardrobe collection that you take is quite packed one and does not show much skin.
  • Do have a look at Burj Khalifa once in Dubai
  • Do not plan many things on Friday as it is considered as a holy day in Dubai.
  • Explore not only the city but also the dunes which makes the most of Dubai


  • Make sure you stay from showing much affection in public
  • Get permission whenever you need to take a photograph.
  • Never drink in public and especially make sure you are not too drunk


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