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While being in the heart of the Middle East, Dubai shines in all its glory and hence lets others see its shine as well. But can you see this shine while just browsing through the internet in Bosnia. Well, don't think so! Hence there is what you can do to get to see that quite a pleasant shine that Dubai emits. Just one document and you will be set to travel to Dubai and see that shine! Wondering what this is? It is just a Dubai visa for Bosnia passport holders that will let you go to Dubai and enjoy that once in a dream opportunity. So why waste it when you can grab it with the help of Dubai E Visa Online and get it done within just days!


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Dubai visa information for Bosnia citizens

While having a Dubai visa is essential it is also essential that you get to know more about it. This also includes that you know in advance about the Dubai visa fees. This is important for both your travel and the way you will be traveling around in Dubai. Once you get to know about the fee amount you will be able to systematically plan all that you want to do in Dubai and how much it will need you to save further for the trip. Hence here is a list of the Dubai visa fees that you ought to know before you take a trip to Dubai:

Apart from these tourist visa options, you can also avail transit visas as follows:

Now that you have these options for both tourism and transiting through Dubai you can choose the ones most perfect for your travel.

Visiting Sharjah on a Dubai visa

Sharjah being one among the emirates is also the third-largest emirate. While there are a lot of things you can do in Dubai alone, Sharjah is another place that you ought to discover once in the United Arab Emirates. Here are 5 different places in Sharjah itself to be discovered by a tourist:

  1. Heart of Sharjah: With history and fabric of Sharjah blending into each other this is the perfect place to discover if you are into historical preservations.
  2. Sharjah natural history and botanical museum: What better way to enjoy nature than to visit this rare picture of belongings of the earth. This place is an absolute place for an archaeological lover.
  3. Sharjah Museum of Islamic civilization: With all of Islam's history being available you might not want to miss the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.
  4. Mleiha ancient caves: With a dark cave and an adventurous trip, this is a must discover the place.
  5. Sharjah calligraphy museum: Love calligraphy Then you might want to check this place with wonderful scriptures!

With all of these places to discover in Sharjah why not have a roam around the city as well!

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