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dubai visa for indian citizen living in russia

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If you are now residing in Russia and you are an Indian and wondering that are you from an eligible country to take a Dubai visa then the answer is yes and you will definitely have to apply for Dubai visa for Indians living in Russia. This is because as an Indian who is residing in Russia will not make you a citizen, which is why as an Indian you will have to apply for a Dubai visa. This is why Dubai E Visa Online brings you the Dubai visa information you might find handy while applying for one. Especially if you have any questions other than the ones being covered then you can ask through our service number or just put in a mail where you will get the answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can apply for your Indian family who is based in Russia for a Dubai visa through a single application form that has been provided by Dubai E Visa Online. Just make sure you check for the ‘Add Applicant’ button which will let you add as many applicants as you want on the form.

Provided you have all the documents that are necessary for the application of a Dubai visa then yes, you can apply for a 5-year multiple entry visa if you are an Indian who is a resident in Russia.

Apart from the Dubai visa that you have, you will also have to show your valid Indian passport which will let you log in at the hotel in Dubai. This is to verify your identity while you register at one of the hotels in Dubai.

You should first of all check whether you are ok to board before you depart for your travel. You must also check for your visa status if you have applied for Dubai E Visa Online, this means that you are eligible to travel to Dubai only if you have a confirmed Dubai visa.

Yes provided that during your stay for the Dubai food festival, your visa is valid you can definitely go to attend it.

Yes, it will be highly recommended to an Indian who is traveling from Russia to Dubai to take travel insurance.

With all the information that you have gathered now, you can apply for a Dubai visa for Indian residing in Russia.

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