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Dubai more known for the highly heated weather during the day is also a whole different vibe during the night time. Well, this is because the lesser-known fully lighted Dubai comes to life during the dark times. This, however, is possible to be viewed only if you actually have a visit to Dubai. Though this can be seen through the pictures, it might not be as breathtaking as it is in real life. This is why Dubai visa for Pakistan passport holder living in UK also wants to travel to Dubai and hence Dubai E Visa Online makes sure they get the Dubai visa to get the trip of a lifetime.


  • 90 days single entry visa for Pakistan passport holder living in UK
  • Dubai visa application process for Pakistan passport holder living in the UK
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90 days single entry visa for Pakistan passport holder living in UK

While it is true that if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom you need not apply for a Dubai visa while planning a travel. However, things turn out to be different when you are not a citizen but are a foreign resident living in the United Kingdom. In this case, you need to apply Dubai visa in order to travel to Dubai. The more the merrier! This is what a lot of people might say and hence Dubai government makes sure you get the number of days to stay with a visa also doubled up. Hence now you can apply for the Dubai 90 days single entry tourist visa which is a tourism-based visa that will let you enter a single time into the emirates. This just basically means that you will be allowed just once for a total stay of 90 days or a total of three months. The visa validity, however, is 180 days which means that in this duration of a total of six months you are allowed to travel anytime.

Dubai visa application process for Pakistan passport holder living in the UK

While there are a lot of services being made available through online means for application of a Dubai visa for a Pakistan passport holder, there are only some that are actually simple and ones that you can follow easily. Hence there arises a lot of questions as to what is the simplest Dubai process that can be followed easily and Dubaievisaonline tends to give you a whole different method of application for a visa. The application process that Dubaievisaonline gives will only have three steps which means that you can have a Dubai visa in three steps and can be given as follows:

  • Choose the Dubai visa for a Pakistan passport holder living in the UK by entering your nationality details.
  • Enter all of the information that has been asked for through the form for a Pakistan passport holder. This will help you get the visa by fully completing the form and you also need to attach the documents asked.
  • Pay the Dubai visa fees along with the service fee mentioned to get your visa application into processing.

With thee three steps, you can apply for a Dubai visa easily right from the United Kingdom while still staying at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t know whether it might be the best, but you can have express visa services and high-quality service being provided by Dubaievisaonline. 

The multiple entry visa will depend on if you have applied for one and has been activated. Then only can a Dubai multiple entry visa be used.

The Dubai visa that you get through Dubaievisaonline is in a pdf format and can be downloaded and printed to get a printed Dubai visa.

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