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Dubai is a great city that attracts many tourists. It has many luxurious buildings and places as well as traditional and cultural highlights that everyone wants to visit. Many people do not have the time and money to come to Dubai especially. A few people who love to explore many cities. Transit is the best way to quench the explorer in you.


What is transit?

  • For a few countries, there are no direct flights. At several times there are no direct flights to the countries that we want to go to.
  • We have to choose connecting or transit flights to go to countries. When we take connecting flights, there is a layover or a transit in the city that we have to take a connecting flight.
  • You might need a transit visa based on the place or country and duration of the transit. Make sure that you get the visa details of the country that you are going to have a transit or layover.


What are the advantages of transit?

Explorers can enjoy the transit visa and visit the best places or the top tourist places that are present in the country of transit. You can easily visit your destination along with the city of your transit. 

Dubai transit visa

  • According to the Dubai government, about seventy percent of the people arriving at Dubai airport are transit passengers. Hence the cabinet in Dubai announced a new Transit visa law.
  • So, this is what you need to know for transit in Dubai, There is no charge for forty-eight-hour transit in Dubai! Yes, the Dubai government provides a free two-day transit visa!
  • The Dubai government eliminated the transit visa cost for the first forty-eight hours or two days to increase the revenue from tourism. You can have a layover in Dubai for free for two days.
  • If you would like to enjoy another day in the beautiful city along with the no visa transit of two days, you have to pay AED 50 i.e. fifty Dirhams. 
  • There is a special area for the two-day transit passengers for inquiry in the Dubai Airport. The staff in this area will help you with the details like the time of the next flight and other doubts that you want to clarify. It is called the transit visa desk.


Dubai transit for Indian travelers

  • For the Indian citizens, who are traveling to the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), or any European countries are eligible for this transit visa. 
  • If you want a Dubai transit visa or tourist visa easily and with a hundred percent guarantee, go to Dubai E Visa Online. You can apply for a four days transit visa (of single entry) for 110 USD through the website.
  • You can also apply for multiple and single visit visas with no extra cost. Dubai E Visa Online guarantees zero rejection.

Visit Dubai in the transit time on a transit visa

If you want to know more about the tours you can book during your transit, you can select the specific tour from many options on Dubai E Visa Online.


Top things you can do in Dubai during a transit

  1. One can invest a great deal of time at the "Dubai  International Airport (DBX Airport)". Activities like getting a spa treatment, resting in sleeping pods, enjoying a Virtual Reality (VR) movie, gym, or taking a shower are attractive.
  2. Visit Hatta town. You can unwind and avoid the bustling Dubai city and watch amazing perspectives with many experienced sports.
  3. Do not forget the Burj Khalifa. It is enchanting at night when the Dubai Fountain dances! 
  4. Visit the night markets as well as the world's largest mall the Dubai Mall. These markets are great for window shoppers as well. Dubai mall has many activities.
  5. Enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari. There are many Dubai safari packages like the overnight or morning desert safari. The dune will impress you.
  6. You can visit Abu Dhabi. It is an hour’s drive from Dubai. The major attraction of it is the great white mosque.


Transit in Dubai with different airlines

  • One has to apply for the free transit visa before reaching Dubai. You have to apply for the transit visa through the UAE (United Arab Emirates) based on airlines. 
  • You have to get a flight from the airport as soon as the two days finish. The forty-eight hours will be counted from the time you get down from the previous flight.
  • The same rules apply for the ninety-six hours transit visa also.


  • All the different airlines have agreed at the arrival of flights at different time slots. The airlines do so to not get in conflict with the flights of other companies.
  • It is ideal to book the flight tickets of the same airlines. It is easy to transit in Dubai if you book flights of the same airlines. If you do not do so, the whole process of transit gets complicated.
  • When you book the connecting flights of the same airlines, you can complete the transit and get the transit visa easily, from the transit visa help desk of Dubai.

Frequently asked queries about Dubai transit with different airlines

Question: Can I buy things in the Dubai duty-free shops in my transit?

Answer: Yes, one can buy things in Dubai duty-free in transit. A security clearance is a must.

Question: What is the least transit time in Dubai?

Answer: The minimum time to board a connecting flight in Dubai is seventy-five minutes or one and a half-hour. You can experience the activities at the airport during the seventy-five minutes.

Question: Can you drink alcohol during transit in Dubai?

Answer: You can drink on the flights to Dubai. In Dubai, it is condemned to be under the effect of alcohol in public places.

Question: What is the cost of a ninety-six hour or four days transit visa?

Answer: The cost of a four-day transit visa in Dubai is fifteen dollars or AED 50.

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