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An evening in the desert with some music and some drinks seems like a good idea! But ever wondered you need that something, in order to be eligible to travel to Dubai And yes this something that you need to travel to Dubai, is a Dubai visa for British Virgin Island passport holders. But now that you need this, you will also have to find ways to get it. Once you know how to get this visa you will be all set for that evening in Dubai by the desert enjoying your drinks and music. Not only this, but Dubai E Visa Online will also help you travel around Dubai and the other emirates with just having a single visa!


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Visa policy statements while travelling to Dubai

While fun is all about Dubai and that is what you are travelling to Dubai for, here is something that you also ought to know along with all the fun, just as the saying, with fun, come responsibilities, and hence knowing about your responsibility as a traveller is a must. And hence the question arises, what is the Dubai visa policy! Just like any other travel or insurance companies that provide you policies to refer to, here is a visa policy specific to travelling to Dubai. This is a type of document where you will find all about travelling to the United Arab Emirates and the way you must do it correctly, just like the need for a visa or what you need to know about while travelling to this country. This is one thing that is a must-read if you are to travel to Dubai any soon. Without having this been cleared off, you cannot or will not be able to travel to the country. This is just like any other norms that have been set by other countries when you are a foreigner who is visiting the country.

Festival in Dubai

While there are immense numbers of festivals in Dubai, there are two specific festivals that Dubai is known for globally and these are:

Being a foreigner all you might know about these festivals would just be about a place where you can eat food and sop clothes. Well, the truth is there's more to it than what you have heard! You can not only eat food and shop for clothes but you will get discounts as you have never seen before. You will also get to discover the whole world's cuisine in just a single place.

  1. Dubai food festival: With an immense food delight for straight 18 days, you can be assured of getting your tummy full with all the delicious stuff you see. While this place is only for 18 days, you can also see some great chefs cooking delicious stuff for you. With the dates being between February to March this festival is a must-attend.
  2. Dubai shopping festival: Another festival not to miss out on if you like both shopping and discounts! Not only will you get clothes but you will also get discounts on items that are electronic or any other category for that matter!


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