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dubai heritage village best things to do in hatta dubai

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Dubai’s heritage village of Hatta is an enclave of Dubai, high in the Al Hajar mountains. Hatta was formed after the rebuilding of a long-established mountainous village. The heritage village is glammed with a similar Hollywood styled sign in Los Angeles (LA). You will find the glammed boards in every interesting place in the heritage village of Hatta or the rural city of Dubai.

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Where is the heritage village of Hatta located?

Dubai is also the home of this mountainous village Hatta. It is just a ninety-minute drive away. If you want to experience the rural life of Dubai it is a must-visit place. 

Top Things to do in the Heritage village of Hatta

Dubai is a busy place with beautiful architecture and it is filled with city dwellers. One can leave the city behind and head to the scenic heritage mountains of Hatta. The scenic beauty will enthrall you. Here is a list of all the topmost things to not miss in the heritage village of Hatta.

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Visit the Hatta dam:

You will be taken in a boat with a gathering of around twelve individuals to visit the dam. Absorb the characteristic excellence of the mountains while taking a look out of the boat ride in the Hatta lake. The green waters of the lake are worth a visit.

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Try Kayaking:

Adventure lovers can try kayaking. Kayak for a person costs AED 60 (United Arab Emirates Dirham). It will cost AED 150 for two people. Safety jackets are given to assure visitors safety. Kayaking through the water from the middle of the brown mountains will be a memorable experience.

Adventures at Hatta Wadi Hub:

A perfect escape for adventure and activity, the Hatta Wadi hub offers a wide range of experiences from hiking to zorbing. There is so much to explore in the Hatta Wadi Hub. Safe experiences like swinging are also available in the hub.

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Downhill carting:

Go downhill carting on a mountain cart and experience the gush of adrenaline passing through your veins! For your safety, the organizers place a heap of tires on both the sides of the mountain path that you would do carting.

Human slingshot:

There is a large human slingshot that will make you stretch your limits! You will have the protective gear and the adventure organizers will put you on a slingshot.

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Freefall jumps:

There are several free fall jumps of different ranges of heights. Adventure junkies can try them out.

Twin zip line:

People wanting to do activities as a couple can opt for this as there are two parallel zip lines. One can experience the thrill for speed here!

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Go in an Orb:

You can go downhill inside an orb and go into the lake. You can also get the thrill of aqua zorbing!

Rockpools and Hatta heritage honey:

The natural rock pools and the Hatta honey bee garden acts as an educating experience and one can enjoy making honey and beeswax for sixty minutes!

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Mountain and archeological tour:

One can take an archeological tour of the rural city of Dubai along with its heritage tour. The natural rustic beauty will never fail to impress the visitors.

Go mountain biking:

There are many bike trails in Dubai's heritage village of Hatta. There are several rental shops where you can rent a bike. 

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Go back In time:

One can visit the small museum of Al Hajar. It will give an idea of the culture, heritage, ways of living, buildings, and other things about the people of the area.

  1. The museum also consists of the swords and armory of the rulers of that place. Kitchenware and furniture of the heritage village are displayed, showing the 19th-century traditional ways of life. 
  2. You can experience Dubai’s culture and heritage. The timings are from 8 am till 8:30 pm from Saturday to Thursday. Timings on Friday are 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
  3. Fort or a defensive tower: Climb up to the fort and get enchanting views of the rural Dubai exhibits of the heritage village museum of Hatta. 

Swan Lake in the heritage village of Hatta:

There is a beautiful swan lake with several swans swimming in the lake. The bridge that takes you to the swan lake has a small waterfall running through it.

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Where to stay in Dubai's heritage village of Hatta? 

  • Camp in the lodges: There are several idyllic mountain lodges where you can enjoy the cozy purpose-built cabins. These lodges are fully equipped with all the facilities. You can sit on the balcony and relax with the view of the mountains.
  • Live in an extravagant convoy: Dubai is home to extravagance and now you can likewise discover extravagance in the Heritage town of Hatta. Troop park includes a couple of static extravagance parades that the guests can lease. Each band has a rich upholstery, parlor, room, and a kitchen. The parade can oblige two grown-ups and two kids.
  • Wake up in a trailer: Dubai’s heritage village of Hatta is the first of its kind in Dubai. It is a trailer hotel with a bamboo balcony. You can book the trailer by the banks of the dam for a water view from your hotel! Each terrace has access to its barbeque and fire pit facilities.

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One can easily visit this heritage village of Hatta in Dubai as a tourist or even during transit. You can apply for a transit visa through Dubai E Visa Online and can avail of single entry transit visas of 48 or 96 hours. Dubai E Visa Online also delivers Dubai Visa in just three days. There are both single and multiple entries you can avail of with different types of Dubai visa. You can opt for a 14, 30, or 90 days visa based on your needs, and just with little information to be entered in Dubai visa application form.

Visit the website to get a tourist visa and visit Dubai's rural city or the heritage of Hatta, for a completely traditional and cultural insight of Dubai. You are sure to get the experience of Heritage of Dubai, as authentic as the visa you get from Dubai E Visa Online!

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