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Many people wish to work in Dubai as the city and the government fosters talent and encourages creativity. If you are a person with a lot of talent you can apply for jobs in Dubai. Many fields encourage expatriate workers. To name a few: The banking sector, medical sector, software, and information technology have a huge demand for skilled professionals.


Dubai is an amazing city with everything that a modern person can expect. It is a city with all the modern facilities and beautiful architecture. It has a lot of amenities like amusement parks, malls, tall buildings, beaches, and markets. Dubai city is a union of both modern and traditional or cultural aspects.


If you work in Dubai you do not have to pay tax to the government and you can buy pure gold at a cheaper rate. The luxurious lifestyle encourages and attracts people from all over the world to work in the ultra-modern city.


If you want to visit Dubai, log on to Dubai E Visa Online. It is an authentic website that provides Dubai visa with a low rejection rate. You can discover data about the procedure and get throughout the day support through online chatting. There is information about tour packages and hotel bookings on the website. It is one-stop for everyone wishing to go to Dubai!  

What is a 3 years visa in Dubai?

An employment or a resident visa of Dubai is for three years. A tourist visa or a visit visa for three years does not exist. To attain a Dubai resident visa that is valid for three years, you can work as a government employee or an investor. Generally, the resident visa is for two years only.


A two-year Dubai visa is possible for people with general employment, business, and dependents. Based on the purpose of one's travel, the Dubai government issues resident visas ranging from one to three years. One cannot get a Dubai 3 year residence visa unless you have a sponsor or you invest in companies or a property Dubai.

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Few people can apply for a 3 year visa in UAE. After the three years are over, one can renew the visa. You can renew the visa, as many times you need it if you renew it perfectly. The Dubai 3 year visa is a present as a small sticker on your passport. This Dubai visa is valid in every part of the United Arab Emirates. You should not leave the country for more than six months, consecutively. If you do so, your residency visa will be blocked.

How to get a three-year Dubai visa?

Dubai free-zone visa:

A free-zone visa in Dubai is for three years. It is called a free zone because a person can leave the job and join in the other. It is not punishable. There are a few free zone companies that offer this kind of visa to the employees. Dubai South, DMCC, Dubai Airport, etc are the free zones in Dubai. There are forty-five free zones in Dubai. The job descriptions of the free zones can be different from each other.

Investors and partners of companies:

A few investors and partners of a few companies can obtain a visa for three years in Dubai.  Investors or partners have to show a few documents. The documents are: “Immigration Establishment Card Trade License Copy“Memorandum of Association List of Partners Service Agent Contract and Partnership License


Children can obtain a three-year visa. Male children above the age of fifteen might not be eligible to avail of the three-year visa.


Wives or husbands of people with three-year Dubai visas can obtain a three-year visa too! The partner acts as a sponsor. 

Families of people working in Dubai free zone areas or free zone companies:

A few employees of the free zone areas or organizations can sponsor their families. This sponsorship is based on the nature of work, visa type,  and salary. Families can thus get a visa of three years in Dubai.

Government employees:

People who have landed in government jobs in Dubai or the jobs of government undertaking get a three-year visa. People with two-year visas can overstay if it is an emergency, by paying heavy fines. They can, however, renew their visa to stay for a longer time. 


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