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dubai work permit and most common reasons it could get canceled

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A Dubai work permit or work visa is the official certificate issued by the government to people of other nationalities. It is a document that allows the expatriates to work or take up a job in the country. The government body called the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) releases work permits.


Dubai is home to creativity, innovation, and great opportunities. People from all over the world aim to get a job in Dubai, mostly for its tax-free policy. Dubai is emerging as a tourism hub and if you want to visit Dubai as a tourist, you can visit Dubai E Visa Online and get your visit visa for Dubai with just five steps.

The documents required to attain a work permit are:

  • Passport with validity of at least six months.
  • Application form of visa.
  • Your passport sized photographs.
  • Application fees.
  • The entry permit was given by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Recent health certificates.
  • Copies of the contract of your employment, for the Ministry of Labor, the employer, and yourself.
  • Certificates that authorize your education or qualification.
  • Trade license of the company that is sponsoring you.

The documents that are required to get a work permit may vary based on your nationality.

In case you get a job before you reach Dubai, you need to get an approval of the Ministry of Labor, for a work permit. Usually, the employers get approval even before the employee enters Dubai. After giving the approval receipt, the Ministry of Labor releases the entry permit. 


Entry permit acts as a legal entry tool to Dubai, and is valid for only two months, from the day it is issued. You can stay in Dubai with this permit for thirty days and you can renew it again. You have to start applying for the labor card after this.

You will also need the residency visa and can apply for it in sixty days. Once you complete all the process of application, you have to visit the Emirates ID service center with all the documents and the entry permit. One has to visit the hospital and get medical tests done.


You have to show all your documents and medical test reports to “The Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD)”. After thorough checking, the department stamps a work visa on your passport.

All this might be a tiring process, if you want to just travel and need a Dubai Visa, Dubai E Visa Online is the best for you to apply for a visa based on your desires. You can opt for a visa of your choice. You can skip all this hectic process to get a visa and be assured if you choose Dubai E Visa Online.

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the most common reasons your Dubai work permit could get canceled

It is a widely accepted fact that getting a job in Dubai is relatively hard and it is possible with dedication and talent. It is equally hard to retain the work permit as there are chances that your work permit could get canceled. In a twitter post, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation declared about the regulations of their work permit. They announced the three most common and important occasions, to explain when your work permit could get canceled.


The most common reasons are:

  1. When you as a foreign national can be replaced with a citizen of the UAE. If the citizen has the needed skill and can replace you, preference will be given to people of their country only.
  2. If you violate the conditions of work that were previously agreed upon, during the provision of work permit. If one goes against the terms of work that were accepted, they can choose to terminate your work permit. Hence you need to be wary of all the terms that you agree upon.
  3. If you are unemployed for three months at a stretch. Once you are without any employment for three months you will be officially considered as unemployed by canceling your work permit.


These are the most common and important reasons that you and the employer have to know before you work in Dubai or while you work in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One can attain a work permit in Dubai in five days.

There is no age limit all things considered, however, the "Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation" (MoHRE), pronounced that the individuals more than sixty-five years old need to pay AED 5,000 (United Arab Emirates Dirhams) once in two years for acknowledgment of work grant. The minimum age required to get a work visa in Dubai is eighteen years.

The work permit fees in Dubai is AED 100.

Anyone from countries, other than the UAE (United Arab Emirates) needs a residency visa for working and living in Dubai. A residency visa is a prerequisite for obtaining a work permit or the labor card, that is given by the Ministry of Labor.

Many of the people already manage to get a job before reaching Dubai and they do not have to manage the activities related to get a work permit. Several organizations take care of the work visa-related processes for the employee. The companies bear the costs of the visa in that case.

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