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everything you need to know about gdrfa

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GDRFA is the abbreviation of “General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs”. GDRFA is the government body in Dubai that manages traveler’s exit and entry to Dubai. It also regulates the residency of people from other countries in Dubai. GDRFA fostered more than four crore travelers and managed about six crores fifty lakh visas, just in the year 2015. This government entity is one of the highest-ranked border directorates on the globe. Dubai E Visa Online describes the entire process of issuing a Dubai Visa as well. It collaborates with legal professionals to deliver Dubai visa services in just seventy-two hours, without charging any fees.

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Facts About GDRFA

  • It functions as the body that facilitates entry and exit clearances of any person living in or visiting Dubai
  • GDRFA of Dubai is responsible for lending its services to travelers and the expatriates.
  • The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs encourages people with talent and allows them to enter institutions in the country.
  • Additionally, GDRFA  sponsors family members of those people.
  • This entity has to approve the entry of people in Dubai.
  • It extends its services to all with swiftness in action and response. You can apply for their visa and clearance services online as they have a website for it. 
  • Any donation or endowment to the economy that anyone makes for settling in Dubai from other nations is regulated and managed efficiently by GDRFA.
  • Its mission is to remain the safest and best city in the world.

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What are the services provided by GDRFA?

  1. Family book services: This service by GDRFA includes providing family books or modify them. 
  2. Passport services: GDRFA issues new passports to the residents or renewal of passport, and visas.
  3. Entry permit services: It takes care of all the services of entry permits after arrival at dubai, like shortening or lengthening of the visas, to nullify the vivas, and to request a residence permit for children, families, or as sponsors.
  4. Residency services: Updating, renewing, issuing, or canceling the residence visa. It also extends services of transferring or adding or removing escorts. You can also avail emirates id through GDRFA. 
  5. Border control services: GDRFA regulates all the ports- marine, land, and air. 
  6. Establishment support control: This organization encourages the formation of new establishments and extends support through this service.
  7. Violation control: These services include control of border and control of violations.

Most of these services can be successfully delivered to us through a straightforward and bother free method of visiting It is famous in the visa industry and can help in giving visas just by rounding out a structure, and without asking additional cash. Dubai E Visa Online also guarantees an authentic visa administration and has the least visa rejection rate.

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Location and timings of GDRFA

It is situated in Dubai Festival City, in Dubai. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is available to people, in general, every day except Friday and Saturday, from 7:30, am to 2 pm. The timings may change during the celebration seasons like the Islamic New Year.

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Recent updates about GDRFA for Dubai residents

  • The very own immigration service of Dubai, the GDRFA, has made an announcement making the process of returning to the city clear. The Dubai government said that it is necessary for Dubai residents to go back from other countries to have GDRFA approval.
  • One needs to get return approval from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) before booking a flight. You need to give your “resident file number” (under visa file) while applying for the return approval in the GDRFA online portal.
  • Your application status would be noticeable on the GDRFA site. If the application is acknowledged, you can get an email with the reference number. Utilizing this you can book the flight.

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How to track the application status of GDRFA

  • To check the application status of GDRFA, one can easily log in to the app launched by the Dubai government. GDRFA has its app and a website. In the app, you can choose the “services” option.
  • Select the option mentioned as “entry permit or residence status”. Choose “residency inquiry” to enquire about your status.
  • You will be asked to enter the visa code, the country you are from, gender, and birth-date. After entering the accurate details, select the “inquiry” option. You will be given a code that they give you and select the “submit” option.
  • If you enter the details rightly, the app shows a green checkmark with details. You can check the status and expiration date from there. One can check their validity of tourist visas in a similarly. 
  • If you want to check your visa application status, which is managed by GDRFA.

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Special service by GDRFA

  • Under the Federal Labor Law of UAE (United Arab Emirates) work issues between the business and the representative can be dealt with at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). This service is delivered by the GDRFA branch in Al Aweer. 
  • The GDRFA of Dubai goes about as a subdivision of the Illegal and Foreigners Sector and deals with protests from for the most part the domestic aides in Dubai.

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Policies of GDRFA

The following are followed and monitored by the GDRFA to achieve the mission and vision of the government entity. The policies are:

  • “Emiratization Policy”
  • “Future foresight policy”
  • “Stakeholders policy”
  • “Customer’s happiness policy”
  • “Sustainability policy”
  • “Intellectual Property Policy”

All the policies are applicable in clearance, visa issues, issues of family books, as well as business establishments.

GDRFA is exclusive to Dubai and it helps in making the city protected and secure. It additionally supports and cultivates ability by helping associations and people structure new endeavors and open up a few organizations. Accordingly, it assumes an imperative job in helping the economy of Dubai flourish.

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This government entity is a vital part of the visa processes and all the responsibility of the visa process involved in this body can be handled by websites such as Dubai E Visa Online. It can make the visa and other processes of GDRFA- Dubai, easier and clearer. 

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