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On a quick tour to Dubai and want the Dubai visa in about two days? Well, now that can be a problem when you cannot apply for the visa beforehand and will have to get it in about 48 hours! That might sound impossible to you but with Dubai E Visa Online providing you with the express Dubai visa service you have got nothing to worry about. All you need to do is follow the guidelines and reach your destination within a blink of an eye!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you talk about going to Dubai as soon as possible, it also includes getting the visa as soon as possible. But this seems to be hard for some to get one. Our Dubai express visa service from Dubaievisaonline makes sure you get the visa on time before your travel and does not cause you any inconvenience on the way!

You can either avail this for any of the Dubai tourism purposes like attending the Dubai international boat show or you can also use this service for getting a visa to go an adventurous trail journey. You can also get this visa for emergency business meetings that will be held in Dubai or if you have forgotten about your travel and need a visa on a quick routine. 

At Dubaievisaonline we give you several options to choose from while applying for emergency service. This can be given as follows:

  1. 14 Days tourist visa
  2. 48 hours transit visa
  3. 96 hours transit visa
  4. 30 days tourist visa
  5. 90 days tourist visa
  6. 30 days extension visa
  7. A to A tourist visa

The Dubai visa fees tend to change with some of the criteria such as the number of entry or stay validity. You can get the visa for the following fee options:

  • 14 days tourist visa: This visa is available at 154.0 US dollars. This is a single entry visa and has a total validity of 58 days. 
  • 48 hours transit visa: This visa is a single entry visa and will cost you 50.0 US dollars. The validity will be for 14 days.
  • 96 hours transit visa: This visa is a single entry visa costing 130.0 US dollars per person. This visa will have a validity of 14 days.
  • 30 days tourist visa: A single entry visa. The cost will be 164.0 US dollars per person.
  • 30 days tourist visa: A multiple entry visa type. Costing at 310.0 US dollars.
  • 90 days tourist visa: A single entry tourist visa with a fee value of 500.0 US dollars
  • 90 days tourist visa: A multiple-entry tourist visas with a fee value of 800.0 US dollars.
  • 30 days visa extension: An add-on to existing visa with only single entry possible. The fee of 500.0 US dollars value will be applicable.
  • A to A visa: With single entry validity this visa will cost you 500.0 US dollars.

Yes, apart from the visa fee you need to pay an additional value of 200.0 US dollars to get the Dubai visa supplied to you within 2 days time period.

When you get the ok to board confirmation you will get to know whether you are ready to board the flight or not. 

Yes, you can get your Dubai visa for Peru citizenship through this express service as well.

No, you do not need to check for the originality of the visa, as it is already done by our team of experts at Dubai E Visa Online. However, if you still need to check if your Dubai visa is original or fake you can do so by checking all the required fields mentioned on the visa.

A 5-year multiple entry Dubai tourist visa being one with a long term validity will not get an extension, however, you can apply for a new visa when the validity expires.

There is also various Dubai visa guide to help you get through the visa application process successfully and hence availing the express Dubai visa service is actually quite easier than you might have expected. 

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