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know about the impact of information technology in dubai city in 2024

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The world changes every minute of every day. Just like the world of Dubai is also changing, Dubai adopts IT services, and the Dubai government provides many things online, like Dubai visa, online payment of fines, online Metro cards, etc.? These changing times call for constantly evolving technology that maintains an upward graph. The packed cities, expanding businesses, and speeding urbanisation have made every sector closely intertwined with the IT world.

  • Just like most things, a country's economy can skew from calm waters of high rank to ruinous storms of downfall. But don't worry! It is here as a lifesaver.
  • Last but not least, working on computers has made the work more programmed, organised, planned, and presentable.
  • The evolving technological patterns clearly depict its straight effect on the economy across nations.
  • The word globalisation, by definition, truly reflects the interdependency of nations on each other in terms of trade, culture, IT, and many other services.
  • The phenomenon has hit Dubai positively. It has upscaled its economic conditions and promoted the UAE's trade with the rest of the world.
  • Dubai is leaving no stone unturned in order to make itself the smartest city in the future. It shows readiness for being technology-driven and starves for sustainable upturns in economy, financial institutions, and emerging markets.

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Increase in Digitalization:

  • Digitalization is the ultimate challenge for a country's government to keep up with global transformation. A country's progress is measured by knowing how digitally smart it is. Dubai has been adapting, progressive, and embracive in nature ever since.
  • It understands the potential of a smart city and has reflected the same in transportation, mobility, education, enhancing infrastructure, etc. For instance, Dubai launched a project called Digital Coach that aims to provide training to transport drivers. This will help in increasing the facility of public transportation, which further results in fewer vehicles on the roads. This can prevent many accidents from occurring.

Que. What is one of the most pronounced effects of digitalization in the city?

Ans. The government has decided to lend a visa for 10 years to its investors and dealers. This will allow for a greater influx of potential talent that can maintain its position in the global market.

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Job Opportunities:

  • Dubai has emerged as the new hotspot for people seeking job opportunities. As per reports from 2019, out of 5 million employees in the UAE, 51.3 % of liveware comes from Dubai.
  • This is why Dubai was declared one of the smartest cities by the government of the UAE in 2020. Electronic kiosks, internet banking, techno-based signature verification systems, etc. are a few lucky strokes that have helped financial institutions upgrade.
  • Dubai has had a constant hunger for a rise in technology. FinTech (finance and technology) is a leading name in the world of start-ups and they are choosing Dubai as their hub. It is believed to improve economic trends for the next 10 years.
  • The financial free zone (FFZ) created by the city is called the Dubai International Financial Centre. It sets its sights on providing better space for FinTech start-ups to collaborate with businesses producing double benefits.

Que. Which jobs are in high demand in Dubai?

Ans. Keeping in mind the influence of the automotive industry, IT managers, accounting, and finance officers hold high opportunities for people in Dubai.

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Oil and Gas:

  • Dubai has approximately 4 billion barrels of oil reserves. Top ICT organisations like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) help oil and gas companies generate maximum revenues through IT-enabled standardisation and optimise productions at minimal costs.
  • Accenture offers a completely different model for these companies in Dubai and the whole UAE. It has introduced oil and gas companies with diverse approaches to widening their network across the world.

Que. Is the oil and gas industry the main source of income for the country?

Ans. Yes, but not only this. Along with it, the pearl business is one of the prime sources of the country's income.

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Keeping the happiness alive:

  • Initiatives such as Smart Dubai and the Dubai Future Foundation, carved out of a vision by the Prime Minister, have led the way in pioneering operations and letting IT set a firm foot in the city.
  • Smart Dubai strives for happiness and aims to provide a safe and smooth experience to travellers, tourists, and even natives. This was a big step in promoting tourism in the city.
  • Dubai Future Foundation's tagline is that our vision is to make Dubai a leading city in the future. It aims at bringing the corporate and business sectors on the same page and doing hard things together. It thrives on future innovations that lead to a better lifestyle. It was founded in 2017 and is named a future accelerator. It has won AI and robotics awards for good.
  • Dubai is given the label of a self-flying taxi service city. As per this, it has launched an air taxi that uses drone technology. It will save the city from heavy traffic, road accidents, and pollution.

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Defence industry:

  • Like all the rest, the defence sector owes a lot to the automation industry in Dubai. A country's security is a matter of high concern and with evolving technology, it has only gotten better. These times of optimised technologies ask for real tech heads (high-performance employees) who showcase a constant appetite for future innovations. The aspirants should have the potential to rebuild and carve out new security and safety measures for the people of the country.
  • Research shows that a large part of this inflow has been from Dubai, and the city played a key role in making the naval, aerospace, and defence industries self-resilient.
  • A deal was signed between Martin Aircraft and Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) that involves raising a number of jetpacks (with the use of aerospace technology) that can be used for firing along the shoreline of Dubai.

Que. How does the government answer various queries related to administrative and other sectors?

Ans. The government has made an online portal for answering FAQs, providing information on media and services, etc.

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Trade and Governance:

  • Mastering trade is crucial to a country's economy. As trends in global interconnections continue to shoot up, trade can't be overlooked. In 2017, a report was released by the World Trade Organisation stressing how trade, along with technology, can benefit the job market.
  • Dubai, in order to promote its goods and services, has been an active participant in exhibitions in various sectors like trade, retail, sellers, event managers, etc.

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The frequent and extensive use of mobiles, tablets, and computers led to the following steps:

  • TEJARI is the UAE's first e-commerce site in order to increase business and trade within the nation, which is highly based on information technology.
  • After establishing the online marketplace, the city aims to build an e-governance system that can be used to conduct various activities online, such as customs and acquisitions.

Que. How much does trade contribute to Dubai's economy?

Ans. Actually, Dubai's gross domestic product is worth US$102.67 billion. Oil production accounts for less than 1% of GDP today.

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  • No one wishes to pay a visit to a city that has not developed enough to provide comfort to its tourists. Standing in long lines at a hotel to book or buy tickets to a museum is more than tedious. The past decade has seen a drastic shift from offline to everything online.
  • Such efficient methods have helped in lending better experiences to visitors by saving their time. Online is believed to carry the most authentic information about the city and this has pushed the tourism business up for Dubai.
  • Dubai has newly implemented e-ticketing and e-permit strategies. The e-Permit, which allows an organisation to collect applications online under the name of the Dubai government, has risen in the events industry.

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Had the situations been normal, Dubai was being considered as the city to host World Expo in 2020! This clearly depicts the city's strong grasp on event-holding capabilities.

Information technology Dubai plays a prime role in the software, business, and finance industry. It's the truly decisive factor in the health of an economy. Along with the above-mentioned areas of impact, technology hasn?t failed to tap in 3D printing, locking security various automated processes that were earlier manual, regulating the flow of resources, etc.

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A city, nation, or world can always succeed under its guidance. Dubai is certainly at the forefront of it. It's one of the most rising cities among all the Emirates that has accepted the evolving technology with open arms. The results are reflected in every sector that continues to add yet another feather in its cap.

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