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Ensuring Tourist Safety: Is Dubai Safe to Travel in 2024?

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One of the most loved places for tourism, popular for its beauty, luxury & shopping, is Dubai. This wonderful city in the UAE is one of the most suitable destinations for travel and enjoyment. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, the economy of Dubai is boomed by its visitors.

The City of Skyscrapers has a rich heritage from the past but it is in no way behind when it comes to modernity. Iconic structures like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and beaches are the centres of tourist attractions. If you are making plans for family travel in the Middle East, then Dubai, the heart of the Gulf, is the most suitable one.

If you are heading to the UAE with kids or your family for some fun or on a solo trip, one thing definitely clicks: the safety of Dubai tourism. This glamorous city has tonnes of things for you; however, there are certain rules for safety and laws for visitors that you must be aware of. 

There has been a picture or should I say prejudice, that is in the minds of people outside the UAE. Some misconceptions regarding safety may be the reason behind that. However, it is not the way things actually are. After visiting Dubai, you can never forget how fascinating it is.

Here are the queries that come to your mind when thinking of Dubai and answer to them

How safe is Dubai for travel in 2024?

Well, yes, yes, yes. Dubai is extremely safe, as the law and order work extraordinarily well. The crime is not something that puts tourists in danger. Regarding safety, there is no such major concern that you should worry about if you are planning to visit the city of gold. There are some safety warnings for tourists heading to the Middle East because of the strict laws and orders prevalent there; ignoring them can land you in legal trouble. So, awareness of the rules is the key.

Do's and Don'ts in Dubai

Every country or region has some rules and norms that they follow. When it comes to the UAE, yes, they embrace their tradition and culture dearly. And as a tourist, you should respect it by all means. For a generous host, the generosity lies in respecting and following the norms. From the perspective of law and order, you should never do things that fall into the category of illegal practices. 

Following are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind while in Dubai

  • Dress modestly, especially in religious and public places.
  • You can wear a swimsuit on the beach, but never outside.
  • Avoid PDA (public display of affection), especially in conservative areas. You should refrain from holding hands and kissing, as it can land you in trouble.
  • Don't ever use bad words or any offending gesture, like obscene gestures from the finger, as it may put you behind bars.
  • Are you a selfie lover or photogenic? Love photography? Then you'll find much magnificent architectural beauty in Dubai. But if you are taking pictures of strangers or residents, don't ever take them without permission, especially women.
  • Never click pictures of places not meant for tourists, like government buildings, ports, or military buildings, as it can prove disastrous.
  • In public, don't ever drink alcohol, as it is strictly prohibited.
  • Buy drinks only from government-licensed bars, hotels and restaurants, and enjoy your shots there only.
  • Drinking and driving are totally unacceptable and they will surely put you in prison with a hefty penalty.
  • Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar, and in the UAE, eating or drinking in public during the holy month is a ban. 
  • Don't initiate handshakes with women, especially Muslims.
  • The right hand should always be used for eating and handshaking.
  • The worst thing to do in a country that is abided by Sharia law is to insult Islam.
  • In the Islamic nation, if your social media posts or even T-shirts read slightly against Islam, then it leads to serious consequences. So, avoid such things by all means.
  • You love matching and mixing the dress, which is good, but if you are a woman, don't dress up like a man or vice versa, as cross-dressing is not acceptable and comes under offence.

Advice for Lone Woman Travellers in Dubai

If you are a woman who loves solo travel and wants to visit Dubai, then there are certain things to keep in mind. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the Gulf for women. Sexual harassment and crimes are much lesser. 

Some advice is there for you

  • You are not supposed to wear a burkha, Hijab or headscarf, but dress modestly and conservatively.
  • Law enforcement is very strict in Dubai but the skill is that you should always have an emergency number on speed dial. 
  • Public transport is safe and if you are out at night, then dress appropriately to avoid unnecessary attention.
  • If you are visiting a mosque, don't forget to cover your head.
  • If you are taking a cab or a taxi, never sit beside the driver in the front seat.
  • You can have a taxi with female drivers as well. 
  • If you are going to the club or bar and taking drinks as well, just don't get out of control. 
  • By law, people of the opposite sex can't stay together without being married. So, better be safe than sorry.
  • Offensive behaviour may put you in serious trouble, as there is Sharia law that is very strict. So, knowledge is the key, and being aware is the only way. 

Is it safe to travel to Dubai at the moment?

Well, of course. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every day new rules and restrictions are coming into effect. So, if you want to travel to Dubai at a moment, you must first check whether the airline services are not suspended in your country or the country you are travelling to.



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