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mandatory ica approval for non-dubai residents at dubai airport in 2024

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Dubai is one of the seven provinces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one of the most extravagant cities in the world. In order to enter Dubai, you need to apply for a Dubai Visa, which you can do online from your desired location.

It is well-known for its wealth through trade and has a great number of expatriate populations. The population of this emirate is huge and is the second-highest in the UAE. The government always tries to do something for the welfare of this population.

To protect this large population from the coronavirus, there are several measures that the immigration department, the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs), and the ICA (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship) are taking to control the inflow of people into the country. ICA regualted test on arrival of the non Dubai Residents who want to enter the UAE. There are also various ICA smart services that you can avail of. In this article, you will read about the identity and citizenship ICA approval requirements for non-Dubai or non-UAE residents. So read and find out.

Travel prerequisites for every person who is not a resident of Emirates to go to Dubai

There are many rules and regulations to keep the people of the city safe. The travellers have to follow all the protocols for safety before going, after reaching, and even at the check-in.

The government of the UAE made the PCR test to detect COVID-19 among travellers. Now the PCR test is not compulsory for people of all the nations in the world.

Nationals of a few countries have to compulsorily take the test before ninety-six hours before landing in the city. Angola, India, Vietnam, the United States of America (USA), Brazil, Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, etc. are a few countries out of the fifty-five countries from the Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. There are a few exemptions from this as well, like the fact that kids under twelve do not have to necessarily go through the testing process.

The health declaration form for the transit passengers and the quarantine undertaking form for the people who will live in the city are mandatory. All these are followed to control the proliferation of the virus.

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Approval for entering the Emirates

It is a known fact that the government decided to allow the residents of the city to get approval from the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs) before entering the province. It was mandatory for all the people who were aspiring to return after a certain stage of the pandemic.

A resident of this emirate (a person with a residence visa) who wants to return to this date also requires approval by the GDRFA. Without this approval, one cannot go back and reside in the city.

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ICA Approval to enter the city from other Emirates

Recently, the government has announced that people who have the residency visa of other Emirates of the UAE have to apply for approval from ICA (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenships). Only with this approval are they allowed to enter this prestigious emirate.

For example, people with a residency visa in Oman or Abu Dhabi have to get the approval of ICA before entering the province of this metropolitan city.  This announcement was brought up after many people with a residency visa from other Emirates were stranded. More than 280 people were in Dubai International Airport DXB at the first and second terminals, unable to enter the city without ICA approval.

Those passengers will be let into the city eventually but from now on, ICA approval will be compulsory. If it is approved before the resident of another Emirates lands at the DXB air station, the inconvenience will be avoided.

As many people did not know about this, a few steps were taken by the airport officials and the Consulate. They are:

  • The consulate posted the details about ICA approval on Twitter.
  • The airport authorities are ensuring the comfort of the passengers.
  • The government issued press releases.

All these steps enable the movement of passengers easily and help educate them about the approvals they require to enter the city. This is for non-Dubai residents only.

We can understand the involvement of ICA in this matter after they announced their acceptance to enter the city for domestic workers, employees of the government or private occupations, or people in the occupation related to health services. This was done in collaboration with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA). Thus, people with the approval can enter from the ICA centres.

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Steps to apply for ICA approval

To apply for approval, one should open the official web portal. The ID number of Emirates, the number on the passport, the type of passport, and the nationality of the applicant are the prerequisites to apply for approval. The individual should apply using the passport that has the residency permit from the Emirate.

If one has to go to the city, it is necessary to follow all these required protocols to make it hassle-free. A green tick is visible if it is approved. We can estimate how the Emirates government takes care of the meticulous details.

We always tend to like the country and this emirate, especially for many such reasons. If one wishes to go there, he or she can apply for a tourist or transit visa by navigating to the website Dubai E Visa Online.

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