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a glimpse into the world of the dubai studio city

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Dubai Studio City is profoundly known to be Dubai’s picturesque infrastructure, which attracts visitors, and especially artists, from all around the globe. A free zone in the United Arab Emirates involves mainly of the business sectors. There are several other Free zones in the city, which help the freelancers and entrepreneurs grow. To know about these free zones and how you can get to them here is everything about Dubai studio city by Dubai E Visa Online.

One of the most famous free zones is the Dubai Studio City Free zone, also known as DSC Free Zone. Following the footsteps of the Dubai Media City and Dubai Production City, this Free zone has focused on developing the entertainment sector by its presence.

The studio city is also famous for hosting the Annual Dubai Global Movie Festival which found its commencement in the year 2004. The Dubai Studio City can be considered as a one-stop place for all the filmmakers, producers, crews where they are catered to their required services, which further ensures a pleasant and hassle-free film production in Dubai.

In this blog, the readers will find information regarding the world of the Dubai Studio City and the services and activities offered for all those who live and visit it. We at Dubai EVisa Online portal, wish for our readers to have a pleasant and a hassle-free journey and witness the best offered by one of the supreme powers of the world.  


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Everything you need to know about the Dubai Studio City

The Dubai Studio City is one of the many free zones in Dubai which stands as a platform to many companies especially the ones who are into the entertainment business. The Studio City enjoys 22 million square feet providing a spacious location for all those who wish to start making films. The free zone of the Dubai Studio City was an initiative taken up by the Dubai Holding Subsidiary named TECOM and was launched in 2005.

The Dubai Studio City offers a picturesque infrastructure with a tinge of the intervention of the government authorities. Apart from the inclusions offered, there are certain activities like production and broadcasting services, significant sound stages, shooting spaces, recording studios and lavishly spaced office areas.

Certain kinds of activities which are permitted in the Studio City Free Zone are:

- Production of Movie, TV shows and short movies

- Fun activities based on specific themes.

- Auxiliary services supporting the production of films

- Animation and 3-D animation

Any other business activity which is inclusive in the entertainment sector apart from the ones mentioned above are permitted in the free zone.

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A community of the Studio City

The Dubai Studio City includes a variety of residential and commercial towers. While the residential houses include several inhabitants which consist of mainly freelancers, the commercial part of these towers consists of several production companies, television offices and retail spaces.  

The commercial offices consist of offices which are of the fields of technology, animation, dubbing sets, designing and editing. So basically the commercial units mainly consist of offices for technology-related fields, such as animation, dubbing, set designing and editing.

The cluster of the mid and high rise residential buildings find their surroundings with plenty of green spaces with an additional panoramic view expressing the luxury of living in these apartments. Another benefit of the Dubai Studio City includes the pet- friendly community, wherein the residents can go out for a walk with their pets. The visitors and residents find it convenient as all the important facilities like grocery markets, restaurants, clinics and schools are just around and closer to their residents.  

The rent and sale of the apartments in the studio city may vary over their location, coverage area and their amenities which are offered. Usually, the Dubai apartments with a splendid view have a price higher than the usual. The rent for the studio apartment may range between AED 26k to 50k yearly.

Similarly, the rent for a 1bedroom apartment can get as low as AED 42k to 60k yearly. The Rent or 2Bedroom hall kitchen apartments start from AED 51k to 100k yearly. Surprisingly, the rent for a 3BHK apartment may range up to AED 75k to 95k annually.  

Lastly, the rent for the shops in the Dubai Studio City can range from a price of AED 90k to AED 162k per annum.

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Dubai Studio City leisure

For all those who are either visiting or residing in the Dubai Studio City, can witness and experience the series of recreational activities, events and leisure offered by them. Following are some of the benefits of either visiting or residing in the Dubai Studio City:

Night Life in the Studio City 

The Studio City area is surrounded by popular malls, internationally acclaimed food chains, pubs and local restaurants. For those who are visiting or inhabiting in the area, have easy access to reach and spend their time exploring the best of the Dubai Nightlife.

Shopping Convenience 

The closest mall for those who live in Studio City is the First Avenue Mall in Motor City. It’s surprising to witness how just a two-storey mall features more than 50 high street retail stores, more than 20 food and beverage outlets and the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel.

The other popular visited mall near to the Dubai Studio City is the City Centre Me’aisem located in the Dubai Production City. The Mall, consists of several high – end fashion outlets like H&M, Max etc. addition to this, the mall is home to a hypermarket and also possesses an amusement centre.  

The other famous malls are located in Dubai which is just a 30 – minute drive from the Studio City. These malls include the Mall of Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall and the Dubai Mall. All of these famous malls include of a variety of famous outlets for shopping and a lot more leisure activities.

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Dubai Studio City Restaurants 

An individual can easily encounter several platters of worldwide cuisine served by the restaurants in the Dubai Studio City. Some of the popular dining areas include Freedom Pizza which finds its location on the side of Subway. For those in the mood for Mexican food, can find their way to Taqado which shares its location with the Dubai Films TV commission office. Patiala House is a popular diner which serves traditional Indian and North Indian Platters.

Sightseeing in the Studio City

Residing in a neighbourhood as exciting as the Dubai Studio City, the residents may enjoy the variety of attractions offered by the place. The Studio City is a centre for the production of TV and Films, making its location closer to the popular cinema houses in Dubai.

For all those who wish to have their time off the screen and explore the life not in reel but real, can head to the Dubai Miracle Garden. Home to several vibrant flowers and picturesque landscape can amuse the visitors into spending several hours in it.

For those who are interested in witnessing the natural spree of Dubai, can visit the Butterfly Garden where the visitors can find more than 50 species of butterflies. Seeing the sky covered with a colour so natural is definitely worth a visit.

For all those who are sports enthusiasts and aspire to witness the car racing someday, can head to the Dubai Autodrome. This place is just 5 minutes away from the Dubai Studio City. It offers a racing ground with several motorsport activities like single-seat driving, car drifting, karting and the laser tag experience.

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