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what is a transit visa and how can i get a transit visa for dubai

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What is a transit visa and how can I get a transit visa for Dubai is something that you will have to know about if you are planning your next trip Canada via Dubai. This, however, will need you to know more about transit visas and how it actually works before getting on to how to apply for a Dubai transit visa. This can easily be done with the help of Dubai E Visa Online where you get information pertaining to visas and services that will help you acquire one as well. Being a genuine company with a good acceptance rate, Dubaievisaonline has always served its customers to the best of its possibility.


  • What is a Dubai transit visa?
  • How can you get a transit visa to Dubai
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What is a Dubai transit visa?

A Dubai transit visa just as the name itself speaks is a visa that will be used when you will be transiting via Dubai. This transit visa that you make available to travel through Dubai will let you get some facilities while you stay there for a short while. Normally a visa is not required for a foreigner who will be travelling for just eights hours or below and will stay in the terminal itself during the whole transit time, but this visa will be more important for those who will be wanting to get out of the Dubai airport and explore the city. With two options being available such as

  1. 48 hours Dubai transit visa
  2. 96 hours Dubai transit visa

There are a lot of people now demanding to stay for a bit longer than the intended stay time due to these facilities being provided during the transit through Dubai. Not only can you enjoy shopping in Dubai during a transit time but you can also get out into the city and go visit some of the people with whom you are acquainted. You can also take out time to stay at a hotel in Dubai while enjoying quite a weekend getaway.

How can you get a transit visa to Dubai

While there are a lot of ways in which you can acquire a visa, the most common ways are as follows:

  • An online method for applying for a Dubai transit visa
  • Embassy near you that can help you get a Dubai transit visa
  • Airlines through which you have booked flight tickets can also help you get Dubai transit visa
  • Applying for a Dubai transit visa once you arrive at Dubai airport

Either of the ways you will need some documents and some steps must be followed in order to get a visa issued to you. In order to apply from Dubaievisaonline, the following steps can be used:

  • Enter the place from where you will be travelling
  • Next, you will get options from which you can select one of the transit visas based on your stay length.
  • Fill in an application form while attaching the needed documents
  • Finish off by paying the fees and then tracking the status of your transit visa.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes there will be a service fee applied whenever you apply for a Dubai transit visa

If your transit is below eight hours then you do not need a transit visa in the possession and you can stay without a visa being taken. However, you won’t be able to stay for more than eight hours and will need a transit visa in possession, in this case, to pass through the immigration officers.

Now you have got your answer as to how you can gain one and how you will be able to travel once you have got it issued.

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