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Ramadan in Dubai 2024: Unmissable Festivities Await!

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Dubai experiences an influx of tourists all around the year but especially during Ramadan. There are many things tourists should know about. This is the ultimate guide for tourists visiting Ramadan in Dubai in 2024. Dubai is a city filled with culture and traditions. Islam is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, with over 75% of the population being Muslim. But what makes Dubai so unique is that it supports all religions and gives them freedom. Dubai is popularly known for its tourism and ranks among the top five tourism destinations in the world. 

Ramadan in Dubai is not merely about fasting from dawn until dusk but a time to focus on spiritual growth, compassion, and charitable deeds. Muslims in Dubai, along with millions around the world, embrace this sacred month with dedication and devotion. During Ramadan, residents and visitors can experience an atmosphere of unity and generosity. The city's many mosques are adorned with lights and decorations, welcoming worshippers to participate in nightly Taraweeh prayers and fostering community and solidarity.

What is Ramadan?

  • Ramadan is also called Ramazan. It takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated by Muslims worldwide.
  • This ninth month is the month when Allah gave Prophet Muhamad the first chapter of the Quran. This is the purpose of Ramadan.
  • During Ramadan, Muslims pray, fast, and reflect on the community to get closer to their God, Allah. They abstain from any pleasure, and it is the time when families and friends get along and celebrate

How to greet people in Dubai during Ramadan?

  • Just like you greet people on the occasion of Christmas or Diwali, you should always greet Muslims in Dubai during Ramadan
  • Now, if you are confused about how to greet them, you can say “Ramadan Kareem," “Ramadan Mubarak," or “Wish you a blessed and healthy Ramadan.”.

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Food and drinks during Ramadan (Iftar)

During Ramadan in Dubai, there are specific customs and practices related to food and drinks due to the observance of fasting from sunrise (Suhoor) to sunset (Iftar). Here's what you can expect during this holy month:

1. Suhoor

Before dawn, Muslims have a pre-fast meal called suhoor. It is essential to have a nutritious and filling meal during this time to sustain energy throughout the day. Typical foods for Suhoor may include:

  • Water: Staying hydrated is crucial, so drinking plenty of water is highly recommended.
  • Dates: Traditionally, Muslims break their fast with dates, following the example of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Fruits: Fresh fruits provide essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Protein-rich foods: eggs, yoghurt, and cheese to keep them full longer.
  • Complex carbohydrates: whole-grain bread, oats, or rice for sustained energy.

2. Iftar

The fast is broken at nightfall with a meal known as Iftar. According to the Prophet's Sunnah (custom), Muslims frequently break their fast with dates and water. After Maghrib prayers, a larger meal is consumed. Iftar meals can be grand affairs with family and friends, or you can find communal Iftar gatherings at mosques and various locations across Dubai.

3. Traditional Ramadan Foods

You'll find a variety of traditional dishes explicitly prepared for Ramadan in Dubai. Some popular ones include:

  • Samosas: Deep-fried pastries filled with spiced meat or vegetables.
  • Falafel: Deep-fried balls composed of chickpea or fava bean flour.
  • Arabic Mezze: Assorted appetisers like hummus, tabbouleh, baba ganoush, etc.
  • Grilled Meats: Various grilled meats, like kebabs and shawarma, are common during Iftar meals.

4. Drinks

During fasting hours, avoiding eating or drinking anything, including water, is essential. However, Muslims break their fast after sunset with water and other beverages. Some popular drinks during Ramadan in Dubai include:

  • Jallab: It is a refreshing drink made from dates, grape molasses, and rose water. 
  • Amar al-Deen: A thick apricot juice often consumed during Ramadan.
  • Qamar al-Din: Another apricot-based drink that is popular during Iftar.
  • Laban: A yoghurt-based drink that helps with digestion after fasting.

What are the laws for eating in public during Ramadan?

  • United Arab Emirates Federal Law says that it is a crime for anyone to eat or drink in public 10 minutes before dawn till the sun sets, i.e., at iftar. 
  • Being a tourist in Dubai, it should be our general courtesy that we refrain from consuming anything in public during these hours. It shows how we respect Ramadan and the entire community itself.
  • Restaurants follow the same thing during these times. They are not closed, they do operate, but they have a private-closed section where people who aren’t fasting can eat. 
  • Let us all respect the spirit of Ramadan.

Where can I eat in Dubai during Ramadan?

  • Most of the prime malls are open for people who aren’t fasting. They extend their opening hours to accommodate eating times. 
  • There are plenty of options for non-Muslims or people who aren’t fasting to enjoy their food.
  • Places like the Dubai Mall, Jumeirah, Bluewaters Island, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Al Barsha, and Al Quoz will continue to serve like they were with extended work hours.

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How should the public behave during Ramadan in Dubai?

You need to follow certain sets of actions and rules during Ramadan. These actions are significant to Muslims celebrating this occasion and fasting.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while you are in public:

  • Dress conservatively. This applies to both men and women.
  • Do not be loud in public or play loud music. 
  • Greet people who are celebrating Ramadan accordingly.
  • Try to learn more about the Islamic culture and Ramadan.
  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink in public.

Shopping and Sales during Ramadan

Dubai is a city known for its luxury and shopping. During their festive season, Ramadan, every shopping destination has a list of offers and discounts for you. Ramadan is the best time to make the most of Dubai’s shopping extravaganza. The shopping deals extend from home appliances, car deals, gadgets, apparel, and food! Various offers extend on food, and exceptional food is being introduced for the festival of Ramadan.

Shop at Ramadan Night Market

  • One of the most celebrated places during Ramadan is the night market. People from the neighbouring countries gather here to celebrate Ramadan. 
  • It is set up as a Bazaar to provide a unique and authentic shopping experience. Various product options include electronics, health, beauty, jewellery, handicrafts, and collectables.
  • You get amazing offers and bargains during Ramadan, and the best part is that you get lip-smacking meals all lined up with many options.

Where: Hall 7 & 8 of Dubai World Trade Centre

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Traffic during Ramadan

  • Right from the first day of Ramadan, traffic starts meeting new heights. There is a change in working hours and office timings which result in peaks of people returning home at the same time in the evening.
  • People rush home for their iftars in the evening, which can get complicated for everyone.
  • Many accidents have been reported during these times, mainly because of the rush.
  • Specific side effects also come into the picture when you are fasting. Both of these combined make people more prone to accidents.
  • Luckily, the government of the United Arab Emirates knows how to deal with it. They have studied and laid out navigation routes and instructions for times like Ramadan to help people on the roads.

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Tourist attractions visiting hours during Ramadan

Another plus point of 'visiting Dubai during Ramadan' is fewer crowds in the sightseeing places. 

These tourist places are less busy during times like these and have alterations in their opening hours. However, some places might be closed for the majority of the time.

Here are the timings for some of the most visited destinations in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa: Opens at 11 AM
  • Buca Di Beppo: Opens after Iftar
  • Al Hallab: Opens after Iftar
  • Dessert Safari: No live performances
  • Dubai Palm Cruise: No liquids served
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: 3 PM – 9 PM

Ramadan Traditions in Dubai

As Dubai is filled with cultures and traditions, knowing the traditions followed during Ramadan is essential.

1. Suhoor

This is the early meal which takes place before the dawn cracks. Muslims gather, just woken up from their sleep, to call for prayer and partake in Suhoor. In this, they prepare for the day of fast.

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2. Siyam

Siyam is the period of fasting which happens in a day. It is the time when Muslims refrain from consuming anything, even water. They do this between the hours of sunrise and sunset. They are also supposed to refrain from any evil thoughts. This is the way to cleanse their inner selves.

3. Iftar

Iftar takes place at sunset. In this, Muslims pause and join each other for a feast. This is when they break their fast, traditionally done with a sip of water.

4. Taraweeh

Taraweeh is the prayer that holds the utmost significance for Muslims. Muslims read one-third of the Quran daily, so by the end of Ramadan, the book has been recited.

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5. Zakat

Charity is one of the most essential parts of Ramadan. A whole lot of organizations and individuals set up charities to help the ones who are less fortunate.


Ramadan in Dubai is an enchanting blend of traditions, spirituality, and contemporary charm. The city's celebrations, cultural events, and acts of charity create an unforgettable experience for everyone in this holy month. From the bustling Ramadan markets to the serene ambience of mosques, Dubai embraces the true essence of this sacred time, spreading harmony and unity among its diverse residents and visitors.

So, as the sun sets and the city comes alive with lights, join in the celebrations and immerse yourself in the magic of Ramadan in Dubai.

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