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all about travel oman from dubai through the land border in 2024

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Oman is a hidden gem and the most under-rated country. It is a country in the Middle East. Oman is a country that will completely take you by surprise and blow our minds! From blue water, incredible mountains, and the friendliest people, there are many special things in Dubai. It is an expensive country where one Omani Rial is equal to 2.60 USD (United States Dollar).


Going to Oman by road from Dubai is very convenient as the other transportation options are very expensive. You can rent a car if you know how to drive and cross the border. You can also take a cab to reach Oman by crossing the border. You will need your passport, visa, and all the other documents like identity cards. You can also book your bus tickets.


How long does it take to reach Oman through UAE by road?

  • It takes two-and-a-half hours of drive among the Desert and the mountains to reach the Oman border. If you go by bus, it will take you three hours to go from the Dubai bus station to the Oman border.
  • Apply for a Dubai visa through Dubai E Visa Online and go to Oman on a road trip! Dubai E Visa Online is well-known for its zero rejection rate. You can apply easily and then they send the status of your visa application in the mail. 
  • One can apply for a Dubai visa from any nation. You do not have to shell out extra money and enjoy the trip.


What are the check posts at the border crossing of Oman from the UAE by road?

There are four border check posts at the border crossing of Oman. They are:

  1. Dibba Border Post: This is the border crossing that you can pass through when you want to go to a Dhow cruise. A hotel room booked under your name is necessary to cross this.
  2. Khatam Al Shikla border post: It is a border crossing that you can use to go to Sohar, Muscat, and Al Buraimi.
  3. Meyzad border check post: You will go through this border crossing if you are going to Jebel Al Akhdar or Nizwa. 
  4. Al Wajajah border check post: It is the most convenient. It is near the exit point of Hatta and comfortable to drive from Dubai.


Things to know about the border crossing at Oman and the UAE border

  • The border has tight security and you have to undergo inspection and security check at the Oman border crossing. 
  • The immigration check at the border is very strict.
  • Every pocket of every zip of your bags is checked thoroughly. 
  • Your medicines are all checked and screened. So make sure that all your pills are labeled and have the actual packing. They are very strict about medicines. 
  • The Hatta or Wajaja border is the most comfortable and advantageous for border crossing in Oman. You can reach this border crossing if you go through Dubai or other northern emirates.


How much does the visa to Oman cost?

  • A thirty-day (one month) tourist visa will cost you AED 300. A ten-day visa will cost you AED 150. 
  • If you fly to Dubai and go to Oman within nine days, you will attain a free tourist visa for three or four weeks.
  • One can obtain a visa for Oman in advance and you can navigate to the Omani Police Website. You will receive an online visa for one or two days in advance. 
  • It will cost you AED 50. You have to carry this e-visa when you cross the border of Oman.
  • It is important to note that, if you are somehow not eligible to obtain a visa on arrival and you do not have a visa, the Oman government will not send you back.


What are the most beautiful places in Oman?

  • The Daymaniyat Islands are beautiful with the splendid beaches. You can camp at one of the islands of the island. You will be amazed at the magic the blue phytoplankton creates at night when the waves crash the shore at night!
  • You can find camels on the roads. The landscape will enthrall you.
  • Wadi Bhani khalid is a place where you can find lush green and dry land at the same place. You can find a waterfall here and you have to reach by a small boat.
  • One can enjoy Musandam by riding a traditional boat. It is a comfortable ride as the boat has many cushions. There are many dolphins in the region. 
  • Go to the mountainous range “Jebel Shams”, which is the highest mountain in Oman.
  • Jebel Akhdar is a must-visit place to watch the green mountain in a place like Oman. Walnuts, apricots, peaches, and pomegranates are grown here.
  • Ras-Al-Jinz is the home to the turtles. You can visit this place and see a turtle laying eggs and also watch the baby turtles!
  • Do not miss the Bimmah Sinkhole which is a naturally formed water body. The water here is very clear and do not forget to wear dresses that cover your knees. You can swim or have a barbeque near this place.
  • Never forget to visit the Wadi Darbat which has a lake that does not run dry even during the summer months. It is a beautiful green valley. It is the best picnic spot.
  • The country wears a dystopian look and is very enchanting to drive in.



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