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a complete guide to dubai visa for citizens of albania

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  • Dubai is undoubtedly the most traveled tourist destinations. If you are a citizen of Albania and traveling to Dubai is on your list, you need to know everything from the policies to the documents when it comes to Dubai Visa.
  • This article consists of everything you need to know about Dubai visa for citizens of Albania.


Dubai has a very strict visa policy. There are various types of visas that you can get depending upon the duration and the purpose of your visit. With a lot of such data, it can get quite confusing to figure out everything about your Dubai visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dubai visa is a must for the citizens of Albania. One cannot enter the city of luxury without a Dubai visa.


Enjoying the comfort of your home, there are various benefits of applying for your Dubai visa online:

  • It is a three-step process that makes it very easy for the users to understand: Fill the form, upload the documents, and pay your fees.

  • The processing time is minimal and ranges from 2 to 5 days.

  • The online application form is very user friendly and all the documents are submitted online.

  • You can easily add multiple applicants together before making the payment.

  • Payment is done via the internet with a lot of payment options

  • You can easily track your visa online and get your e-visa on your e-mail

Here are the details mentioned of a travel/visa agency that you can find in the capital of Albania, Tirana.

  • Tirana

Address: Visa Application Centre, Rr. Brigada VIII, P. LID, Kati III, Ap. 301, Tirana, 1000, Albania

Address: TLScontact, Njesia Bashkiake, Nr. 2 Municipality Unit 2 Bulevardi Barjam Curri Kati 12 Tirana AL, 1001, Albania

Address: Rruga Skënderbeg 12, Tirana, Albania

The opening hours for the centers in Albania are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

No, Dubai visa on arrival is not available for Albanian citizens.

  • Since you do not get Dubai visa on arrival for citizens of Albania, you apply for your Dubai visa prior to reaching Dubai.
  • While you are applying for your Dubai visa, you get to select the duration of your stay. It ranges from 46 hours to 90 days.

Yes, Dubai visa is a must for children below 18 with more documents like a consent letter from their parents.

Yes, we offer various visa extension and visa renewal services. This information is easily accessible on their website where you can also compare the cost and validity of different types of extensions.

You can study for free in Dubai with certain scholarships, but for Dubai visa, you need to apply for it either online or offline. You cannot avail a free Dubai visa for your studies in the city of Dubai.

There can be various reasons why your Dubai visa is being rejected, some of them are listed below:

  • You have unskilled professions mentioned in your passport like a labourer.

  • You may have a history of a criminal record

  • The scanned copies of your documents can be blurred

  • You have mistakes in your passport like spelling mistake or errors in the passport number

  • If you have applied for Dubai visa previously and you haven’t utilized it, you need to cancel it and then apply for a new Dubai visa

  • No, travel insurance is not a compulsory form of the document but it is always advised that you have your travel insurance while you travel.
  • A lot of mishaps can happen and you do not want to deal with them being in a different country, that is why it is highly recommended to have your travel insurance with you.

The cost of an average one-way flight ticket from Albania to Dubai ranges from 30,000 ALL – 60,000 ALL

Yes, Dubai is a very rich city. If we were to compare both the places, Dubai is much more expensive than Albania. To give a figure, Dubai is 98% more expensive than Albania

If you are traveling via flight, it will take you over a day (connecting flights) to reach the city of Dubai from Albania.

Some of the most popular airlines that travel from Albania to Dubai are Pegasus, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, KLM and Oman air.

The currency of Albania is Albanian Lek (ALL) and the currency of Dubai in United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED).

The current currency exchange rate is 1 ALL = 0.032 AED.

Yes, Dubai is a very safe city for tourists from Albania. There are constant enforcements being introduced to the laws of UAE.

In recent times, CCTV cameras were added in the street to ensure more safety.

Yes, you can get a Dubai visa with any prior criminal record only if the records are cleared. If they are not cleared, you will not be allowed to get a Dubai visa.

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