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Dubai, the United Arab Emirates known for extravagant shopping, ultramodern and an energetic nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, a 830 m-tall pinnacle, to the beauty of the Dubai people coming from different countries. The wealthiest country in the world. 

For entry in every country, you need a visa. Due to the development of technologies travelers can apply for Dubai e visa online for their convenience. Travelers must know about visa details requirements. Dubai has made conditions and restrictions for several countries, for example there are no visa requirements for GCC countries. The full form of GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Some of the GCC countries are :- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and also the United Arab Emirates. 

But for other countries wanting to visit Dubai they needed a visa with processing fees for Dubai visa travelers. Country's travelers can get a visa to apply for a Dubai visa before visiting Dubai. Greece Visa is able to enjoy Visa-free access to the entire Schengen Area with passport holders able to travel to several countries without having a Visa. 

The Schengen Area and Greece both keep on cooperating with nations all throughout the world in setting up visa waiver arrangements. Greece travelers visiting Uzbekistan need a visa to enter the country. Travelers arriving are allowed a 30 days stay. 

Greece's citizens venturing out to the UAE don't need a visa. Upon landing in the Dubai International Airport, voyagers are conceded a 90-day stay every six months. Travelers are allowed to visit with their family members, relatives and friends. In other words multiple entries are allowed to visit the Dubai nation. 

But the condition is Greece citizens have a tourist visa other than long term visa and transit visa, which means Greece citizens are allowed to stay for 3 months only with tourist visa. 

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Requirements of tourist visa for Greece citizens 

There are some requirements for Greece citizens to apply for a Dubai visa. But they needed lesser documents for tourist visas for Greece citizens. The following details Greece citizens are required for Dubai visa are as follows:- 

1.Greece citizens are required to provide an original passport. are must have their travel documents of Greece with 6 months remaining validity. 3.At least two visas with cleared pages of any markings. 

4.Travel itinerary required. 

5.Proofs of travelers for staying or leaving UAE. 

Note:- Travelers must have enough funds to spend while in Dubai as well as leaving the country. 

  • To begin with, check the current legitimacy of your visa.
  • Second, ensure your identification has clear Visa pages. 
  • At last, confirm if a travel visa is needed for any associations. 

Documents for other type of visas 

It is recommended to apply your online application form for Dubai e visa from dubaievisaonline. 

For other types of visa for Greece citizens needed to apply the following process to apply for a Dubai visa. While Applying for the Dubai Visa Application Keep the following record prepared. 

1.Duplicate copy Of Greece Passport Bio Page. 

2.One photograph candidate for submitting a cleared coloured photo of themselves. Highly contrasting photos won't be acknowledged. 

3.Hotel booking information needed with proper details. 

4.Flight booking on both sides. (We generally prescribe to book your flight once your visa gets approved. 

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How to apply Dubai visa for Greece citizens 

Step - 1 

  • Select the citizenship country for the Dubai visa
  • Fill in the individual data of a specific applicant including complete name, date of birth, identity ID no.,gender, individual email ID, portable no.,etc. 
  • Identification data expected to fill including visa no., Passport type, date of appearance. 4. Then, at that point fill in the permanent address, city country and postal code. 

Note:- It is prescribed to recheck all the documents needed for submitting your application. 

Step - 2 

Once documents uploaded then Greece citizens are expected to pay the necessary amount for the Dubai e visa online. They need to pay a definite amount for the application of their Dubai visa. 

  • Greece citizens need to pay the processing fees for Dubai e visa online.
  • There are a few payment methods for installment, for example, Credit card, Debit card, PayPal, and so forth. 

Note:- Greece tourist visa is free for 3 months even living with relatives and family members. 

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Step - 3 

After payment, Greece citizens needed to wait for approval for the Dubai e visa online. This will take 2 to 3 days. The days depend on the type of visas. 

  • Since approved, need to check the status for my Dubai visa online
  • Download the Dubai e visa from the link sent in your own email. 
  • Verify the Dubai e visa for Greece citizens


If Greece citizens are applying for a tourist visa then it is free for 3 months, and also they can live with their family members, relatives, and friends. But travelers are applying for transit and long term visas then they need to follow the above-given information. In such an easy way one can apply for a Dubai visa for Greece citizens

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