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Emirates, the wanted destination is now open to people from Botswana as well! But now that you know about it, you also need to take a Dubai visa for Botswana passport holder. This, as you might know, is quite an important document you need to have with yourself if you want to travel to Dubai. Dubai being a place full of high security and fun is a place you might have fun at but also will need to comply with all the rules as well. This is quite hard to follow both but if you want to have a successful stay in Dubai you need to follow these. However, you need not worry as once you get some help from Dubai E Visa Online you will be all ready and set for your travel to Dubai!


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Dubai visa processes

As of now, you might find a lot of processes to follow and stuff to do in order to get a Dubai visa. While some would charge money for just registering while others will put a high standard amount for filling in of an application form. All of this is possible when you apply Dubai visa via an online method, but have you ever thought, what is the simplest Dubai visa process? Bet you might have and hence Dubaievisaonline makes sure you get a value of what you need. There is no extra money to be paid nor do you need to pay for filling in a mere application form while applying through Dubaievisaonline. This is why Dubaievisaonline is known for its easiest and affordable means of Dubai visa application. So here is a glimpse of how easy the process can be:

  • Check where you want to travel from and the visa type you want to apply for
  • Fill the application form along with attaching the scanned documents as it has been said
  • Finally, you can pay and then track as to when you will receive the visa.

With this simple of a process, you can now easily get your visa rather than going through big and hard processes.

Travelling to old Dubai

While tall buildings, shining nights full of lights and all are quite fun, while you are here in Dubai, it is also essential to get to know about the never before seen shiny rustic buildings of Dubai. So here is an old Dubai guide that will let you through all of the historic properties and the best places that you need to visit here. While this place was known for the largest port but after 1966 it is quite not known to the world and hence tourists might not really know about it. Here is a list of the places:

  1. Al Fahidi Historical District: This place known for its old residential area you can just enjoy a lot of places along with the quite famous Arabian tea house.
  2. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural understanding: This place is an absolute must-visit if you want to know more about the culture in Dubai.
  3. Dubai Museum: Another place in Al Fahidi that you ought to travel to!


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