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Traveling to Dubai seems to be a fun-filled journey! But what holds back a person seems to be the thought of having a visa being issued amidst the whole journey excitement. But this can be solved easily as well. Taking a Dubai Visa when travelling from Armenia even though you have no idea as to how to apply for one can easily be tackled down by getting a Dubai visa for Armenia passport holder with the help of Dubai E Visa Online. Wondering how you should go ahead with it? Though it might take some days’ time, it won’t last long and you can get back on the excitement track right away as well! 


  • 30 days single entry Dubai visa for Armenia passport holder 
  • 5 tips to be kept in mind while travelling to Dubai from Armenia 
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30 days single entry Dubai visa for Armenia passport holder

Thinking as to what visa would be the best for your thirty days trip, then you can apply for a thirty days single entry based Dubai visa which will let you stay for thirty days in Dubai on a single entry basis. This means this visa that you take on an Armenia passport will not be valid anymore after you have used it once. This 30 days single entry Dubai visa for Armenia passport holder can also be used to explore a lot of other places as well as travelling form one emirates to another is also possible. 

5 tips to be kept in mind while travelling to Dubai from Armenia

There are some tips that you always need to keep in mind while travelling on a 30 days single entry visa to Dubai. This will include the following points to be kept in mind:

  1. Try to plan your trip to Dubai in between October and April, this will help with you getting quite a lot of discounts and much better options for travel packages to choose from.
  2. Take dresses that seem to be comfortable to you but only ones that will keep the respect towards the culture in Dubai should be worn while you travel here in Dubai and hence clothing becomes a very important factor here in Dubai. 
  3. While there are some hotels that will allow drinking alcohol and stuff, make sure you do not drink alcohol in public places and show drunken activities. There will be no tolerance to these types of activities being done in Dubai. 
  4. Make sure you have asked permission before you take any photographs of people around or even of any of the sacred places that are in Dubai. This activity of taking a photograph without permission will be considered dis-respective and will not be tolerated. 
  5. There is no tip giving system in Dubai and hence you need not worry about this stuff. While you can tip those who work in a restaurant or other hotel, it is not really needed. 

Do keep these tips in mind while travelling to Dubai from Armenia. Also, make sure that you pack things accordingly so that you do not end up taking something unnecessary. 


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