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Are you living in Algeria? Thinking how to get from Algeria to Dubai? We surely cannot tell you which flight to take or which route will be the best for you but one thing we can surely tell is how to take a Dubai visa for Algerian passport holder! It s definitely not as hard as you think so hold on with your thoughts before applying, as we at Dubai E Visa Online will be covering all those thoughts and doubts you have been keeping for long and wide!


Q. Is it important that an Algerian passport holder must get a visa to Dubai?

Yes, it is a necessity to get a visa to Dubai without which an entry won’t be possible. 

Q. What is a Dubai visa for the Algerian passport holder?

An Algerian passport holder is eligible to get a visa to Dubai through an online method. This Dubai visa will allow the Algerian passport holder to get an entry into the country and get a stay valid for a certain period of time. 

Q. What are the visa options which are made available for a citizen from Algeria to go to Dubai?

An Algerian citizen can access the following options:

  1. 14 days visa
  2. 30 days visa with a single entry
  3. 30 days visa with multiple entries
  4. 90 days visa with a single entry
  5. 90 days visa with multiple entries
  6. 30 days extension visa
  7. A to A visa with a single entry available.

Q. What are the fees that are needed to pay for any of these visa types?

Once you select the particular visa you want you will get a detailed explanation of how much does the Dubai visa cost you. This will help you get an idea of how to spend on a visa.

Q. Can an Algerian passport holder get a Dubai visa on arrival through Dubai international airport?

While an Algerian citizen cannot apply for a visa on arrival, they can surely apply for a visa through any of the online mediums which are available!

Q. What are the documents that are required for Dubai visa while an Algerian applies for it?

When an Algerian applies for a visa to Dubai, there are some requirements that as an applicant an Algerian must follow. The requirements can be given as follows:

  • An application form with complete details of the Algerian citizen
  • An Algerian passport worth of 6 months validity
  • A passport-sized photograph of the Algerian citizen who will be applying for the visa
  • Copy of the funds available in the applicant’s account
  • Copy of booking of flight ticket to and from Dubai. 
  • If a letter made available then attach a copy of it as well while submitting the form.

Q. What if an Algerian passport holder wants to apply for a 5 year long Dubai visa?

Yes, an Algerian passport holder can get a 5 year long Dubai visa as well, provided all the requirements which have been stated are followed by the applicant diligently. 

Q. What if an Algerian passport holder is in Dubai on a Dubai visit visa, then will an extension be possible?

Yes a Dubai visit visa extension can be easily done with the 30 days extension visa which has been made available

Q. What if an Algerian passport holder’s visa has been expired while staying in Dubai then are there any visa processing centers available?

Yes, you can get to any of the Dubai visa processing centers to get your visa renewed easily. 

Q. Is it possible for an Algerian to go to Dubai on an employment visa?

Yes, an Algerian can surely apply for a Dubai employment visa given that he or she has completed all the formalities and the requirements that have to be submitted.

Q. What if after an Algerian citizen applies for a visa and gets rejected, what to do next?

There are always complaints that flood in as to why my visa has been rejected. While there are chances a visa can be rejected, what you do after your visa has been rejected is what matters. First of all, you need to check what are the possible ways you can avoid rejection, and then you can just follow all the rules to complete the application.

Q. Is it possible to check the visa status once I finish applying for the visa?

Yes, you can check the visa status through an online method easily by just entering the required information asked.

With this even, an Algerian citizen can apply for a Dubai visa for Algerian passport holders with just some of the guidelines followed by them. 

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