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all about dubai visa and emirates id renewal procedure after the expiry

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Dubai offers something to everyone who wants to visit or stay. It is a city where everyone wants to take a Dubai Visa. Anyone interested in applying for a Dubai visa can navigate to the website, Dubai E Visa Online, and follow three steps to apply for a guaranteed visa. You can apply Dubai visa based on your need and can see the validity of the visa as well as the number of entries. An Emirates id card is a an important document that you must possess if you want to reside in Dubai. It is necessary to have emirates id status check to know whether your identity card is valid or expired. In this article, we will tell you the step by step process that you need to follow emirates id card and Dubai Visa gets expire.So read and find out.


How to renew your Dubai visa after expiry?

Many people suggest that it is ideal to renew your Dubai visa before the validity ends. It helps in avoiding penalties. At the point when anybody needs to apply for a Dubai visa after its expiry, the person in question needs to return to their local nation and come to Dubai in one month.

  • It is not legal to stay in Dubai city after the visa expires. They consider it as overstay and the defaulters of this are subject to fines. Overstaying will reduce the chances of rejection of your visa application in the future.
  • Extending your Dubai visa is hence better than renewing it after expiry.
  • Extending the Dubai tourist visa is not possible every time.
  • In any case, there are several exclusions like the tourist visa of the Indian passport holders and the green card holders of the USA are able to widen their vacationer visa for fourteen days for the cost of (United Arab Emirates Dirhams)AED 450.
  • One can also opt for long term visas or select a Dubai visa that has many valid days. You can select the ideal visa that you can customize for your requirement along with booking your trip and planning itinerary in advance through Dubai E Visa Online.

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To renew Dubai visa after expiry you need to follow the following steps

  • If you are a tourist and would like to extend your Dubai tourist visa, after the permissible fourteen days, you require a sponsor who is a resident of UAE (United Arab Emirates) or an organization, or a licensed to operate.
  •  If the sponsor pays AED2000 for the renewal of your already expired Dubai visa. One can get in contact with Dubai E Visa Online and clarify more about such services.


These are the following steps to follow to renew your Dubai visit visa

As you cannot stay in Dubai after your visa expires, you can follow any of these methods to renew your Dubai visit visa.

Going to the airport in your country and renewing it:

One can reach the departure terminal at the airport of your country and take a flight back to Dubai. This will cost you flight charges but you can renew your visit visa as you can get an extra thirty or sixty days.


You can use the method called “visa run”:

One has to go out of the UAE and book a visa run. You can return after leaving once, thereby renewing your Dubai visa.

Pay AED five hundred:

If you cannot leave the UAE or cannot return due to some circumstance, you can visit the DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency of Dubai). Pay AED 500 to DNRD, and renew your visa without even leaving Dubai. 


Obtain an exit and entry stamp:

This renewal method requires you to reach the border of Dubai through the road. The border control board will give you an exit stamp, for sixty AED. You will also be given a ticket that you have to save for future needs.


You need to return to the migration office in Dubai and reestablish your visa alongside a section stamp. In this strategy, one needs to contribute roughly three or four hours of time to recharge a Dubai visa.

Recent updates about the renewal of expired Emirates ID and Dubai visa

The COVID-19 pandemic affected every country in the world and the city of Dubai is no exception. The rules of renewal of Emirates ID and Dubai visa have been changed for convenience. The administration of the United Arab Emirates announced that all the Emirates ID and Dubai visas that terminate after the first March of this year will be broadened naturally. The legislature will expand the ID and visas till December 2020. 

How to renew expired ID and Dubai visa after the recent announcement?

For the people having a residence visa and living in the UAE, the Dubai visa, and the Emirates ID grace period will be applicable till October 11, 2020. This is only for the people whose Emirates Id and Dubai visa expired by March 1, 2020. 

The government does the renewal process in phases so that the renewal is not delayed. Different months are allotted to apply for renewal, based on the date of expiry of the Emirates Id and Dubai visa.

  • To renew expired Emirates ID and Dubai visa, that expired in the months of March or April, the application to renew these is from April 12, 2020.
  • To renew an ID and visa that expired in May, one can apply for renewal from August 8. 2020.
  • To renew ID and visa expired in June or July 11, 2020, application to renew it starts from 10th September.

If Dubai visa and an Emirates ID of the residents of Dubai, is expired and if they live outside the UAE, GDRFA approval is required. The Government Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFAD), has made it mandatory for all the residents living outside the country to get approval by mentioning the visa number. The government did not elucidate what has to be done with the residents living outside Dubai if their visa or Emirates ID expires.


For detailed and more customized answers to the question of how to renew expired Emirates ID and Dubai visa, you can contact the government authorities and follow up on the official websites and news.


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