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dubai metro fines that you need to be aware of

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Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE, Dubai isn't the capital of the United Arab Emirates. That crown goes to Abu Dhabi which sits around 130kms toward the west, about an hour away by street. Here you are going to know about Dubai metro fines that you need to be aware of.

The Dubai Metro is a quick travel rail network in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Red Line and Green Line are operational, with one more line being built. These initial two lines run underground in the downtown area and on raised viaducts somewhere else.

Dubai's public vehicle organization, overseen by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA), permits occupants, residents and guests to go inside the city in a protected, reasonable and helpful way. In any case, there are sure standards and decorum that all travelers should comply with and neglecting to do as such, can bring about a fine. You can check out to know more about dubai metro fine inquiry.

Making a beeline for the metro and you have ensured your NOL has adequate credit so to dodge fines? Indeed, the majority of us know about the fundamental fines we need to deal with! Here are a few fines that you may not know about:


Gotten a sandwich on your way to the metro to fill in before you head into the metro? Poorly conceived notion. Wrap up your food and taste in your beverage before you wave your Nol Card before the scanner. Eating or drinking on the stage or in the metro can cost you AED 100.

Likewise, make sure to let out your biting gum prior to boarding the metro premises.

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First up, don't stress over passing up a great opportunity your on the way rest toward the beginning of the day as you go from Rashidiya to UAE trade. You can check out to know more about metro fine payment

Anyway, be cautious, resting off in the holding up zones of the metro station can get you a fine of AED 300.

Utilizing Someone Else's NOL Card

Just acknowledged you might not have adequate equilibrium in your NOL card and were wanting to acquire your friend's? That will not be an extraordinary thought if your companion has a customized Blue NOL card.

You will acquire an infringement of AED 200 If got with another person's NOL card.

Obstructing Luggage Access

The metro's baggage region is for that-the gear. Obstructing the space in the busy times can be a bother to the travelers and acquire you a fine of AED 100 too! So be cautious that you are not impeding the passway.

Utilizing An Expired Nol Card

Nol Silver and Gold cards are legitimate for a long time from the date of issue. So in the event that you have been utilizing a similar silver nol card for as far back as 5 years, you should reestablish it. Utilizing terminated Nol cards can interfere with you by AED 200. You can check out to know more about where to pay rta bus fines in dubai

Placing Feet On Seats In Metro Stations And Trains

We realize its enticing to lean your feet against the contrary seat. All the more thus, when you have had a difficult day, and the seat is vacant. In any case, hold in! You wouldn't get a clean and sterile metro if everybody had their direction.

RTA discloses to you that putting feet on seats will cost you AED 100.

Conveying Alcohol Beverages Inside The Train

A lesser-known fine-conveying cocktails inside the train is denied. So leave your brew at home since taking it by metro will cost you AED 500.


There are additionally explicit RTA fines for abusing wellbeing and security rules. For example, travelers are not permitted to acquire creatures on open vehicle Dubai, with the exception of guide canines. You can check out to know more about public transport fines

Bringing creatures into public vehicle, aside from control canines for outwardly disabled travelers

Fine  - AED 100

Spitting or littering

Fine  - AED 200

Smoking inside the metro or cable car

Fine  - AED 200


Continuously board the public vehicle in Dubai appropriately and abstain from hopping or pushing individuals to get in.

Public vehicle clients who jeopardize other travelers' security will likewise confront hefty fines in Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and Public Bus.

Abusing the lifts and elevators

Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram: AED 100/Public Bus: AED 200

Climbing or bouncing into public vehicle

Fine  - AED 100

Opening the entryway and attempting to leave public vehicle while it is moving

Fine  - AED 100

You can check out to know more about rta fines

Utilizing or conveying gear or materials that burdens other public vehicle clients

Fine  - AED 100

Diverting or blocking the driver while driving

Fine  - AED 200

Conveying liquor inside open vehicle or its offices

Fine  - AED 500

Conveying perilous things, like weapons or combustible materials

Fine  - AED 1,000

Abusing crisis catches, crisis ways out or security apparatuses and gadgets

Fine  - AED 2,000


There are a few techniques to pay your RTA public vehicle fines in Dubai

For those looking for 'How would I pay Dubai Metro fines' or 'Where would I be able to pay my transport fines in Dubai',

When utilizing Dubai public vehicle, fines are given against the violator's Emirates ID or visa number.

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Searching for how to claim Dubai public vehicle fines? On the off chance that you feel that a fine has been given wrongly, you can present a contest structure through the RTA site:

  • Visit the authority RTA site
  • Under the 'Public Transport' tab, select 'Transport'
  • Under 'Transport', pick 'Debate Form'
  • You can check out to know more about rta bus fine payment centres in dubai
  • You can utilize this contest structure to request fines gave in the RTA public transports, Dubai Metro or Dubai Tram. Make a point to enter subtleties like the fine number, NOL card number and connect the necessary supporting records. Additionally, guarantee that you bid any open vehicle fines in Dubai inside 30 days of it being given.

This was all the info on Dubai metro fines that you need to be aware of.

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