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The Sharjah Cricket Stadium is located in Sharjah within the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The stadium incorporates a total Sharjah cricket stadium capacity of 17k and is owned Sharjah Cricket Association it absolutely was established in the year 1982. This cricket stadium is known for the various number of cricket matches being played and is quite common among international tourists. Dubai E Visa Online aims at helping people get to know how to apply for a Dubai visa and hence getting them to visit this place!. If you want to visit there then apply Dubai visa and get your visa mail within 24 hours.

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The first international game was played on 6 April 1984 between Pakistan and Ceylon and the first international test was played between Pakistan and the Indies on 31st January to 4th February 2002. T20 at this stadium was played very late because of the conditions of the pitch. So the first T20 was played on 3 March 2013 between Afganistan and Scotland. The first match which was played in 1984 between Pakistan and the country was an ODI match of the Asia Cup. That the first international event on Sharjah Cricket Stadium was played in 1984.

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Sharjah Cricket Stadium holds cricket records of organizing the most number of ODIs in an exceedingly venue of 236 ODIs up to 19 February 2018. Sharjah Stadium was officially surroundings for Afghanistan but afterward, Afghanistan declared Greater Noida Sports Complex Ground in Noida, India as environs and Sharjah Cricket Stadium is now environs of UAE cricket team. The cricket stadium also hosted the inaugural edition of the T10 cricket league, which may be a 90-minute cricket league from 14 to 17 December 2017 featuring several international records of cricket players. As per the news and sources, we even have information about match-fixing, and Sharjah Stadium was declared as it's center although it's not that accurate that it had been true.

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As we glance up to the history of the stadium we see that the last match played here was on 8 December 2019 it had been a 50 over the match, as ODI matches were played at a much larger scale than T20 and Test, therefore, the number of seats was increased to 20000. The last match game played was on 30th October which ended on 3rd November 2016 between Pakistan and archipelago. The last T20 played was on the 6th of February 2018 between Afganistan and Zimbabwe.

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As of December 2019, 240 ODIs had been played at the bottom. As of now in 2020 no matches are played thanks to COVID crisis but as we will see the stadium contains a history from 1984 and still, it continues to emerge altogether formats, but the pitch and atmospheric condition don't seem to be suitable for test matches so it's the sole drawback for the stadium. Sharjah Cricket Stadium also has a history of organizing PSL and also tournaments of blind cricke

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are two other cricket stadiums in UAE apart from Sharjah Cricket Stadium and they are Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary that you buy tickets before you attend a match in Sharjah Cricket Stadium. You will not be getting an entry if you do not have a ticket to watch the show with you.

This stadium in Sharjah was established in 1982 and the owner is the Sharjah Cricket Association that handles all of the endeavors being conducted here.

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