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why and how to track your dubai visa status in 2024?

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Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East right now. In addition to its beautiful beaches and amazing architecture, Dubai offers tourists a wide range of activities like shopping, sightseeing, and entertainment. Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, and the biggest mall in the world are both located in Dubai.

These places in Dubai are fairly exciting for visitors who are visiting the United Arab Emirates for the first time. This article provides an overview of the Dubai visa application process for people from all over the world and discusses the significance of Dubai visa tracking. 


What is Visa Tracking?

The method of obtaining information about the status of your visa application is called visa tracking. People who have a tight schedule need to know the status of their visa in order to get their preparation on the right track. This tracking of visas can be done through Dubai E Visa Online. Critical details to be kept in mind while tracking the visa status are:

  • Name as it appears on a passport. 
  • Passport Number.  
  • Date of birth and Nationality.  

The principal applicant will undoubtedly obtain the live update of the visa if the applicant supplied the aforementioned information correctly, allowing them to arrange their travel accordingly. 

Why is visa tracking important?

Visa tracking is important in order to know the status of your visa after you have started the application. Knowing the status will help you prepare ahead based on the timeline for when your visa will be approved. The different stages of a visa that can be tracked are as follows: 

  1. Application receipt pending: This is the first stage when you put in an application online that is put in but not yet received by the consulate. The applicant will receive this notification from the portal stating that the submission is pending and has not yet reached the embassy.  
  2. Application received: When the application is received by the embassy, the status is updated as application received. It is the second stage of visa application tracking.  
  3. Administrative processing: When every document is received by the embassy, the documentation or administrative proceeding is conducted. It is checked that all the information is in order and the applicant has sufficient documentation to travel to Dubai.
  4. Issued: Once the administrative processing is done and all the documents submitted are found to be correct, the visa is issued to the applicant. Now the applicant is free to travel to Dubai for the purpose based on which the visa is issued.  
  5. Refused: If the documentation or application is not in order, then the visa of the applicant is rejected. After this, the applicant can fulfil the lacunas, find another slot, and reapply.  


How to get a Dubai visa?

There is a full-fledged procedure to apply for a Dubai visa. In order to get the visa, it is important to have the required documents and follow a certain procedure. To apply for a Dubai visa, citizens should follow this general application procedure: 

  • Use Dubai E Visa Online, a dependable platform designed to make the Dubai visa application procedure simple for everyone, to submit an E-Visa application online. 
  • Keep all the documents required to submit a Dubai E visa application and upload them as necessary. 
  • Select the most appropriate payment option and submit your application fees. 
  • Once your visa has been granted, you can book a flight to Dubai. 

Types of Visas Issued By Dubai

Various types of visas are offered depending on the route, anticipated stay, and applicant's nationality. The most popular visa types are shown below: 

1. Business Visa

Dubai is a centre for business; thus, a business visa is among the most popular visas for the city. Visitors can apply for this visa if they have an offer letter attesting to the business-relatedness of their proposed trip from a reputable company with headquarters in the UAE. 

2. Tourist Visa

The Dubai government also issues a well-known visa known as the tourist visa. Those with this visa type are permitted a 30-day stay in Dubai. It is suitable for people who wish to visit family or friends in Dubai or who want to see the city. 

3. Residence Permit

This is for people who want to settle in Dubai. With all the advantages and facilities at the public's disposal, Dubai is a terrific place to live. People who are financially secure and who meet the prerequisite of having a permanent residence in Dubai are eligible to apply. You may apply for this visa if you have a letter of offer from a company based in Dubai, are self-employed, and can support yourself while living there. 

Given that Dubai has a developing economy and that working there will be an asset to one's career, the employment visa has proven to be a blessing for professionals in the workforce in Dubai. Citizens worldwide may apply for an employment visa if they want to work in Dubai or if they already have a job lined up there. 

The passengers travelling to their destination country via Dubai are issued a transit visa. There are two sorts of transit visas:


Final Verdict

The article is an overview of Dubai visa procedures, tracking, and types. This will give the applicant an idea about visa tracking and the different stages of tracking.  

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