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thinking of starting a business in dubai - Full Guide

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Every organization wants to do business in that country which is famous in the global trending also there is the availability of the ultimate investment destination in many sectors.

So what are you waiting for Dubai is the best option. In this 20th century, Dubai has transformed itself into the amazing global trending hub and a lot of investment sectors like import, export, logistics, tourism sector, hospitality sector, event management, financial services facilities, construction.

By the availability of ultimate and unique facilities in different sectors, many entrepreneurs prefer to do business in Dubai.




Top reasons and facilities why one should choose Dubai for business opportunity

1. Due to its Geographic Location: According to the Geolocation, Dubai is situated in the exact middle of U.A.E. cost at a distance of 400 miles. From here the seaport and the world's largest international airport are easily accessible. AS a conclusion Dubai has rich access to approximate 2 Billion consumer markets situated in Europe, Asia, Africa, CIS Countries, and Gulf as well.

Transport: For Import and Export Dubai has the largest seaport whose name is Jabal Ali Port and also Dubai has the world’s largest airport which is Dubai International Airport. So by the availability of a rich transportation facility, no one feels any hassle to import and export and to bring goods from Dubai to any other country in the world.

2. Infrastructure: If we talk about the infrastructure of Dubai then it is very easy to set up any new business in this place. Because of the availability of an office, manufacturing plant, retail shop, warehouse everything is always ready to move in. In the last decades highly facilitate residential, tourism, industrial and commercial facilities are built.

And the most amazing thing is that the country Dubai has rank 2nd in the quality of roads, 3rd rank in the quality of the best air transport, 5th rank in the seaport facilities & infrastructure, 8th rank in the ground availability of transport network.



3. Management and staff Legislation and taxes: The economy of the U.A.E. is considered to be the most liberal economy. In other countries, there are so much tax rule is available but if we talk about Dubai the there is no taxes in this fields like Personal income tax, Capital gains tax, Value-added tax, Withholding tax, Corporate tax. Because Dubai applies no taxation facilities to the business startups and for the entrepreneurs as well.

4. Security in Dubai: Security and safety is the unique identification of Dubai. According to the report, the crime Index is very lowest in Dubai in comparison to the world. Some crimes like serious crimes such as robbery, murder, kidnap, rape and physical assault has the availability into 0.5 to 1 in the 10-lakh population. This is due to the presence of the best security system in Dubai. And we all know that business will grow and reaches its higher zone in a safe and secure place.

5. Bank and Finance: For the new startups and new business setup in Dubai is too easy. Because the government of Dubai most welcome to the entrepreneurs to invest in Dubai. By the amazing business plan, the government helps by financial support to the entrepreneurs so that it will be easy to set up a new business in Dubai. And government support is very beneficial for the new business aspect.

6. Opportunities in Dubai: As the location of Dubai which is in the middle of the U.A.E so many target customers can easily be accessible from here. Apart from this, any business has access to target customers like Africa, Asia, CIS Countries, Gulf, etc. Dubai has a lot of business opportunities.

7. Trade and Trade License: For the business point of view Dubai provides mainly 3 types of trade license Commercial license, Professional License and Industrial License. Via the trade license, it is quite easy to trading in Dubai as in the field of manufacturing, professional services and covering all kind of trading activity.


Advantages of Business in Dubai:

There are a lot of Business advantages In Dubai some of the major concern are indicated below:

1. 100% foreign ownership

2. Highly Developed Infrastructure

3. Free of taxes

4. The facility of no currency restriction

5. No Personal Income Taxes

6. Full Government support for new business setup & startup as well

7. Highly developed and efficient communication system facility

8. No corporate, withholding

9. Highly facilitates of transportation availability


Disadvantages of business in Dubai:

1. Managing the money: As Dubai is a high living standard country for this it is a risky situation to manage and monitor the money management aspects here.

2. People Management: As the diversity of the workers' professionals available in Dubai also the people management is a tough task here.

3.  Business Controlling: In Dubai, it is known to all a new business reaches 0 to 100 but it will not be like rapidly. To grow our business in a place like Dubai is a tough task because of the presence of a lot of competitors. So again, business controlling is no doubt little bit risky here.



Dubai is one of the best countries in the world to start your business. It has the best infrastructure and entrepreneurs are welcomed there to start their business with fewer restrictions. 


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