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The dazzling city of Dubai is always an amazing ball for the world. It always makes zillion eyeballs to drool over its beauty and magnificence. Being filled with an abundance of sparkling beauty and colours, this city has made to the utmost level of flourishing tourism. 'Dubai World Cup 2020' a gigantic event which is best known across the globe for its royal Dubai Horse Racing, featuring the eminent 12 domestic racing events, focused 10 race meetings, scrumptious dining, dazzling entertainment and much more. Dubai World Cup always makes its spectators and attendees feel the ultimate experience of the events in the grand avenue of the Meydan Racecourse.


A brief history of Dubai World Cup

1. The Dubai World Cup unfurls its pages at Meydan Racecourse.

2. The first Dubai World Cup was inaugurated in 1996.

3. It is the amazing idea of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

4. It is the major grand event, praised all over the globe.

5. Its major attraction in all dimensions is grand horse-races by royal horses.

6. The race is operated through the Emirates Racing Authority (ERA) whose Chairperson is Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Presidential Affairs of the United Arab Emirates.

7. Every spectator rejoices each moment spent at the grand venue for many years with a woven mat of alluring scenes in the events.

Major Events of the Dubai Racing Club

The Dubai Racing Club has various glorious events:

1. Dubai World Cup Carnival 2020:

This grand event comprises of 10 race meetings with handsome prize money of US $12.74 M. It runs from January to March every year. It is a vibrant season of high-class international race days performed by the most high-profile owners, trainers, horses, and jockeys all around the world. It eventually leads to the Dubai World Cup Day, which is the richest day in the world. 

The spectators who wish to attend the grand event can get free access to the Meydan on a regular race night and indulge in varied options available there according to the budget and luxury level choice. It offers simple seating to five-star all-inclusive dining options and more. 


2. Dubai World Cup 2020:

This glorious event is an outcome of the vision of his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE. It gives the contestants a wonderful platform for the best horses and jockeys to compete and give hardcore competition. It is also featured as the epitome of the UAE racing season.


3. Racing at the Meydan Racecourse:

The Meydan Racecourse offers a full-fledged season of royal horse racing screening from October 24, 2019, to April 10, 2020. This complete season includes the glorious events including, 12 domestic racing at Meydan meetings, each carrying a prize of up to AED 1 million. It features the superfine dining and royal entertainment packages at every race meeting. It promises to provide all its spectators to rejoice every stunning moment and capture them for life long. Moreover, this racing at the Meydan meeting runs concurrently to the International Dubai World Cup Carnival. 


Dubai World Cup Schedule 2020

Dive in to know more about the Dubai World Cup 2020 dates:

1. Racing at the Meydan Racecourse

Meydan Racecourse offers a stunning complete season of horse racing which takes place from October 24, 2019, to April 10, 2020. This season includes a specific calendar od 12 domestic racing at Meydan meetings, each carrying a prize of up to AED 1 million. Moreover, this racing at Meydan meeting runs concurrently to the International Dubai World Cup Carnival. 

The spectators can experience the exceptionally royal dining and enjoy the various entertainment packages which are available with them. This event truly makes the attendees get to the core of the amazing and thrilling racing action.

2. Dubai World Cup Carnival 2020

This thrilling event takes place on the 13th, 20th, and 27th of February and 7th March. The grand events will take place on 7th March which is eventually carried in the name Super Saturday. Super Saturday allow all the trainers to brush up their equine stars before battling on the grand racing course. It caters to all trainers to put finishing touches to their efforts and then perform brilliantly in the Dubai World Cup with their royal horses.


3.  Dubai World Cup Carnival 2020

This magnanimous event is scheduled for 28th March 2020 with spectacular races and junction of meeting people in Dubai racing scene for horses. It can also be the condition that 2019 Dubai World Cup Thunder Snow or other Dubai World cup winners might show appearances and take part in the horse races. In a nutshell, it is eventually the show stopper for all the lovely attendees.  


Dubai World Cup Venue

Dive in to know more about the venues and seating at Meydan Grandstand of Dubai World Cup 2020.

Turf Suite

1. The Turf Suite is made of round tables that require a minimum of 10 guests per table which the attendees can reserve under their names or the company names for that particular day.

2. It is located at Level 4 of Meydan Grandstand and has its own balcony attached which allows the lovely spectators to enjoy the dynamic racing action.

3. The day starts with the afternoon tea which is basically followed by an International Dinner buffet which is inclusive of soft drinks and standard house beverages. 

4. The admissions to Turf Suite are through the Gate A of the Meydan Grandstand and then you can easily escort to the 4th Floor.

5. It basically has the capacity of 400-500 people with the private areas access and stunning views of the racing finish line.

6. Guess what if you have a ticket then you can get access to Apron Views as well.


Dubai Millennium

1. This grand venue is made up of 2 sections with a particular private entrance. 

2. Moreover, located on the 1st level. 

3. Featuring the upper section which gives you the ultimate gorgeous views and the lower section which includes the outdoor seating to enjoy the vicinity.


Sky Bubble

1. This grand venue is located beneath the stunning Meydan crescent. 

2. It basically offers the gorgeous and eye-soothing view of the complete Dubai Skyline.

3. It has separate levels for lounging, featuring a rooftop terrace.

4. The venue promises you to enjoy every bit of the aura there through a free admission area with a large number of seats for tourists. 

5. That admission area provides you the gorgeous view of the Dubai Hose Racing in all its magnificence and glory.

6. The guests would get exclusive impressive high glass walls views with the ceilings.

7. The fork buffet, canapes, live cooking station beverages are superbly just a cherry on the top!

8. You can find this by entering through Gate A and then taking the elevator to the 7th floor.

9. And guess what? You got to be the early bird to grab your best seat and enjoy the views. Pricing to AED 900 per person.


Major Attractions of Dubai World Cup

1. This gala fashion event at the Dubai World Cup is so glamourous in its own way. 

2. Featuring the best designers from all over the world in this grand show.

3. Noor Breish, Tala Samman, Charlotte Blair, and Ana Pribylova are some of the amazing designers at the show who portray their glam collections.

4. The event has a lovely title, “Fashion at Races”, which truly captivates all the attendees to gaze at the beauties.

5. You can take part too in this extravaganza glam show at the richest Race Day of Dubai World Cup. 



1. Did you get your kid with you on the tour? Don't worry at all, The Club offers a special kids zone for your tiny lovelies between 2-8 years of age.

2. You can also explore the art & craft area with a fun dimension as well.

3. You can also enjoy lovely presentations, launches and exciting music concerts at the Meydan Grandstand.

4. You should surely give it a try and hang out there!


Enticing Cuisines

1. You can dive into super amazing exquisite delight serving the restaurants like Rails or Winner’s Circle Restaurant. 

2. Worried for healthy breakfast availability? Don’t worry at all. The restaurant avenues will cater to you, your favourite healthy breakfast delights in the “Breakfast with Stars” options. 

3. Also, you might be that lucky soul to get that opportunity to meet the winners of the 'Dubai World Cup'.

Super excited till now to grab the important points and knowledge about the Dubai World Cup 2020? You skipped the major point from your mind! Yeah, TICKETS!!


How to get Dubai World Cup Tickets?

1. You can get through the general admission policy which basically offers you free admission excluding the Dubai World Cup.

2. The general admission to the grand Dubai World Cup 2020 is priced at AED 20 per person. 

3. The ticket is basically free for the children aged below 12 years. 

4. All the public areas that you’ll visit will be made accessible via the general admission ticket.

Explore down the FAQ for more details of tickets and more!

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