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activities to do during dubai desert safari

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One experience stands out in Dubai, though: a desert safari. The drive out to the reserve is scenic and well worth it. You'll see stunning vistas of Dubai as you make your way through the uninhabited desert 

The day consists of a safari, watching wildlife from a Land Rover and entertainment at night-time in Arabic tents surrounded by nature. Planning on spending a day in the Arabian desert? You'll have plenty of romantic activities to choose from! Dubai offers many desert safari adventures, some with unforgettable scenery. 

The desert in Dubai is vast, and you have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities there. You may choose from a range of photography tours, adventurous desert safari trips, adventurous night safaris, and a memorable evening out under the stars. 

Learn about the best desert safari activities in Dubai. Spend your time admiring Arabian nights and beaming mornings, with picture-perfect views from their night safari and luxurious food options. The great Arabian desert also hosts a range of other beautiful sights, like dunes that go on for miles.



If you're looking for a truly exciting way to spend your vacation, consider taking a desert safari in Dubai. Here are some of the activities that would make you have a great time during the Dubai desert safari.


If you're looking for a breathtaking and once-in-a-lifetime experience, opt for a desert safari in Dubai. With more than 170 km of sand dunes and an incredible range of habitats – including sandy deserts, gravel plains and palm trees – there's something for everyone to enjoy. There are also several abandoned settlements and historical sites to explore, making this type of safari an ideal way to learn about UAE history while taking in some of the country's most scenic landscapes. 

We recommend going to the desert to enjoy the sunrise. The morning is a spectacle that you don’t want to miss. Sunrise can be seen especially well in the Arabian Desert at dawn due to the vast landscape and bright sunlight, which makes it photogenic. 

Dune bashing 

Explore the Arabian desert during a jeep safari: Driving 4x4s through the Arabian desert is an exhilarating experience and provides a glimpse of the vast desert landscape. The jeep tours last for around 30 minutes and typically start at your camp after the morning has broken. 

Camel safari  

Dubai offers camel safaris to those who visit the desert. They last 45 minutes and start in the morning, leading you on a delightful stroll around the wildlife of their desert conservation. It also includes watching falcons swoop down from the sky to land on your arm for a photo opportunity. 


Sand ski 

Experience the thrill of riding sand slopes in Dubai, which is one of a kind. The seamless stretch of sand has reached a height as high as 300 meters to be ideally used for sand skiing

Quad biking

It's a new challenge for adventure lovers and people who are looking to explore the desert like pros.

Hot air ballooning

A hot air balloon safari offers you a 360-degree view of the Arabian desert, in addition to exciting views of wildlife. The ride can hold up to 24 people, to give an adrenaline rush. Unique views are easily spotted with the animals surrounding your own ride. 


You can exercise your photography skills by taking candid photos as the sun looks huge in the background. It is the best moment you can witness.

Happening night

With dancing, fire-eating, swirling, and belly-dancing, it's sure to be an event to remember. A night doesn't get better than this - with a range of events just outside your luxury tent. Spend the night under the stars in the desert (we'll have a bonfire!) as you experience all the exoticism you can handle at this Dubai sensation.


Buffet Dinner

Dubai cuisine offers an extensive variety of foods that range from Lebanese to Iranian and Arabic. You can eat as much as you want during a desert safari through Dubai where typically desert food is served such as kebabs, hummus, and other Lebanese dishes. There will be belly dance and music accompanying the dinner, creating a typical Arabian night vibe. 

Overnight safari

Overnight safari and stargazing- Stargazing is a popular sightseeing activity at night time on desert safaris in Dubai. The cold air makes for excellent dune bashing and within the Range Rover, you can enjoy a romantic drive with your partner. You can camp or have breakfast during a stay in the desert.

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A desert safari in Dubai is a great way to spend a day out and see some of the most stunning scenery in the UAE. There are a number of different things to do on a desert safari, from walking through sand dunes to looking for wild animals. If you want to get up close and personal with some of the animals, make sure to take a trip on one of the camel rides that are available in the area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Utilizing your time wisely, you can choose to ride a camel or ski on sand. There are numerous activities here, including the camel ride, air ballooning, sunset, quad bike excursions. 

You need clothes that will protect you from the changing climate. Outfits should be breathable and neutral so that you’ll be comfortable throughout the day. 

It is best to visit Dubai from November to February, because this range of temperatures is the nicest and there are various events going on such as Dubai Shopping and Food Festivals. 

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