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Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi in 2024

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Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is known for its best place to visit for all travelers especially visitors to the desert in Dubai because there is less chance or no traffic and the desert area is always quite large, where you can spend your time freely. Many people visit Abu Dhabi just only to get an experience of the desert safari. 

The ride is breathtaking, however very great. Various game plans to play in Abu Dhabi help to bear the soul of experience of the all the vacationers. Another experience movement is sand skiing. It is a risky activity like ice-skiing and can be polished with proficient specialists. Camel riding is one more wonderful piece of your desert safari visit. 

Partaking in the desert nightfall brings bliss just as an inclination that the entire world is painted brilliantly coloured. Henna painting and hawk are some other entertaining desert occasions. Furthermore, lovely Desert sky with peppered stars, these never-ending recollections will consistently stay most joyful a great time.4


There are given list of Deserts in Abu Dhabi for visitors are as follows:-

Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi 

Morning Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is really Enjoyable starting in the morning or starting a day with a beautiful morning. 

Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi 

Some people love to go to the Evening Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, so there are also various things to do in the evening such as bar-b-que desert safari, camel ride in the evening gives you the best experience and sandboarding.

Time Taken by Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

If travelers are going to visit Abu Dhabi it takes around 5 to 6 hours. In any case, it sometimes additionally relies upon the organization you booked through. It all depends upon the quantity of time spent by the individuals joining the ride.

Cost of Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

We have various sorts of customised desert safari morning, evening, and overnight bundles according to your necessities. The price of a desert safari in Abu Dhabi may vary; you need to inquire about the details or information of a desert safari. Cost is almost high or low. It depends on different factors.


Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is an awesome place to visit for all the foreign travellers to spend luxury time. Many individual visitors visit Abu Dhabi every year to take part in the various exciting activities. A portion of the exhilarating game difficulties in the Dubai capital include:

1. Skateboarding 

Go to the Corniche SkatePark in case you are keen on skating assuming you need a brilliant local area environment. For one more spot skateboarder for travelers in Abu Dhabi is Adventure Zone in Dalma Mall.

2. Parkour

This is another interesting game called Parkour. It is an unbounded kind of game which should be required in gatherings. By visiting Dubai you can present this outrageous game thing. This game requires various physical activities such as jumping, climbing, flipping etc. 

3. Desert Drive Abu Dhabi/Dune Bashing

As most of the travelers going to visit Abu Dhabi are likely aware, Dune bashing is a famous game in Abu Dhabi. In this Dune bashing travelers take rides in four wheeler vehicles like Fortune, this ride is almost lighting speed. Dune bashing in Abu Dhabi is a great idea to enjoy. In this you need to inquire about the age, especially about children around 2 to 5 years. You can contact your safari package supplier otherwise this is another good way to spend your time in Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

4. Blistering Air Ballooning

This is also a great way to enjoy Desert Safari. You can enjoy the hot air balloon in the atmosphere and feel the energetic moment with your family members, friends or relatives.

5. Skydive Dubai

Many people love the atmosphere to enjoy the moment. In Desert Safari there is also a great option of skydiving.

6. Fly Skiing

Another way to spend your leisure time with the best site for stream skiing is Ghantoot Marina.

7. Surf

For those travelers who are searching for a definitive involvement of time with riding then, then, you can go to the Wadi Adventure in Al Ain to enjoy your time surfing.


Before visiting Abu Dhabi you need to know about Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi in 2024 and all the things like things to do in Abu Dhabi, famous sports in Abu Dhabi etc. You will know about Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abu Dhabi does not only have an urban city with some beautiful skyscrapers and modern buildings; it also has some fantastic places just an hour or two outside of Abu Dhabi city. One of the most amazing things about this country is that there are some spectacular places to visit in the country. The Yas Hotel is just a few minutes away from Abu Dhabi city and it is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy the desert. You can go for a simple dessert safari to experience the desert, or you can go for a slightly more adventurous desert safari to experience the desert.

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi (UAE). Abu Dhabi is the biggest emirate in terms of land size, accounting for 80% of the federation's total land area. It is the most populated emirate in the UAE, and it is the location of the Al-Ain and Al-Ain City, as well as countless other ancient monuments. In Arabic, the word Al Ain means "spring." It is known as the Garden City because of its lush gardens, and it is the second-largest city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the fourth-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. Al Ain, the historic seat of the Sheikhs, is undoubtedly the most traditional of the UAE's principal towns, and it is here that the desert life is most defined.

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, has many beautiful tourist spots, but no place is more beautiful and greener than the desert city of Abu Dhabi. Also, Abu Dhabi's desert safari is one of the greatest in the world. It is a delightful pastime that is appreciated by individuals of all ages. The desert safari is a 5-hour tour of the desert, and the night tour turns into a night of fun with activities like a traditional barbecue, belly dance, and a beautiful campfire. The desert safari is the only desert safari in the world to offer such luxurious and fun-filled events in the desert.

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a fantastic metropolis with a rich cultural heritage. This well-planned city is full of magnificent architecture and has a large number of high-end hotels. The city is known for its dunes and its heritage village, which is an indication of the city’s past. The Heritage Village is a living history museum that is well preserved and is a perfect representation of the ancient village life in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Desert is the largest in the United Arab Emirates and the third-largest in the Arabian Peninsula. It is located in the south of the country, bordering Saudi Arabia. The Abu Dhabi Desert is the largest by area of the three desserts that fill up the Arabian Peninsula and the third-largest in the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi occupies 80 percent of the area of desert in the UAE, and the Empty Quarter is located to the east of the Abu Dhabi Desert, while the Rub 'al Khali is located to the west. But in recent times, the desert safari has been conducted in the deserts of Al Waha, Liwa, and Al Gharbia, which are located near Abu Dhabi.

The desert in Abu Dhabi is called the Rub 'al Khali. It is the largest of the world's sand deserts. It covers an area of millions of square kilometers in the Arabian Peninsula, making it the size of France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK put together. It happened at the Arabian tectonic plate shifted north and clashed with the Eurasian Plate. The Rub' al Khali desert occupies a large area in the UAE. This is the largest of the world's sand deserts.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is home to many beautiful landscapes, from the mangroves of the Al Gharbia region in the south to the vast dunes of the Liwa Oasis in the north. The desert is among the most stunning locales in this emirate. Abu Dhabi has two popular desserts, such as Liwa and the Empty Quarter.

There are vast sand deserts in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), but you won't see the dunes in Dubai. The sand in the UAE is mainly in the form of rock, which is the reason why you do not see the dunes in Dubai. There are dunes in the deserts that surround Dubai. The dunes of Al Gharbia provide the greatest desert safari in the UAE. Al Gharbia is located on the border between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is one of the world's largest sand deserts.

The city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates. It is well-known for its opulent hotels, retail malls, and lavish tourist attractions. Dubai has a desert, which is known as the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Dubai is a stunning and large desert. If you're searching for an adventure, this is the place to go. Not only is this a beautiful site for a trek, but it is also home to a variety of natural creatures and flora.

The UAE is the center of the emirate in the Arabian Peninsula's southeast on the Gulf region. It is bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, and also maintains maritime borders with Qatar and Iran. The UAE is a country with an incredible landscape. There are mountains and dunes, beaches and mangroves, oases and forests, and even a dessert with a river running through it. The UAE is called the "Land of the Emirates" because the seven emirates that make up the country are all quite different from each other.

The desert safari in Dubai is a popular destination for both visitors and residents. The desert safari is located in Dubai's desert and is a terrific area to relax and enjoy the desert's natural beauty. The desert safari lays a strong emphasis on the desert's creatures and flora. The location is stunning, and it is a should really for everyone visiting the UAE. However, Camel riding is an essential part of the desert safari experience. Camel rides in the desert are a terrific way to relax and appreciate the scenery. The camel ride will take you across the desert dunes, where you will be able to explore Dubai's amazing desert. It generally costs 50 AED to ride on a camel in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second-largest city in the United Arab Emirates, following Dubai. Abu Dhabi is a popular tourist destination because of its ancient attractions as well as its contemporary and opulent resorts. The Liwa Oasis is one of Abu Dhabi's most visited historical attractions. The Liwa Oasis is a wonderful area to enjoy a vast expanse of dunes and some of the most ancient tribes in the Arabian Peninsula.

Desert safaris are becoming more and more popular among tourists. It allows tourists to explore the beautiful nature of the Arab country. One of the most popular places for such an adventure is the desert of Abu Dhabi, which is located in the southern part of the country. This is a great place for an exciting drive in the car and to see the beauty of the desert and if you want to go on a desert vacation, Dubai is the place to go. It is a bustling city with many skyscrapers, which is a great contrast to the desert. It generally costs 100 AED to 1000 AED for a desert safari in Dubai.

Yes, the Sahara Desert, the world's biggest desert, is located in the UAE. The desert stretches across the UAE and Oman. The desert is a huge tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Tourists visit the desert to take in the sights and to experience the tranquility. The desert is home to many wild animals, including the Arabian oryx, the Arabian camel, and the Arabian horse. Visitors can also experience falconry, camel riding, and dune bashing. In addition, there are several luxury hotels in the desert. Companies such as Fairmont, Emirates, and Anantara have built hotels at the base of dunes. The hotels are located near popular attractions in the desert, including the Liwa Oasis, the Qasr Al Sarab resort, and the Qasr Al Sarab resort. Tourists may take a pleasant break from the city and enjoy the peace of the desert.

If you are visiting the UAE and looking for a desert safari, then you are in for an experience of a lifetime. A desert safari is a very popular excursion for tourists in the UAE because it offers travelers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the UAE’s incredible wildlife. Desert safaris are ideal for adventure seekers, couples, and family members. The Desert Safari is a long tour that lasts about 20 hours.

The Dubai desert safari is a must-do for tourists visiting the UAE. A desert safari is a tour through the desert wilderness. The tour takes you to the desert, where you will enjoy the thrill of speed and adventure, crossing the desert dunes and getting to know the desert in a way you will never forget. The Dubai safari starts at 8 am and goes onwards.

In the Middle East, a desert safari is a popular tourist activity. It is an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience and appreciate the breathtaking desert. A desert safari is one of the amazing experiences that you will love to have when you are in the United Arab Emirates. A desert safari is a perfect way for you to enjoy the desert and gain unforgettable memories. Abu Dhabi is famous for its natural beauty and is a place where you can experience dunes, go camel riding, and watch the sunset. For those who are interested in nature and want to explore the desert, a desert safari is a must-visit.

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