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everything to know about the government services in dubai in 2024

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Dubai is a well-known city. As you know, Dubai is an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. It is well known for the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) and shopping malls. Many people come here for shopping, and we are also famous for diamonds and jewellery. Dubai has some magnetic energy, which attracts many tourists. Big and beautiful skyscrapers, beaches, fabulous all-inclusive hotel accommodation options, desert dunes, Delicious Food are some of the many reasons to visit Dubai. Here, you can explore world-class aquariums and amazing swimming pools.


Government Services In Dubai

Politics of the United Arab Emirates(UAE) take place within the framework of a federal, presidential, and constitutional monarchy (a federation of absolute monarchies). The government Of Dubai is constantly trying to provide efficient services to make Dubai prosperous. Various initiatives are taken by the government to take necessary actions. One of the initiatives is Smart Dubai.

SmartDubai Initiative/Program

Smart Dubai is an initiative taken by the government that aims to make Dubai the world's smartest and happiest city. It officially directs and supervises the implementation of electronic and smart transformation in the Dubai Government Smart Dubai has started many projects that take the necessary actions to fulfil the objective. It has launched 130 initiatives under the guidance of the government. The following are given below as projects:

  • Paperless
  • Happiness Agenda
  • Startup Support
  • Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Dubai’s Career App is launched under the Smart Dubai Initiative.


Paperless is a project started under Smart Dubai that aims to build a future without paper. Under this programme, it is decided that in 2021 Dubai will not use Paper. 

Strategy: It will do this by eliminating more than 1 billion pieces of paper used for government transactions every year. Necessary technologies are been made for this to ensure paper-free transactions. Benefits of this programme:

  • 1,30,000 trees would be saved.
  • Money is saved because not using any paper can help feed poor people.
  • Natural resources would be saved.
  • 40 hours of productivity that people before were used in making people will now be saved and people can do anything they want.


Happiness Agenda

The government wants to make Dubai the Happiest city. Now, can this be done? The project will address and identify all the basic needs of the residents and visitors and try to provide them at regular intervals. Various awareness campaigns are being started to explain to people the importance of happiness. So, it will basically find out what people want, try to provide it, and measure the happiness in the city through the city-wide happiness index. Benefits of this programme:

  • Provide a better environment for people to live in.
  • Motivate people to work hard.
  • Happy people mean healthy people. It will also increase productivity in the city.
  • Fewer workers complain.

Startup Support

The startup support programme aims to make Dubai the first place for entrepreneurs to innovate and scale emerging technologies. It also wants to encourage startups. It has launched various campaigns to turn this dream into reality. They have launched various challenges, like the Global BlockChain Challenge, which invites blockchain startups from across the globe to pitch their latest blockchain innovations, which can be potentially implemented in Dubai. Another programme is Dubai Future Accelerators(DFA) which motivates world-best technology companies and leading government organisations to implement and create transformational solutions.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

As told earlier, Dubai wants to become the smartest city in the world. Without good artificial intelligence (AI), you cannot achieve this goal, right? So to achieve this, they have developed a one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence(AI) Lab. For this, they are developing machine learning to integrate AI into government services and city experiences. Now, all of this can be achieved.

Strategy: To implement and achieve the Goal Smart Dubai, leading Dubai’s AI Roadmap, as part of our vision to transform the city into an efficient, seamless, impactful, and, ultimately, happy experience for all. For this, they are attending many workshops to expand their knowledge and upgrade their skills. They are also providing necessary training to the individuals.


Dubai’s Career App

This App was launched to help people find jobs. It is available on both iOS and Android. It is an innovative way to transform Dubai into the happiest and smartest city in the world by connecting job seekers around the world. Through this app, people can work in any field they want.Here, you can connect with Amazing Jobs with incentives, bonuses, job security, and a high-level work environment.

Mektoub Documents Clearing And Legal Services

This is another very helpful initiative for businessmen. So, what is this all about and how can it help businessmen? Before, businessmen had to face many problems while setting up a business in Dubai. They had to stand in long queues for legal documentation, and it used to take a long time for the process to be completed. But now all these problems are solved through this service. So, basically, through this programme, businessmen had to submit their documents to Mektoub (a UAE-based professional company) to get clearance from required government bodies, from business startups to the visa processing of their staff and family. You can get Approval from the Ministry of Labour, UAE embassy, Roads and Transport Authority, General Department for Residency and Foreign Affairs, etc. Benefits of this Programme or Service:

  • One can focus on his or her business as he or she does not need to worry about anything.
  • All legal issues with the company will be solved.
  • Will lead to success in business.

Capacity Building in Government Services

Capacity building in government services aims at improving the skills of government employees. If you want to improve and increase the productivity of government services, then you need to upgrade and boost the skills of the people working for these programmes, i.e., government employees. Various training programmes have been launched to improve the capabilities and skills of the employees involved in designing, developing, and delivering government services. These included the Government Services Experience Programme, the Train the Trainers Programme for frontline employees, Customer Happiness for Service Centre Managers, as well as the e-learning platform available for all federal government employees.


Online Booking Of Air Tickets, Hotels, and Itineraries Made Easy

Online booking can sometimes be very irritating. You also need to do the transactions with a trustworthy and safe organisation. To solve this problem, the UAE has it’s own airlines. UAE’s airlines offer direct connections to most cities in the world, including the faraway continents of the Americas and Australia. You can also incorporate e-ticketing. With the help of this airline, you can book and carry out payment transactions smoothly and efficiently. You can use credit and debit cards, eWallet, or real-time bank transfers.

Bunyan Card

Now, this is something very interesting and was launched by the Dubai Municipality. Bunyan Card helps you get discounts for building materials and home supplies. The card is made with the slogan "We create happiness for a better life.". You can get discounts on electronics appliances, furniture, kitchens and wardrobes, building materials, maintenance, decor, artwork, and many more. What is the benefit or aim of launching this card? The basic aim of launching this card is to increase customer satisfaction and happiness. When you use this card, you get discounts on many things and save money. People tend to like it when they get discounts, as then they save money and use it whenever they want.

Labour Accommodation At Hatta

Dubai Municipality has also initiated projects and services for the Labour. Labour is the most important means of production. Without labour, production cannot happen. So, ensure that Labour gets houses to stay and other necessary things when they launch this project. The objective of the project is to provide housing services to the labour force with the provision of parking, buses, and bicycle services. For this, we constructed two buildings. Labour accommodation for 225 labourers consists of 2 floors (ground floor and 1st. floor). The building also contained a food court, a preparation area, and other services.


Villas in Jeema Hatta

This is another project launched by the municipality. The objective of this project was to provide a suitable and comfortable residential life for citizens. It has 11 villas, and each villa contains 5 bedrooms on the first floor, a visitors bedroom on the ground floor, a majlis, a kitchen, a maid room, a dining hall, a separate car entrance, and the compound wall around the whole villa (2 villas on the ground floor only). Each villa contains 2 bedrooms, a reception, a maid room, a kitchen, and a dining hall.

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