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guide to dubai visa for belarus passport holder

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Searching the internet endlessly will definitely give you more information than ever and will also let you take over new things that you have never heard of. But the thing is that some of the information tends to be just something that you need not know for a trip. While travelling from Belarus to Dubai needs you to have a Dubai visa for Belarus passport holder and make sure you have the right information which can be provided by Dubai E Visa Online instead of checking all over the internet for your travel tips and how to survive your trip to Dubai. Right from visa options to the first-time travellers’ ideas, you will get it all with just one link in hand.


  • 96 hours Dubai transit visa for Belarus passport holder
  • First-time travellers in Dubai
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96 hours Dubai transit visa for Belarus passport holder

A 96 hour Dubai transit visa is applied by those who will be going from Belarus to another country while transiting through Dubai. This transit that you have in Dubai can be right from some hours to some weeks, hence there needs to be a clear view of which flight you will be taking and when you will be reaching your destination in order to apply for a 96 hours Dubai transit visa. This visa with having an additional usage validity of 14 days will let you stay in Dubai for 96 hours. This will also let you get out into Dubai and explore some of the places that you might have just heard about before travelling to Dubai. This is hence considered as one of the finest opportunities that can come in hand to explore Dubai.

First-time travellers in Dubai

The first time is always the hardest and it is no different when you are travelling for the first time to Dubai. Hence to help you out here are some of the things you might want to know about from Dubai travel guide for first-time travellers

  1. Do I need a visa for Dubai: You always need to check whether you need a visa or whether you are eligible to apply for one or not. Once you get an idea about the Dubai visa requirement you will be able to apply for one if needed.
  2. Travelling around in Dubai: You need to make sure you know what types of transport are available and how much it will cost you to travel around Dubai. There are taxis, metro, and buses to travel around and you can also rent out your own vehicles to travel around. 
  3. Dressing in Dubai: You need to take care as to what you pack and hat you will be wearing in Dubai. This is especially important for women as they need to wear clothes that will respect the culture in Dubai and keep up to their traditions. 
  4. Speaking English in Dubai: While English in Dubai is quite common there are some places where you might see people speaking only Arabic and hence you need to either make sure you have a guide or at least you know basic Arabic to travel around.


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