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Dubai is one of the most respected and remarkable Emirates of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It flourished very fast in just two decades or twenty years. It is one of the most intriguing and fascinating countries on Earth. The country welcomes many expatriates and many people dream of living there. however, only some can get this dream to come true, and hence Dubai E Visa Online helps a person to know if the Dubai residency visa is about to expire then how to apply for a Dubai tourist visa.

The original Emirati population in this city is only twenty percent of the total population. Individuals of about two-hundred nationals live in this Emirate of the UAE. The expatriate population of this fabulous city was 7.8 million out of the 9.2 million of the total inhabitants. According to the population clock and the population tracker of UAE, a majority of the expatriate community is believed to be of Asian nations. 

Dubai residency visa:

According to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs, the city made about 4,165,721 residency transactions. After one reaches the city, a sponsor usually applies for a visa. It will be work-related. 

If an individual invests in the real-estate of the city, a residency visa can be attained. Opening and documenting a company formally will also ensure a residency visa. 

Recently, the government of UAE also announced a new type of residency visa for the people of retirement age. It is a five-year residency visa. It is one of the very few nations to provide a residency visa for that age group. 

The government recently announced a retirement via or a five-year residency visa

The government or Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid in 2019 announced its plans to issue a permanent residency visa to a set of very talented people.

For example doctors, artists, engineers are very skilled according to a press release of the gulf business news. This will be a boost to the skilled (exceptional) professionals and will stay true to the fact that the city encourages creativity and talent. 

Usually, no policy helps expatriate residents to have a permanent residency in the city. This might seem unfortunate but one can extend their two-year or three-year residency visa with a proper cause or a sponsor. 

It is ideal to extend the visa before it expires as the government levies heavy fines for any visa offenses like overstaying. If the person does not want to reside in the country, that is a different aspect altogether. 

If there are any other queries about applying for the residency visa or any other visa, one can navigate to Dubaieviaonline and participate in the live web-chat that is available throughout the day. It is a single website dedicated to all the queries and visas of the city. 

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Dubai residency visa is about to expire then how to apply for a Dubai tourist visa:

It is easier to convert the tourist visa into a residency visa if a person pays some amount and carries out a process of status change. 

One can apply for a tourist visa even if he or she is a resident of the city or the country. This might enable the people to stay for a few more days legally in the city, without having to pay hefty fines to the government for overstaying. 

The general fine for overstaying in the province is AED 125 and sometimes it is levied per day also. No one would like to spend their hard-earned income on paying fines.

If one wants to apply for a Dubai tourist visa, he or she has to cancel the already existing residence visa. With a residence visa a person cannot apply for a tourist visa. This should be kept in mind before thinking of applying for it. 

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The tourist visas are:

    • Thirty days or a month of tourist visas are available for both single and multiple entries. The cost of these visas is USD 120 and USD 295 respectively. 
  • Ninety days or three-months of tourist visas are available for the people who want it for single and multiple entries. The cost of these visas is USD 300 and USD 615. 
  • Fourteen days or two-weeks tourist visa is available for one-time entry only. It costs about USD 110. 

The best way to apply for any of these visas is by navigating to Dubaivisaonline and selecting the right one according to the necessities. The processing time decreases greatly when one selects this website. One can be free of any worry about the rejection of the visa application. 

Many people have already applied and attained a visa without any rejection even in the times of a pandemic using Dubaievisaonline. The live web-chat option on the website is very convenient and doubts are cleared in a few minutes due to the immense experience and specialization of the staff in visas to this city. 

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