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everyting you need to know about 5 years retirement visa in dubai in 2024

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Good news is here and it is for the dreams of all the retirees that are about to come true, especially due to the launch of a 5 years Dubai visa which can now be applied for once you have reached your retirement age. It has always been a dream of some of the other people to have a lifetime stay in Dubai and Dubai has been keen to make it true with such an announcement.


It was on Wednesday that such a decision was made, which will be absolutely beneficial for the people! According to some people, it has also been stated as one of the best gifts for retired people. Here is a small piece of information about this best gift from Dubai E  Visa Online.


About 5-year Dubai visa

This is one of its kind and the first type of visa where the ex-pats will be allowed to stay in Dubai for 5 years. This was launched in collaboration with Dubai tourism and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). This was issued as per the directives that were mentioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and is also the ruler of Dubai. This visa aims at the following perspectives:


  • To ensure proper healthcare of the retirees
  • Real estate coverage
  • Insurance and banking coverage

This will definitely help the retirees who were a part of Dubai have an easier retirement plan. The focus is considered to be placed on the residents who have lived for a long time in Dubai and will be retiring soon. While there are getaway destinations being planned, here is a good way to get your retirement destination planned in advance.

Features of the 5-year retirement visa

This visa will have the following features:

  • The Dubai retirement visa that has recently launched will be valid for five years, after which it is also renewable
  • This retirement visa can be made available for your family, including you, your spouse, and your children as well.

Eligibility criteria for the visa

For the application of the visa, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria, which include the following criteria:

  1. You should be of a minimum age of 55 years or more
  2. You must have health insurance, which will cover your stay here in the UAE
  3. You should have a financial capacity being fulfilled as well, which can be any one of the following four options:
  • You must have a property which is not mortgaged and should have a value of above 2 million Dirham
  • You should have a bank deposit of more than 1 million Dirham
  • You must have an income of more than 20,000 dirhams, which can be either through pensions or investments.
  • The last option will include that you can also have a sum of the bank deposit and the market price of your property to be more than 2 million Dirham 

5-year visa UAE Requirements

The documents needed will include the following:

  • Copy of the original passport of the applicant who will be applying for the retirement visa
  • If the sponsoring of your spouse is involved when applying for the Dubai visa, a marriage certificate copy attachment will become mandatory
  • A copy of the visa, if there is one that is active currently or if you are already a resident in Dubai
  • If you are an active resident in the UAE, then a copy of your Emirates ID is to be submitted


  • A copy of the eligibility evidence must be submitted, which can be from any one of the four options being made available.
  • If you have a spouse and children coming along with you, you must have health insurance that will cover your stay in the UAE and be submitted along with those of your spouse and children.
  • The address you are currently living at must be submitted
  • Contact number and the email address on which you will be contacted

With all of these UAE residence visa requirements being submitted, you will be able to get your retirement visa issued to you. It is also to be noted that you will be required to submit all the documents without leaving even one. Even if there is a single document that is found missing, it can lead to your resident visa application being rejected.

How to apply for the retirement visa in 2024?

The application of the retirement visa can be easily done if the steps are understood and the following steps can be used in order to get your retirement visa issued to you as soon as possible through Dubaievisaonline. The steps can be given as follows:

  • Step 1: Go onto the main website of Dubaievisaonline
  • Step 2: Enter in the country where you be travelling to Dubai from and the nation you belong to in the two boxes, which will be at the header of the main page
  • Step 3: Once you have clicked on Apply Visa, you will be shown the visa options from which you can select the 5-year visa option
  • Step 4: Put in all of the information regarding both personal and passport in the form displayed and then attach the documents as mentioned above.
  • Step 5: Check for all of the information once again and click submit to go ahead and pay the visa fees
  • Step 6: Once you are done with the Dubai visa fees payment with a suitable method, you will be getting a mail stating your application ID, which can be further used to track down the visa status.

This process will complete your 5 year Dubai visa application.

Tracking of 5 years Dubai visa application

Once you are done with the application you can check the status anytime and anywhere with the help of both your passport number and the application ID that has been sent over to you. Once you are done checking the status and if you face any problems you can feel free to contact the customer care services. Once the processing will be done you will be notified about the acceptance or rejection of the application and then it will be issued to you. This issued visa can then be used for your travel to Dubai.


Aims of the 5 year Dubai visa

There are certain aims due to which the visa has been introduced and some of the major aims that the tourism industry in Dubai aims to achieve can be given as follows:

  • The visa aims at providing an open door policy to its residents along with good tolerance and an outstanding life quality experience
  • The residents living in Dubai on the retirement program will also help in increasing the tourism economy vastly as this would mean that their friends, family, and relatives will have frequent visits to Dubai.
  • A higher promotion of Dubai as a retirement friendly destination will be possible and hence will also highlight a good experience in both the lifestyle and as a destination

Also due to the new developments taking place in Dubai, it is surely becoming a change and a path for new opportunities for a lot of people.


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