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everything you should know about dubai butterfly garden

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Amid the white sand and rugged mountains lies a city acknowledged for its sheer beauty and glamour. Dubai is a prime example of man creativity. The city is home to the largest indoor butterfly park the latest addition to its existing. Dubai Miracle Garden features more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants thus, accrediting to its name the title of "World’s largest natural flower garden".

The park hosts 15000 butterflies and that too of 26 varieties!! However, there is a discrete entrance and ticket for the butterfly park.

The butterfly garden Dubai is just like the cream of the crop among various attractions of Dubai and a must-visit for both kids and adults. The park is also an abode of butterfly conservatory, insect museum, and a fishpond that enhances its charisma.

Scattered in an area of 2600 square kilometers the garden has encountered the phenomenon of the mesmerizing transformation of a caterpillar into a colorful butterfly. The nine temperature-controlled butterfly domes spread over an area of approximately 1800 sq. meters are adorned with flower beds and are an astounding piece of architecture that will surely woe the hearts of sightseers. Apply for Dubai Visa in order to Visit butterfly park in Dubai

Whereabouts of Butterfly park

This magnificent park is located in Al Barsha South 3 Dubailand area, next to the Dubai miracle garden- Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How to reach Dubai Butterfly Garden

The 'Dubai butterfly garden' is located at a very accessible location, the distance from the airport is 34.6 kilometers which are normally a half an hour ride.

Bus Route: One can take a bus to reach the beautiful butterfly garden. Bus number 105 will take you to your destination in about 25-30 minutes.

Metro route: Take a metro from your nearest metro station and get off at Mall of Emirates metro station on the red line. As the Butterfly garden is situated in the heart of Dubai the connectivity is decent.

The ideal time to visit the park

Generally, it is an all-weather park but the climate of Dubai is hot and arid which makes summers unbearable for many thus, November to March is considered the best time to visit the park.

The park is accessible from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays as well as weekends.

NOTE: The Miracle garden is closed from May to September due to very high temperatures.

Ticket price: The ticket price for adults and children above three years old is 55 Arab Emirates Dirhams and for specially-abled and children below three years of age is free of cost.

The focus of Attraction in the Park/Garden

  • Butterfly Museum and conservatory: The butterfly museum is a treat to the eyes, most of the artifacts in the museum are hand-crafted made up of thousands of deceased and preserved butterflies from all over the world. The temperature-controlled domes shield the butterflies from the excruciating temperature of the desert and the beautiful gardens give a natural environment to the butterflies for re-creation. There is also an enclosure room that is confined by netting which allows visitors to observe the butterflies and also capture certain moments with them. The museum is a paradise for insect photographers and many photography enthusiasts.

NOTE: This can be disturbing for many insect lovers.

  • Educational Area: The garden lovely and breathtaking butterflies have experienced a complete metamorphosis in diverse phases to achieve this unique look. This section of the park gives an insight into the lifecycle of butterflies, their whole transformation from the eggs to a grown two-winged insect is stunningly depicted. The butterfly garden provides an excellent prospect to enhance our knowledge about various variations of butterflies. This is a very good opportunity to learn about the lives of butterflies for both kids and adults alike.
  • Koi pond: The tranquil waters of the pond positioned in the 2 domes of the Dubai butterfly park is just picture perfect. The alluring multitude of koi fishes of different colors and shapes are sure to sweep the visitors off their feet and it also adds to the scenic beauty of the landscape. The serene beauty captivates people and also has a calming and soothing effect on the human brain.
  • Cinema: The Dubai butterfly garden also offers various range of educational movies, the life cycle of butterflies, and captivating animations to its tiny visitors, through these movies and animations, they can learn about various breeds of butterflies, their nature and characteristics. This can be a whole new experience for the little ones.

These are some major attractions of the Dubai butterfly garden but this is not its many other attractions are also worth admiring like the beautiful flower garden adjoining it. Also, Explore New Year’s Eve in Dubai.

Conveniences near Butterfly Park

  1. Coffee Shops:  Arab Udupi restaurant and City corner cafeteria are located at a distance of 0.3 kilometers from the butterfly garden. They serve as perfect places to relax after a tiring day.
  2. Food kiosk: Zest restaurant and Saj 2 go Lebanese bakery are good places to pacify your appetite after such an active day and are situated in Dubai miracle garden just next to the Butterfly Park.
  3. Candy Shops: Candies for kids are what brushes are for artists!! After such an educational and tiring session, the kids deserve some ice-creams and candies. DMG Cafes and Gelato House are some most visited candy shops around the Butterfly Park
  4. Souvenir Shops: The place also has small Souvenir shops for the tourists so that they can cherish their trips forever! and taking something back home for our loved ones is always a great way to pamper them.

The time required to visit the Butterfly Park

It takes a minimum of two hours to unravel the beauty of this delightful park. The garden is spread in a vast area thus, making it time-consuming but very appealing and enjoyable for its visitors.

Other Attractions near Dubai butterfly garden

As the butterfly garden is located in the central part of Dubai there are many interesting places to visit nearby

  • Al Montazah Park: This is a famous amusement park that young kids would love. After a bombarding educational session, a visit to this water park is more like a cherry on top for your tiny ones. The park houses all kinds of rides making it perfect for families with young ones. It is barely 2.3 kilometers from the famous Butterfly Park.
  • Al Ittihad Park: Al Ittihad Park is another hidden gem of Dubai comprising of more than 100 varieties of trees and plants that are residents of Dubai. The fountain and the playground make it more famous among kids. There are also eateries scattered around it. The distance of this park from Butterfly park is just 1.5 kilometers
  • The Selfie Kingdom: This is the first of its kind in Dubai. The museum has 15 pop up selfie rooms each of the rooms have a unique design, lightings, and prop for that perfect selfie. The distance of the selfie kingdom from the butterfly park is around 5.5 kilometers.
  • Al Qabaiel Centre 2:This is a famous shopping mall located at a distance of 0.2 kilometers from the butterfly park.

In a nutshell, the Butterfly Garden amid the desert is just like an abode of retreat. The park also features different variants of nectars brought from distant parts of the world and implanted in the garden to provide the best atmosphere to the butterflies. The garden is very educative, captivating, and alluring. It provides the best view of butterflies meanwhile the sprawling gardens help humans in re-kindling with mother nature and distracts them from their monotonous life.

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