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best dubai sim card for tourists

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Dubai is a place buzzing with tourists. It is the hub for tourists as the city attracts people who like to explore luxury, tradition, and modernity all at once. Dubai is the fastest-growing city. Tourism in Dubai contributes greatly to the Gross Domestic Product. Tourism contributes nearly thirteen percent of the GDP of Dubai. Travel and tourism earn (United States Dollars) USD 43.3 billion.


Tourist SIM Dubai

You can obtain a free tourist SIM in Dubai. When you reach Dubai you can get a prepaid SIM at the immigration center. Is it not exciting?! You have to be above eighteen to attain this free SIM. With the prepaid SIM issued at the immigration center, you could avail three-minute ‘Flexible’ talking time. Along with this, you can get twenty megabytes of data for free. You can use this tourist SIM for three days and can do both national and international calls.


One can add additional benefits to the free tourist SIM in Dubai. You can recharge the package of the same SIM. You can recharge the SIM using your international credit card.

How to activate your tourist SIM in Dubai?

You can obtain your tourist SIM for free at the immigration center. The instructions about using the SIM are elucidated clearly on the backside of the packet that contains the SIM. This SIM is valid for nearly three months. This free SIM in Dubai is given by DU Telecom. It is the most popular one.

You can also choose to take the SIM of a company called Etisalat. You can take it to the airport.

To activate the SIM, you have to follow a few steps. They are:

  1. Place the SIM card inside the slot on your phone.
  2. Enter  *122# in the dial pad of your phone.
  3. You should then provide your passport number, date of landing in Dubai, and the name of your nation. You have to type the information in the dial pad. 
  4. If the details you provided are correct, your SIM activation process will begin.
  5. You will receive a  notification if the process of activation starts.
  6. After the SIM is activated, you will get a message on the SIM, stating the same.
  7. After you get the message, enter 135 in your dial pad and choose the language you understand. You can then use the tourist SIM in Dubai. 


Recharge option for the Tourist SIM in Dubai

  1. For a recharge of AED 55, you can get seven days’ validity of 500 MB data and twenty flexible minutes.
  2. For a recharge of AED 75, you can get the validity of two-weeks or fourteen days. You will have two GB data and forty flexible minutes on your recharge.
  3. For the recharge of AED 110, you will have a validity of two-weeks. You can avail 3.5 GB of data and fifty flexible minutes.

The free SIM is valid for as long as you stay in Dubai as a tourist, according to the recent announcement of DU Telecom.


Other tourist SIM companies in Dubai

Matrix Cellular and Etisalat are other options for you to buy a tourist SIM card in Dubai.

Why is it important to have a tourist SIM in Dubai?

You cannot make any international calls or national calls if you do not have a tourist SIM in Dubai. There is no free wi-fi available at all places. You will need internet access on your phone when you are in Dubai. The Internet and data pack is important for you to travel easily through different places and to find information about the hotels, stay, etc. 

Efforts of the Dubai government to increase the number of tourists

The government of Dubai introduces many policies to encourage tourists to come to Dubai. A few of the efforts by the government are:

  • Dubai provides free visas on arrival for people of many counties.
  • There is about seventy percent of transit passengers coming to Dubai every year. To encourage transit passengers to visit Dubai, the government provides a free two-day or forty-eight-hour-visa.
  • The Dubai government also took steps to encourage Dubai medical tourism. It introduced many health packages for medical tourists. 
  • Dubai is a host of several festivals. Many festivals are conducted with pomp and show. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the most famous festival where many tourists come to shop at cheap rates in Dubai.
  • Dubai opened approximately fifty international offices to encourage people of all the countries to come to Dubai.
  • It has all the attractive landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, etc.
  • One can enjoy complete luxury in Dubai and you get the value of what you pay.
  • According to the “Dubai Tourism Strategy 2020”, the government plans to lure twenty million visitors per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, one cannot take the free SIM card if he or she is a resident of Dubai or the UAE. It offers other packages if you would like to.

As soon as your details are checked and verified, your SIM will be activated. If you do not get the confirmation message, you have to call the customer care center.

You can activate it as soon as you get the SIM. The maximum number of days to activate the free SIM card is fourteen days or two-weeks.

Yes, you can use the SIM for a multiple-entry visa, if you come back on the same visa.

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