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medical tourism in dubai the medical tourism Dubai hub of middle east

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Dubai attracts many people for its beautifully designed tall buildings, luxury, and yellow metal. It is the best man-made city of the century. The tourism industry of Dubai is huge. Get the tourist or transit visas to Dubai for experiencing its tourism industry by applying for visas online using Dubai E Visa Online.

What is Medical tourism?

Medical tourism is also called wellness tourism. People of different nationalities to reap the benefits of the health services of a particular country is known as medical tourism.

Facts about Dubai’s medical tourism

  • Tourism for medical purposes is rapidly increasing in Dubai. It has become the hub for medical tourism in Uae, and people travel from across the globe for medical treatments like infertility, cardiac, dental, and cosmetic treatments.
  • Dubai proudly takes the sixteenth position among the world destinations for medical tourism. Dubai’s medical tourism contributes nearly 708 Million USD (US Dollars) to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).
  • Medical tourism is flourishing in Dubai with the support of the government. United Arab Emirates (UAE) vision for the year 2021 aims to develop a world-class health care system. The government of Dubai will work in collaboration with all the health authorities in the nation and will help to provide top class health services.
  • The Dubai government aims to attract five-lakhs of medical tourists in the year 2021. This will provide a platform for all the businesses in the international market of medical tourism.
  • The UAE pharmaceutical market is ready to reach a milestone of 5.7 billion marks in 2020.
  • According to the Health Authority of Dubai, medical tourism has seen a recent surge in popularity among Asians, Arab countries, and the European nations. Dubai’s medical tourism constitutes about fifteen percent of the tourism industry.

Important reasons for the growth in Dubai’s wellness tourism

Government support:

Dubai's wellbeing authority deals with public and private medicinal services. In April 2016, "Health tourism council", started the world's first health travel industry’s online interface called "Dubai Health Experience".  It enables the tourist to pick and comprehend their whole medical packages and needs on the web. It empowers the tourists to book their medical holiday. The site additionally has a live chat to address questions online.


Dubai is popular for its health-tech innovation.  Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are incorporated into medical treatments.

The high rate of emigrant doctors:

UAE is home to international communities from all over the globe. Tax-free salaries attract many expatriate doctors. 


In the year 2021, Dubai proposed to construct twenty-two new hospitals in strategic locations. Dubai’s healthcare city is the largest medical free zone, that creates opportunities for the businesses in healthcare to emerge.

High-quality medical care:

In a recent “survey of physicians,” eighty percent of doctors declare that high-quality medical care is the reason for a surge in medical tourism.

Health tourism Department of Dubai

In 2014, the crown prince of Dubai, who is also the Chairperson of the Executive Council of Dubai approved the strategy of "Health Tourism in Dubai"

The main goals of the Health Tourism Department of Dubai

  •  To attract more than five lakh tourists just for the medical treatments, by the year 2021.
  • To offer the best health tourism experience to the people.
  • Making the experience worth returning for.

The Journey of a medical tourist in Dubai

There are several steps to avail the benefits of Dubai’s medical tourism. They are:

  1. Finding the medical treatment that meets your needs in Dubai, using the DHX website. DHX also has an app where you can book the medical service and plan your medical holiday.
  2. Searching for the best doctor or health package, suitable to you on the website.
  3. You can check if your choice is right.
  4. You have to get in contact with the healthcare organization and share your medical records or details.
  5. The healthcare organization that you choose will give an estimate of the methods of treatment and the cost.
  6. You can book an appointment online on the website or app. One can also apply for travel insurance to cover the risks caused by traveling with medical complexities.
  7. You can book tickets, visas, hotel rooms, and other services through the DHX website or also using websites like Dubaievisaonline for finding hotels, villas, or apartments for your ideal price and other visa processes.
  8. One can choose the filters in the trustworthy Dubaievisaonline and book based on their choice of location, price, and category.

One can fly Dubai by opting for the best kind of tourist visa for them, by visiting Dubai E Visa Online. There are many types of visas based on stay validity. The processing time of the visa is also mentioned on the website. It enables the users to obtain a visa in just 1-3 days without being rejected!

  1. You arrive at the airport and can check-into the hotel, where you can confirm your appointment.
  2. You might have time to explore the city of Dubai in your free time. To know about the best places to visit with a budget, visit sites like Dubai E Visa Online for all the information!
  3. Meeting the doctors and getting treated along with follow-ups is done with perfection, which is why medical tourism of Dubai is famous for.
  4. You can return home with complete satisfaction and health.

Dubai’s medical tourism is a rejuvenating experience for almost all of the health tourists.


Uae medical tourism encourages secure information sharing amongst the network of three- thousand facilities of the Dubai Health Association, through its smart data center for its patient records. Medical tourism of Dubai is growing strong for its innovative tourism boosting practices like free health camps and checkups in specialized areas like ophthalmology, dentistry, orthopedics, sports, and general medicine.

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