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18 best places to go on shopping in dubai the ultimate guide

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You are visiting Dubai for the first time? Okay, Got things ready? Packed up your bags? Great! But one second Do you have a plan ? Where to shop in Dubai? What are the best things to buy in Dubai? Don’t Worry! Cause I have got you the complete guide to shopping in Dubai, I will tell you about the famous malls and souks of Dubai. Tight up your belts! 



If you are surfing the web about the best places to visit in Dubai, You must have come across the word ‘Souk’ and you must be wondering what exactly is a Souk? So Souk is an Arabian marketplace and Dubai is famous for its Souks. Souk is the best place to know about Arabian goods and culture. So, here I give you a list of the best Souks to visit in Dubai. 

1. Gold Souk 

Want to treat your eyes with some glittery jewellery? Then Dubai’s Gold Souk is the best place for you to visit. Dubai Gold Souk is located in Deira, Al Dhagaya and is one of the oldest souks of Dubai. This is one of the best places for gold shopping in Dubai. You can find Gold, Platinum, Silver, Diamond at genuine price. Plus Dubai Government is renovating the place as it is one of the major tourist places in Dubai and is one of the most visited souks. Give this place a go, As the saying goes there is no honest man that can resist the attraction of gold! 

Want to give your taste buds a vibrant experience? Want to smell the aroma of spices? Then I have got the just place for you. The spice souk is located in Deira near the Gold Souk. Whether you need spices for cooking or herbs for beauty, you will find everything here and if you are visiting an Arabian country then Saffron and Rosewater are a must. 

2.Spice Souk 

Done with pleasing your eyes and taste buds? Time to please your nose! I mean who doesn’t love the aesthetically pleasing fragrance of flowers enclosed in a small bottle? This perfume Souk is located in Sikkat al Khali.Go around sniff some sandalwood oil, Jannat ul Firdaus and get mesmerized in these beautiful fragrances ..... 

3.Textile Souk 

How about buying some traditional Arabian clothes? Maybe a belly dancing dress? Located in Bur Dubai, this place is full of fabrics like Cotton, silk, beautiful embroidery and pattern (I wanna visit this place so bad ). So give your wardrobe some Arabian fusion. 


Malls and Centres 

After exploring some traditional Arabian markets, Let’s see some modern malls and centres where you can experience festivals and lights of the city. You can see how quickly things take a turn from traditional souks to busy streets. 

4.The Dubai Mall 

How about Dining near Burj Khalifa? One of the largest malls in the world by land area(1,124,000 square meters).This mall is among The Five Best Shopping Malls In Dubai, This is one of the most fascinating places in Dubai. This Mall is like an endless journey with over hundreds of stores, hotels and restaurants. You will find everything here be it a big aquarium with thousands of aquatic animals, a waterfall with statues, indoor rainforest cafe, or park, Dinosaur structure, OMG This Place Is Total Mad! 

5.WAFI Mall 

How about visiting an Eqyptian styled mall full of sphinx and artworks, Sign me up! The WAFI mall has over 300 stores and restaurants. The best time to visit this mall is during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Don’t forget to visit the Khan Murjan Sout.This Souk is full of Arabian culture, from Arabian restaurants to garments and handicrafts. Hands down one of the most interesting places to visit... 

6. Karama Shopping Complex 

After visiting all those luxury malls are you looking for some simple place with cheap price goods? Then the karama shopping complex located in Karama district in a residential area is a place where you can find shopping bags, accessories, and clothes at a cheap price.Also, this is one of the places where you can bargain. After all, a cheap price is something we can’t resist.But, beware because some of the shopkeepers might try to sell you some fake goods. 

7.Covent Garden Market 

If you want to buy some gifts for your loved ones then this place is the best option.Here you can buy beautiful artworks, pretty flowers, handmade jewellery, housewares and toys, Simple and sweet market​...... 

8. Global Village 

This place is like 3 in 1, this place offers you dining, shopping and entertainment all in one place. This is one of the few places to visit in the UAE for free or less than Dh20. More than 4000 people visit here, Besides shopping you can enjoy a wide range of delicacies and entertainment like indoor games or a visit to the amusement park.This place mostly operates from November to April. 10. Dubai Festival 

Dubai Shopping Festival is not just about shopping, It’s a celebration... Celebration of music, arts and much more, Here you can see brilliant fireworks and air of joy everywhere. You can do everything here, from shopping to food, entertainment.It lasts about a month in January, You can win lucky draw prizes like cars and gold. 

9. Festival City Mall 

Fashion labels, accessories, home decor, furnishing, you can browse anything you want here and after all that exhausting shopping you can have a relaxing meal while enjoying brilliant water projections. Yes to this place....

10. Al Ghurair Centre 

Al Ghurair Centre is one of the oldest and first modern malls in Dubai, This place has over hundreds of stores, restaurants and reel cinemas.This place has a large variety of electronics, fashion and home decors with good price and discount. 

11. Souk - Al - Bahar 

Near The Massive Dubai Mall is located this small beautiful mall, this mall is styled with a modern Arabic touch.This place has restaurants with luxury gourmets from around the world, coffee shops, lounges and bars making this a perfect dining spot. 

12. The Outlet Village 

This mall is designed in a classic European style, besides its designs, it has a large variety of expensive fashion brands at a fairly cheap price, This place too is perfect for people who love to bargain. 

13. Mercato Shopping Mall 

‘Mercato’ means marketplace in Italian and with the name this place too is inspired from Italian architecture.This exquisitely designed mall has everything you need, from fashion to fitness, homeware to sweet treats. Must visit..... 

14. BurJuman Centre 

BurJuman Centre is one of the oldest shopping malls, This mall is owned by Al Ghurair Group and built on an area of 800,000, This place has cosmetics and fashion stores like MAC, Ritu Kumar fashion label, Mont Blanc, Electronics, homewares, coffee shops and delicacies. This place has 12 D rides, vox cinemas and magic planet for your entertainment. 

15. Deira City Centre 

Located in the heart of city Deira, This mall was opened in 1995.This place went for redevelopment in 2013 of about 5.9 million US dollars. After redevelopment, this place opened new stores and restaurants.This place has over hundreds of stores and over fifty restaurants.You can visit Magic planet, Vox cinemas and Bowling city for good entertainment. 

16. Mall of the Emirates 

Opened 14 years ago, it is the first shopping resort in Dubai.Besides the large area and the great number of stores and food chains, This mall is the best place for entertainment.This place has a Ski resort, snow park and Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre.Best place to visit with family for entertainment. 

17. Flea Market 

How about window shopping in a marketplace with second-hand goods and that too in a park? Not bad The Dubai Flea Market is located in Leafy Safa Park.This place is one of the largest marketplaces for second-hand goods, maybe something might please your eyes.Besides the market place, this place is a great picnic spot too. 

18. Meena Bazaar 

Meena Bazaar, If you are Indian you must be knowing this name. Meena Bazaar is a popular market in Delhi, India’s capital and You can experience this Indian market in Dubai too.This market is officially known as cosmos lane but due to its narrow street and stores resembling the Meena bazaar of Delhi it is called as Dubai’s Meena bazaar, This place has faux leather items, textile items, cosmetics and retailers desperately convincing you to buy their items. 

These were some of my recommendations for shopping in Dubai.Now go discover some malls and souks in Dubai. AND DON’T MISS OUT THESE BEST PLACES TO SHOP FOR CHEAP PRICES IN DUBAI! Have a great journey! 

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