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What to do in old dubai

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Dubai is an urban town steeped in tradition, heritage, and culture, with a hundred years old rich culture with plenty of things to see and do, and also skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and beach resorts. If you want to explore Old Dubai and we strongly advise you to do so, this is what you need to do. In this article, we have jotted down some of the Best Things To Do in Old Dubai. So read and find out.

Abra Ride

Recall in this list that the perfect way to explore Old Dubai is to walk through the streets and pass the Dubai Creek, and get lost in the rest of the Dubai stuff. A trip across this stream is accessible many times an hour. Pay for an abra, and look at Dubai's historic quarter from a singular viewpoint.

Historical Neighbourhood of Al Fahidi 

Al Fahidi is one of the city's oldest heritage places, formerly known as Bastakiya. In the 1900s, in Al Fahidi Fort, which now houses the Dubai Museum, it was a trade center for textile and pearl merchants. Art galleries, exhibits, and institutions such as the Sheik Mohammed Centre, which is also later on, and holds frequent talks on UAE traditions and the heritage, are visited at XVA and Majlis Gallery. They are open to visitors. There is a lot to do in museums and shops lining the narrow streets of the district, so go and get lost for a few hours.

Al Mallah

Shawarmas are a dozen or so around the town, but some of the most joyful and for less than 2.72 USD is on the old roadside. Satwa Haunt There are also spectacular mixed grills. Combine fattoush, hummus, and fresh juice, and you have a winning dinner for yourself.

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Al Seef

The historical neighborhood-meets-creekside destination of master developer Meraas is one of the "newer" entries in this list. Here, on a nearly 2 km boardwalk along the banks of Dubai Creek, there are two distinctive neighborhoods, with many restaurants and shops. On the one hand, New Dubai has sleek and futuristic outdoors, while on the other, historical, traditional Dubai with classical architecture and an all-around deliberate rustic look. Take some nice bars, pubs, cafes, stores, etc.

Calicut Paragon

This South Indian restaurant in Karama is one of the best budget restaurants in Time Out Dubai in 2019, and rightly so. Here dishes are wildly cheap, but they also have excellent booting efficiency. Much meat and vegetarian dishes are available, but the seafood is supreme thanks to dishes like crab Tushar.

Dubai Frame

The picturesque landmark of Dubai offers tourists the chance to see the past, present, and future of the city on a one-hour tour from the 150-meter high sky glass bridge, with amazing panoramas of 'old' and 'new' Dubai. The framework is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and is for adults at only 13.61 USD, and for children, 5.44 USD and adults over 60 and determined visitors may make free visits.


Elia still offers a quiet city respite and great Greek classics – Saganaki, tirokafteri, kofta, and a fine moussaka – all made very well in a few restaurants in the city with a range of Greek dishes. Perfect for long, lazy nights.

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Hindi Lane

Hindi Lane is smoothly located between Meena Bazaar and Creek. It is a lively labyrinth of shops with beautiful wreaths of fresh flowers, posters, and small hole-in-the-wall cafes serving Indian snacks. Diwali visits while the fronts of the shop are flashing in all sorts of colorful fairy lights and candles. This is a fantasy of a photographer.

Mawaheb From Beautiful People

This art studio is exceptional, as it utilizes combined technical talents to produce amazing works from determined individuals. It is an artistic, educational facility that is aimed at the Dubai community and has created magnificent artworks which can even be seen in some of the biggest competitions in DXB Airport. Take a look at the magic and collect some arts for yourself, the proceeds from which go back to the studio.

The Dubai Museum

If you feel like you are short of time in Dubai, then plan a day trip to the old city, and particularly the district of Al Fahidi. During a visit to the Dubai Museum, a vivid image of the past is formed. A variety of life-size dioramas depicting Emirates' life from ancient times are housed in the historic building. Take a tour of the heritage by the Arab families, souks, and mosques with more things to give unique insights into the desert life by the sea.

The Old Souks

You can take your selection of gold, spice, or textiles. You will be able to explore some of Dubai Creek's traditional markets, which proved to be some of the most relevant financial hubs of Dubai at the time. The Gold Suk is estimated to contain as much as ten tonnes, and hundreds of gems offering unbelievable products and other things to do are available. In the spice souk and in textile souks, you are able to buy tonnes of fresh herbs, spices, ingredients, remediation, and much more.

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Final Words

So this was all about Things To Do in Old Dubai that you must know about. So get your Dubai Visa and explore the beautiful nation.

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