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everything to know about the dubai jazz festival

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A night full of music? Well, that is exactly what you will get at the Dubai jazz festival! But don't go on the name, as it won't be just jazz but there will other music too including blues, rock punk contemporary, modern and even fusion all being put up in the list, it is definitely one night filled full of fun and music. This one festival among the big list of festivals being conducted in Dubai is also one that is quite popular among all the music lovers. This is that one night you want to relive yourself and enjoy the moment with the music flowing! This festival is not only just one night but is a combination of nine fun-filled nights all coming together under one roof.

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About Jazz and its origin

Jazz is a music genre which was originated in the African-American communities located in New Orleans, United States. It was in the late 19th century that this came into existence and had quite some popularity at that time. It was known to be the blend of both African and European music sensibilities. And in the 1920s it was also famously known as the Jazz age where the music had gained popularity among the young minds! The Jazz literally meant energy or pep. This was given the name because as soon as the music is played you can?t resist but dance to the rhythm and hence giving energy like none other.

About Dubai jazz festival

It was also stated as one of the best Dubai music festivals. With a wonderfully decorated Festival Park and the vibes from around 50,000 people sure made it one of the most vibrant festivals ever. Not only did the youngsters love it, but there were also other music lovers who were involved in the music nights arranged during the Dubai Jazz festival. It was seen that in 2017 some of the famous brands such as Deep Purple, 3 Doors Down, and even One Republic had performed during this festival hence taking the whole festival vibe to the next level.

Not only this the whole Jazz music Dubai festival also comes with two major attractions in Dubai with the Jazz garden and the Jazz World both coming to life at night and hence enhancing the whole od Dubai nights. Not only are these free displays of music but you get an absolute night full foiled with music and that's what keeps you going on while you are young and wild here in Dubai. Not only do young people enjoy coming here but it is a place where families would come by and even the children are allowed. In fact, it is absolutely free for children below 12 years of age making it even more accessible!

Dubai Jazz Festival 2020

The Jazz festival Dubai 2020 was conducted in February from 26 to 28 and had some of the most famous bands and singers to enjoy the night! It was conducted at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. This year as well, there was an immense crowd as was there before and hence this musical night still lives on!

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