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all you should know about stay with a friend in dubai

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Who wouldn?t love to stay with a friend in Dubai? Well, you know that you want to stay in Dubai with your friend but the thought of taking a visa might be the one thing that you are worried about. But here?s the thing if you belong to at least any one of the visa exempted countries as specified by the Dubai visa policy then you need not take a visa, while if you are not then also you need not worry as you can still apply Dubai visa and travel to Dubai to stay with your friend. And for this, you will also get help from Dubai E Visa Online all according to your will.


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Dubai 90 days visa for foreigners to stay in Dubai

Yes, you can definitely live up to 90 days with having two options such as single entry and multiple entries being made available. All of this can be done with just a filling in of a Dubai visa application form and then you can stay with your friend in Dubai for 90 days and have a lot of fun things to do for sure!

Things to do with friends in Dubai

Think that Dubai can only be enjoyed as a solo traveller, then here is a list of stuff you can do along with your friend who is living in Dubai and hence keeping your 90 days fully busy that you won't even know when it ended. Here is a complete list of what you can do:

  • Visiting Aquaventure Water Park: Having a vast spread of 17 hectares of land this place is located inside the Atlantis Palm hotel. Having an adventurous visit to the water park during a hot summer day is a must if you are in Dubai. You can also enjoy some rides while here as well!
  • Visiting Legoland: You are never too old to play with legos and hence you can travel to this Legoland to enjoy a fun-filled day. You can also build your own houses and have pictures taken and get a lot of fun just like a kid.
  • IMG world of Adventure: Theme park? Sure why not you can visit this place to have a whole day going in just a blink of an eye. Having marvels characters all placed here and all f the cartoon characters that you used to watch can all be reminisced while here in the adventure land.
  • Dubai aquarium: Ever felt like you are under a sea? Well, then you will definitely feel like when you are visiting the Dubai aquarium, with its underwater zoo that is sure to give you an awestruck experience.
  • Dubai desert safari: How can you even forget to add this to your list! This is the must-do activity when you are here living with your friends. Having a camel safari and gliding through the sands of Dubai deserts is something you can do rarely so why not do it!
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