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pregnant before wedding and delivery in dubai

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Dubai is a very luxurious and well-developed country but it has some rules and regulations that the people living in the country must know and follow. There are a few things that every man, woman, and a couple needs to know. There are a few restrictions that are strictly followed.


Dubai rules for couples

  • Your private life, like your sexual intimacy, will not be very closely monitored by the government unless you get pregnant without getting married.
  • If you do not have a marriage certificate or any official certificate to authorize your marriage, you cannot get pregnant. You can be jailed for getting pregnant without getting married.
  • Men and women cannot share a room in Dubai if they are not married.
  • Men cannot stare at women in public
  • Open displays of fondness like embracing or kissing are not permitted as it is an insult to society. Showing physical love in public places is considered unseemly conduct in Dubai.
  • Cohabiting or living together without marriage is an offense in Dubai.
  • The “ Al Khilwa Al Muharama clause” in Dubai prohibits couples living together in the same room without getting married. People of the opposite gender cannot share the same hotel room. If the person of the opposite sex is going to share the room with you, it has to be your spouse or a family member.


Delivering in Dubai but not married

  • Women who get pregnant before marriage move to other countries.
  • It is illegal in Dubai, as it is seen as an insult to their culture.
  • Women who are pregnant before marriage and are delivering the baby in Dubai are subjected to the punishment given for adultery. 
  • The woman has to get married sooner in case she decides to keep the baby because the government of Dubai passed a rule that if the baby is born in less than five months of marriage, it will not have a birth certificate.
  • Women delivering in Dubai and have not tied the wedlock, are imposed with deportation as well. If a woman of other nationality gets pregnant, she would be imposed with a huge penalty and the government sends her back to her native country and cancels her Dubai visa.
  • Getting pregnant before marriage may also lead the women to deliver in jail.
  • The hospitals do not admit women to the delivery ward unless and until they show their marriage certificate.


Example of a woman who was arrested by the Dubai police

In the year 2017, a woman with Ukrainian nationality living in Dubai consulted a doctor for her stomach cramps. She was diagnosed as pregnant by the doctor. She lived in Dubai along with her partner who was a South African. The couple had been detained by the government of Dubai and the efforts of the Government of South Africa could not help them. They were engaged just two days before they were arrested. The Ukraine government tried to help the couple but could find out only two ways. The Ukraine government suggested the couple get married or to be deported.


This is a very important example to state that we need to know all the rules and regulations of Dubai, to live without getting prosecuted. Taking a note it is advised for the couple to tie a knot if you want to deliver in Dubai. For any possible reason if the couple is not ready or able to get married, and the woman wants to have the baby then it is advisable to travel back to her home country to deliver the child.

If a married woman wants to deliver a baby in Dubai

  • People need to submit their attested copy of their marriage certificate if they are from other countries. Passports and identity cards are also required to prove your identity.
  • The cost of delivery in Dubai is very high and it is not accessible to the middle classed people in Dubai.
  • One needs to have medical insurance to be able to afford the delivery cost.
  • If you are a woman and you work in Dubai, you will be given only forty-five days of maternity leave.
  • Dubai is an emerging hotspot for medical tourism. The technological advancements and infrastructure of Dubai encourage many people to fly Dubai and get treated.
  • The government of Dubai has also laid out plans to foster its medical tourism industry. Dubai launched a website and an app for medical tourists called, DHX (Dubai Health Experience).
  • Even with great medical tourism, hospitals in Dubai will not conduct the delivery of a woman who is not married, as it is illegal.


Criticism of Dubai’s rule that prohibits giving birth without getting married: 

Giving birth to a child is the decision of the woman. It is her free will to choose when and how she will have a baby. It is the decision of a couple on when they would get married. It is unethical to not allow someone the medical facility for giving birth to a baby. There are a few grey areas that the law oversees. A woman might have been date raped leading to pregnancy. Such grey zones are left unresolved by this law.

Healthy family life is possible only when the couple gets to choose and decide about their life. It might not seem justifiable that the government is involved in such matters. However, it is the tradition and culture of Dubai and we must respect their rules. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Parents of the newborn child have to begin the process of getting a visa very soon. According to the rules of UAE, the child has to get a residence visa in 120 days. If this does not happen, one has to pay AED 100 as a fine per day. 

Yes, the husband can enter the labor room for the delivery of his baby.

A man can have four wives if he wishes to. He has to be legally married and treat all of them equally. Polygamy is accepted in UAE.

Dubai law does not prohibit dating. Usually, people go for dates in malls and restaurants. Dating in Dubai is not illegal.

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