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explore the best indian restaurant in dubai

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The iconic city- DUBAI    

Dubai is often addressed as the “City of Gold” because of the easy availability of pure gold at reasonable prices. People visit Dubai, especially for purchasing gold. The designs available in the gold shops of Dubai are unique. 

Skyscrapers of Dubai are the best across the world. The tallest building in the world, “Burj Khalifa” is situated in Dubai. From construction style to the infrastructure, everything is top-notch.

Dubai is also very famous for its food delicacies. Dubai isn't all about one type of food. Here you can get any food style you want. The region's essential restaurants derive influence from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. That means you can try anything in the city, from Indian to North Korean food. Be sure to study every restaurant to find the best places before you book your table. Here in this article, we will help you find some of the 'Best Indian restaurants in Dubai' that will surely satisfy your taste-buds.

1. Indigo by Vineet

Sometimes you find that a luxury environment goes hand in hand with mediocre food, but Indego by Vineet has its elegance and atmosphere in tandem with its beautiful cuisine and is one of the best fine dining Indian restaurants in Dubai. A perfectly decorated interior – read: giant iron sculptures, enormous chairs, and an unusual show of trendy footwear – welcomes you to settle down for a lovely, excellent dining evening. Whereas, a menu of modernized Northern Indian dishes smartly combines strong tastes with traditional spices, showcasing the engineer's ability.

Vineet Bhatia, the first Indian chef ever to earn a Michelin star at his first restaurant, Zakia, in London. Vineet's experiences are shown by dishes such as the 'Kapi Chop,' a soft, earthy lamb bait filled with coffee madras and soy and eaten with wild mushroom sauce along with a smoked cashew cheese samosa. The "Gunpowder Coconut Prawns" are to be found on top of a delicate sprout, a richly seasoned smoked lamb rump, lobster tikka masala, pav bhaji, and a delicious variety of potatoes. And, after all, the 'Chocolicious Indego' provides a variety which any chocolate-lover dreams of, while you still have dessert.


2. Ashiana

Excellent Indian restaurant Ashiana is a Dubai high-end favourite. The kitchen is managed by Michelin-star chef Vineet Bhatia who is widely regarded as one of the brightest stars in the Indian culinary world. His menu of contemporary Indian fare is pitch-perfect, mixing in an entirely new way familiar flavours. Every meal is very filling and satisfying to eat.

This restaurant is located at Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and is well-known for its Indian cuisine. If you're not experienced in ordering Indian dishes, then you must order Taimuri shorba (lamb soup), Gosht Boti Kebab (a grilled starter made of mutton), Murg Ashiana (chicken rolled during a sauce of pepper and spices), Murgh Tikka (grilled chicken cooked during a curry paste), and Saffron Rice as the main course. Ashiana is a must-try restaurant when it comes to trying out the top Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Suitable for exquisite dishes such as the Junglee Tandoori — tandoori smoked guinea fowl served with slow-cooked black lentils and wok-cooked bok choy — the décor is also a work of art, with elaborate wooden latticework windows, stunning sculptures, and hand-hammered chandeliers.


3. Calicut Paragon

The Paragon Group has built new milestones in the restaurants' sector, with an extraordinary culinary legacy stretching back to 7 décades. The flagship restaurant Paragon is a valid Calicut symbol, and Dubai's Paragon restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in the UAE. The journey started in 1939 under Govindan Panhikeyil's visionary leadership along with his friend, P.M Valsan, who opened the first Paragon restaurant in Calicut, Kerala, India. With the third generation of management at the helm – Sumesh Govind and his wife Liju – the restaurant has achieved its peak.

Calicut Paragon is an independent and affordable restaurant located on Karama Dubai's street-side food bazaar, part of the Paragon chain of Indian restaurants. Non-vegetarian meals naturally form a significant portion of its menu serving Malabar specialities. Its specialities are fish curry (fish parts cooked in South Indian spiced sauce) and chicken biryani (spicy chicken and rice dish cooked in layers which include lots of raw spices). The course accompaniments include chutneys, sauces, and curries.

Recognized as India's Best Coastal Cuisine Restaurant (Times Now Foodie Award) and consistently listed among the Best Restaurants in Dubai (Timeout Awards and Ahlan Masala Awards), Paragon. Dubai isn't all about one type of food. Here you can get any food style you want. The region's essential restaurants derive influence from Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. That means you can try anything in the city, from Indian to North Korean food. Be sure to study every restaurant to find the best places before you book your table.

We trust you can continue to enjoy a Paragon journey packed with unrivalled flavour, wonderful contentment, and memories. Bon Appetit.


4. Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar is perhaps the best place to enjoy some delicious Indian delicacies, one of the most well-known Indian food chains in Dubai. It offers an extensive menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and serves them in a cozy Indian atmosphere. Delhi Darbar specializes in Mughlai cuisine with several types of traditional recipes as well as hybrid cuisine, and its success has led to many Dubai outlets being opened there.

Delhi Darbar Located on the food road Karama, Dubai, Deira district, it is not a "posh" restaurant. Still, it has a portion of very delicious and aromatic food that can attract you to its interior. You might go with dishes such as Paneer, Masala, and Kofta, Chicken Tikka.


5. Jodhpur

This restaurant is situated near Dubai Mall on the grounds of the Al Murooj Rotana estate. Go to the lobby, get a buggy, and head towards the restaurant. Then go back up and burn some of the calories you have consumed!

Chef Shashwat designs home-comfort and nostalgic meals with strange twists, without effort. Meat-loving diners will appreciate a cold starter, Potato Wool Chaat, accompanied by three kinds of hot starters, including Chicken Tikka Quesadillas. Chef Shashwat has found it hard for guests to choose between the similarly appetizing Chicken 65 and the Keema Pygmy Pao for the mains. Four side dishes would be fun to try, including an oddly called Faux Dal Makhani. An alternate menu with similarly tempting starters and a special Tamatar Chaman or Wild Mushroom Masala as hand choices for those who adopt a vegetarian diet. Of reality, since no one leaves the table without a meal, there are two slightly guilty delights in the menus: the Cassata Semi Freddo and the Sticky Banana Burfi. No diner will lose out on a visit to Jodhpur with convincing lists like those.


6.  Gazebo

When you're looking for some fantastic food-themed North Indian and Nawabi in a cozy and relaxing environment, then there's no better spot to land in than Gazebo. Situated primarily in the heart of Bur Dubai's Mankhool city, the restaurant's first phase invites you with the pungent aroma of the delicious rice dishes, particularly Dum Biryani and the popular Yakhni Pulao. From the tandoori chicken to the galoti kebabs, the wide variety of starters, all the recipes have different flavours, making them different in their way. The food is served in reasonable portions and gives the money spent a value. If you have a sweet tooth so you won't be missed either by the menu card with a desert-like falooda or gulab jamun. If you plan to go on a weekend, otherwise you may have to wait until the peak hours. So if you're hunting for any decent Indian food, you should give it a shot.


7. Farzi Café

Today, the cherished branch in the town of Farzi Cafe has its equivalent in the Mall of the Emirates. And yeah, both divisions are equally enjoyed when it comes to culinary theatrics and experimentation – thinly sliced wagyu beef is grilled on a hot stone tableside and eaten with wasabi and walnut delight, a sweet and perfectly spiced lamb pate is followed by an aerated, sponge-like version of traditional Indian bread. Butter chicken residing in steamed bao buns arrives playfully in a toy truck  As for food for the sake of the meal? Pescatarians would enjoy the accented 'Madras Pepper Prawns' with coconut flakes while the crispy 'Tandoori Wild Mushrooms' is a must-order for vegetarians.

The 'Chermoula-Crusted Paneer Tikka' is an access key, though on the heavier side, owing to how perfectly it marries the flavours of Morocco and India. But we'll tell you this after having to unbutton our jeans: then, make room for dessert. The 'Kunafa Nest,' which mixes saffron chenna and crisp kunafa topped with a diluted 'dressing' of milk, is the perfect example of Indian nostalgia and regional elements correctly playing against one another. The 'Dates and Saffron Cake,' which happens to be combined with the most excellent almond ice cream we've ever had, hands down is much better.


8. Tresind

Dry ice is as much a part of the meal at Tresind as chutney and spices are. Yes, the recently revamped restaurant has managed to take traditional Indian dishes and turn them off their heads – along with all the preconceived ideas of what an Indian meal should be like. The okra is air-dried, and meats are served on a portable barbecue as a palate   

Although honouring traditional flavours, they are improved by adding unusual ingredients. Case in point: the shrimp and chicken tandoori with pineapple carpaccio and mint sauce cooked in cedarwood. Tresind's exciting theatrics and excellent service, with a reputation that precedes it among Dubai's foodies, make for an experience you won't soon forget.


9. Little Miss India

Masala on the rim of your mocktail, green apples stuffed into a vegetarian take on a kebab, lamb chops smoked and served in a glass container, rice pudding reminiscent of crème brûlée – all come with a novelty factor at Little Miss India, which is why it earns a spot on this list. But not all of that. We are also utterly intrigued by its eclectic decor, which includes ceiling-hanging plants, frame-enclosed vintage pieces, antique knick-knacks for conversation-starters, mismatched wall art, and more. And now that cooler weather has (finally) arrived, the vibrantly coloured truck typical of the Indian subcontinent will make you love dining outdoors. 

The Shrimp Chettinad is the must-order on this menu if you find comfort in the discomfort of the spicy food. For some, the one to beat is the Goan Shrimp Curry.  The usual suspects - think Dal Makhani, Dum Biryani, and Butter Chicken are cooked to perfection next to these paws. Oh, and at an Indian restaurant, you may not be able to dine and have no freshly baked bread straight from the tandoor. We suggest the Peshawari Naan, which has a touch of spice and perfectly pairs with hands.


10. Rajdhani Street

Rajdhani Street is situated in Al Karama, inside the Rajdhani restaurant, a modest yet soulful offering that oozes a feeling of cheerfulness from the get-go. The restaurant includes street lamps, fairy lights, and colours that evoke Indian fast food stalls. The food is perfectly served and is full of flavour and new. The restaurant also boasts a live station offering Sev puri and Paani Puri. All in all, you'll leave with some pleasant memories that will make you want to return for more.


11. Purani Dilli Dubai

If India's capital has a heart, then a considerable part of it must lie amid the hustle and bustle of Purani Dilli or Old Delhi-the walled town that once housed vast mansions, elegant mosques, perfumed gardens and the very seat from which the Mughals chaperoned the collapse of their vast empire in the 18th century. 

That's the concept for Sheraton Downtown Dubai in Mankhool at the newly-launched Purani Dilli at Four Points. An excellent diner that once overly romanticized by the rulers of the times prides itself on classic Mughlai cuisine, don't expect parathas and street-side chaats! This address is more in keeping with the fragrant Dahi kebab made of hanging curd or the famous galawati kebab melt-in-your-mouth. And it's specially crafted items like paneer khubani bharwan tikka stuffed with apricot and nuts paste or lagan ka murgh-chicken in a thick brown gravy, mainly cooked in a lagan (a particular copper utensil) to retain the true essence of the dish-that distinguish these specialists from Mughlai.

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