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how much gold is allowed in india in 2024

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People in India enjoy shopping for gold jewellery, whether it is the wedding season or the festive season. They love buying gold. As everyone knows, Dubai is famous for its iconic architecture, skyscrapers, and events. It is also famous for luxury shopping and gold. There is a huge reason why the localities in Dubai convert their savings into gold and jewellery. The ICBI refers to the Indian Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, which imposed a gold limit from Dubai to India a few years ago. Because Indian’s are huge consumers of gold, this limit was being put on carrying gold from Dubai to India. In this article, we will talk about how much cash and gold can i carry to India in 2024. So read and find out. 


About Gold Limit from Dubai to India

The main reasons for locals in Dubai and from India to buy gold are the lower prices and the best quality of gold. One of the most famous places to buy gold is the Deira Gold Souk. People from different regions and communities come and buy gold from here. Over the past few years, the gold imports to India from Dubai and other emirates have affected the restrictive customs duty in India. 

According to the CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) website, any passenger from India who has been a resident of an overseas country for more than a year and has a valid Indian passport issued under the Passport Act 1967 is eligible to bring gold jewellery to India in their baggage.


Dubai Duty-free gold import limit to India from Dubai

  • Gold jewellery with an average weight of 20 grammes and a maximum value of INR 50,000 for the male passenger is exempted from customs duty.
  • Gold jewellery with an average weight of 40 grammes and a maximum value of INR 1,00,000 for female passengers is exempted from customs duty.

These duty-free permits on gold jewellery from Dubai to India apply to children as well. Given that they have stayed in Dubai or abroad for more than a year,. The quantity exempted for males is 20 grammes, and 40 grammes of gold are exempted for female passengers.

While bringing the gold in their baggage from Dubai to India, the passengers should keep in mind that the duty-free permit is only for gold jewellery and not bars and coins. If gold coins and bars are imported to India, then there are customs duty fees applied to it. And also, if your passport is about to expire soon, do not forget to apply for renewal before bringing the gold to India. Passengers with a valid passport who have stayed in foreign countries for more than 6 months are allowed to bring in 1 kg of gold in bars and coins from Dubai. If they cross the limit of carrying those bars and coins, they will have to pay the customs duty fee charges. There is a hike of 10% and 12.5% in customs duty on gold from Dubai to India in the year 2019.

On the UAE Embassy website, the maximum amount of gold a passenger can carry to India from Dubai is 10 kg, and one should not exceed that. It includes the entire gold weight a passenger is carrying, including the jewellery. The customs duty on coins and bars weighing more than 1kg is 36.05%. It is very fairly uncommon to witness people taking gold where it is exceeding 1kg. 


Terms and conditions for importing gold exceeding the limits set:

  • On all the excess gold carried, the customs duty should be paid in convertible currency.
  • The passenger carrying the gold should show all the needed documents of the purchase to avoid seizures of goods at the airport.
  • The information of the gold bar must include the weight, manufactured by, and also the serial number. Gold bars should have all the required inscriptions.
  • The passenger importing 1kg and more gold should not have brought any precious metals or gemstones that exceeded the limit in the previous 6 months.
  • Jewellery studded with gemstones and pearls is not permitted to import from India.
  • The passenger failing to meet the necessary rules and terms will lead to detention, prosecution or confiscation until the completion of all the documentation and paperwork for the same.
  • The passenger can import the gold 15 days before their travel as unaccompanied baggage to India or checked baggage with them.
  • The traveller or passenger will also have to file a detailed declaration form before the customs officer when they arrive in India.
  • They will also have to explain why they are buying the quantity of gold and pay the customs duty before the clearance.

There are various reasons why the person is buying gold and importing it to India from Dubai. Every individual across the world knows that Dubai is known for its authentic gold. These conditions are put forth to avoid and stop gold smuggling. This was all about how much cash and gold can I carry to India. So get your Dubai Visa from Dubai E Visa Online, visit the nation, and buy the best quality gold.

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