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Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai

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Flying over the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon is surely one of the best memories that one can keep from a trip to the Emirates. These hot air balloon flights in Dubai are done at sunrise and allow you to admire the immensity of the desert at the best time of the day. Indeed, it is at the time of sunrise that the color of the dunes is magnified by the piercing sun.

Practical information about hot air ballooning in Dubai

The hot air balloon flight in Dubai is done over the desert, very close to the city. Here are the essentials to know about hot air ballooning in Dubai:

  • the flight is over the desert
  • the excursion also covers the pick-up from your hotel (departure between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. generally)
  • take off shortly before sunrise
  • the breakfast is included . It gets caught on a desert camp after the flyover
  • return to Dubai in the morning

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When can we do this hot air balloon excursion?

Flying over the desert in a hot air balloon is now possible all year round . In fact, previously, there was no possible outing in summer, especially from June to August. It is therefore possible to take this balloon excursion whatever the period of your trip.

Note, there is only one hour to take a hot air balloon flight in the Dubai desert : the sunrise. Take off is done shortly before sunrise in order to be able to contemplate it from the air.

This, therefore, results in a morning departure. Very early even because you will leave your hotel between 4 am and 4:30 am. Just under an hour's drive separates downtown from the desert take-off point.

It all starts around 4 hours or a bit later. The transfer from your hotel is included in the service. After booking your hot air balloon flight from Dubai, you will receive the departure time.

Possibility to combine the excursion with a 4 × 4 safari in the dunes

Beyond the hot air balloon excursion, an option is possible to take a 4 × 4 safari in the dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This protected area of ​​the desert is home to many oryxes and gazelles.

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Flight preparations

The team is very professional and explains the course of the activity, the things to do and those not to do. Please note, it is only allowed to enter the gondola with one camera per person.

The basket is quite large. Divided into several compartments, you will necessarily be on the edge to enjoy the view. If the balloon is full, there can fit about 20 people inside. Take off and fly over the desert dunes in Dubai. The hot-air balloon takes off a little before the time of sunrise. So that it is possible to observe the sunrise over the Dubai desert from the hot air balloon . After a few tens of seconds the balloon takes off quickly, very quickly and the immensity of the desert appears.  The pods are always very stable. No feeling of any jerk or sensation of air gap is felt.

Make sure you don't miss the moment when the sun breaks through! It is the magic moment. Then gradually, the light illuminates the dunes and you can enjoy the nuances of colors on the sand.

Regarding the duration of the flight, it is about an hour. Hang on to the landing, it can shake a bit but nothing too bad! And it only lasts a few seconds. It's just the slight shock of the pod on the ground.

After landing, you can enjoy breakfast at a desert camp while remembering the magical images of a hot air balloon flight over the desert. A must do!

Each Hot Air Balloon flight is unique!

The course of the hot air balloon is not always the same. Many parameters are taken into account; However, at some point, there is a good chance that you will be above the DDCR (Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is north of the road you will arrive at the starting point). At this time, open your eyes because you will be able to see oryx and gazelles in the desert. Observe carefully when the altitude is not too high because otherwise, you will not be able to see them from the air.

The immensity of the desert from a hot air balloon!

From the hot-air balloon, the immensity of the desert can only impress. This flight only crosses a tiny part of the Rub al Khali. And yet, the impression of sand dunes as far as the eye can see is already very present.

The altitude varies during the ride and can sometimes exceed 300 or 400 meters. And the higher you go, the more you have the impression of being in front of an infinite expanse. Sand, dunes and nothing but sand as far as the eye can see!

Flying over the desert is really impressive. When you reach a certain altitude, from the nacelle, you can't even make out the dunes too much! 

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Flying over the desert in a hot air balloon is quite expensive but it is clearly an experience that you only experience once in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The balloon is one of the most graceful and romantic ways to travel. However, it is also one of the most dangerous, as the basket can be easily tipped over by wind or a sudden shift in weight. Hot air balloons are also known for being very safe, with only about 100 deaths attributed to them since the first recorded incident in 1783. In the past, hot air balloons have been used for military purposes, but today, they are mostly used for sightseeing. Hot air balloons can travel great distances, even across continents if the winds are strong enough.

Hot air balloon rides are an adventure in and of itself. However, how long do they last? And how long does a typical flight last? Many visitors are startled to learn that hot air balloon trips only last around an hour. Hot air balloons are often connected to the ground by a rope or cable, and the pilot must maintain touch with the ground crew in order to keep the balloon from drifting away. A hot air balloon can travel up to around 15,000 feet, and a regular trip will take about an hour, and the balloon can go up to about 15,000 feet. The common hot air balloon journey lasts around one hour, however the exact length varies depending on the weather. It normally takes around 15 minutes to fill the balloon with air.

Hot air ballooning has traditionally been described as one of the most fascinating and unique ways to see the planet. It is, however, a relatively new mode of transportation. While it isn't precisely widespread, it is becoming a popular mode of transportation. Here's a glance at what to anticipate on your hot air ballooning adventure.

Dubai has become the hot air balloon capital of the world and is a popular activity for tourists and residents alike. The view from up there of the city is breathtaking and the experience is a complete change from the normal hustle and bustle of the city below you. The image to the left is a typical view from up above. The cost of a hot air balloon ride depends on whether you choose a sunset ride or sunrise ride, the length of the ride and the height you go to. Prices begin from as little as Dhs 1,100 for a 15 minute flight to a Dhs 4,000 for a sunrise ride for 1.5 hours. Some companies offer a sunset and sunrise ride for a combined price of Dhs 3,600. There are many companies which offer hot air balloon rides in Dubai.

The hot air balloon ride in Dubai is about 20 minutes. The Dubai Balloons company that runs the hot air balloon ride in Dubai has two types of hot air balloons that offer two different views of the city. The two types of hot air balloons are the Sunrise balloon and the Sunset balloon. The Sunrise balloon is a smaller hot air balloon that offers a view of the city even before the sun comes up. The Sunrise hot air balloon ride in Dubai is available at sunrise while the Sunset hot air balloon ride in Dubai is available at sunset.

Hot air ballooning in Dubai has been a popular activity for years. This is a new form of entertainment where people can admire the beauty of the desert while they are floating in the air. There are many people who are skeptical about this activity and they wonder whether it is safe or not. Dubai is known for its spectacular scenery and many people use this activity as a way to enjoy the desert. Hot air ballooning in Dubai is safe as long as you are with an experienced pilot.

Hot air balloon rides are a popular way to see the sights of Dubai, and the UAE in general. Many visitors to the region decide to take a hot air balloon ride in Dubai, and the UAE, because they're looking to get a new perspective on the city. While Dubai has grown significantly over the last decade, the city is still relatively compact, and it's easy to get from one end to the other. That makes it possible to see all the sights by foot or car. Hot air balloon rides can provide an interesting alternative to the more traditional ways of seeing the city.

Dubai is a wonderful place for tourists and expats. It is the perfect blend of traditional and modern culture; you can visit the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, to see amazing views of Dubai, go to the Mall of the Emirates to shop and enjoy Dubai's nightlife, dine in one of the best restaurants, or visit the desert to experience the amazing dunes. You can spend 3-4 days in Dubai.

Hot air balloon rides in Dubai are only available for a few weeks in the year, and even then there are limited places for you to take a ride. There are a few companies that offer this experience all year round, but it's rare for you to not have to book in advance for at least a few weeks. Hot air balloon rides in Dubai are also special because of the fact that you're flying over the city. It is something that you will never be able to do if you don't fly with this particular company. You will be flying over the city and looking down at the Burj Khalifa, or the Palm Islands, or Dubai Marina. It is something that is a once in a lifetime experience.

Every day, there are hot air balloon rides in Dubai. Usually, they take place early in the morning around 5:30 A.M. For those who like to take pictures, the morning is the best time to take a hot air balloon ride. The later you go, the less you'll be able to see. When it's too dark, there's no way to take good pictures, so you have to hope for lots of light.

Hot air ballooning is one of the most popular activities in Dubai, UAE, and is often a great choice for a first time experience. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it's not an activity that many people have tried before, which makes it exciting. The experience itself is pretty unique. You'll see and experience things that most people can't. Hot air ballooning is also a very safe activity, and is a way to enjoy Dubai's stunning desert and mountainous areas in a very peaceful way.

Hot air ballooning is a type of non-commercial aircraft. In the 1780s, hot air ballooning began in France. In 1783, the first successful flight of a hot air balloon took place in France. The first hot air balloon flight in the United States was made in 1793 by French aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard. Hot air balloons are launched by using hot air from the burner to float the balloon.

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. The city has become well known for its skyscrapers and luxury lifestyle. It also has a lot of parks and recreational areas. Hot air balloon flights are a popular tourist activity in Dubai. The balloons are launched at sunrise and often land near the same spot where they were launched. Hot air balloons are designed to be able to fly in both day and night. During the day hot air balloons use the sun to navigate. The hot air balloons are able to navigate at night using lights that shine from the basket. The balloons use lights that are red to avoid collisions with other balloons.

Dubai is a renowned tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as well as one of the safest. In terms of tourism, Dubai has a lot to offer. The city has several fantastic hotels and resorts, delectable restaurants, and opulent shopping complexes. The city is also well-known for holding big events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival and the Dubai Air Show. Throughout the year, the city also holds various events and festivals, including holidays such as Valentine's Day and Easter. Dubai is also recognised for its wonderful weather, yet there have been two deaths in Dubai caused by hot air balloons in the previous 15 years, both of which have resulted in investigations.

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